Triathlon Swimming

21Triathlon swimming can be simply described as swimming in the open water. It is usually a part of triathlon which also includes cycling and running. Triathlon is viewed by many as one of the hardest sports that you can engage in. This tells you that even triathlon swimming is not your ordinary swimming and so it requires some level of skill complemented by a lot of determination.

Regardless of whether you consider it hard or not, it is still a very exciting sport that one should try. However, you should be prepared for a tough challenge and not to mention the significant amount of danger involved in this swimming. Remember that it is in the open sea and so very few elements can be controlled by people unlike in a swimming pool.

Triathlon swimming has been around since early 1800’s and being around for a few centuries means that people have mastered it very well. You can also master it or at least become very good at it if you know what to do. However, just like any other sports a lot of regular training will be necessary.

Triathlon Swimming Technique

Different people have different opinions with regard to what is needed for anyone to excel in this sport. However, there are a few points that experts and triathletes will generally agree on. These are the techniques that are used in triathlon swimming. Some of the common techniques include the following:

Swim straight: Swimming straight will help you avoid lengthening the distance that you have to cover. In triathlon, the swimming part is normally 1500m and so increasing this by just a few meters will have a significant impact on your performance. Most people fail to swim straight due to sighting and breathing. Sighting is important because it helps you know that you are swimming in the right direction. However, it should be done properly otherwise you will waste a lot of energy.

Breathing on the other hand is vital but you have to do it in a way that will not make you lose your symmetry. In order to swim straight a triathletes need a symmetrical stroke. This is achieved through bilateral breathing which is breathing from both sides.

Draft better: Drafting is swimming behind or besides another swimmer and studies have shown that by doing this you can save up to 25% of the energy you would have used. To become good at this technique you will need to practice a lot. One tip for drafting is that when you are swimming behind another swimmer you should ensure that you are very close to them that you are almost touching their toes. The other one comes when you are swimming besides them and for this you will need to be very close to them with your head aligned to their chest:-  Read More

Triathlon fitness

These two are some of the most important techniques in triathlon swimming but this does not mean if you master them you will automatically become an expect. To complement these techniques you will need to be physically fit. Fitness for success in this open water swimming is something that you cannot go around.

Swim workouts for triathletes

Already, I composed a run workout column and an indoor coach section. To those looking for legitimate request, it bodes well that I incorporate a swimming segment in this smorgasbord of workouts.

Workout 1 – Interval Swim

300 to 500 freestyle, 200 to 400 kick, 200 freestyle (alternating drill 25/swim 25)

  • 900 steady swim, change who leads the lane each 75
    One but no more than two-minute rest interval (RI)
  • 600 steady consisting of 3 x 100 fist/100 swim
    One but no more than two-minute RI
  • 400 pull (paddles and buoy)
    One but no more than two-minute RI
  • 200 pull (buoy, no paddles)
    One but no more than two-minute RI
  • 6 x 50 backstroke on 1:10

Total distance: 3200 to 3700

Workout 2 – Long Swim

  • 6 x 100 (T-Pace minus 1 to 2 seconds)
    100 very easy recovery swim followed by less than a minute rest
  • 4 x 100 (T-Pace minus 3 seconds)
    100 very easy recovery swim followed by less than a minute rest
  • 4 x 100 (T-Pace minus 5 seconds)
    100 very easy

Total distance: 2800-3100

Triathlon Training Programs & Plan and Guide

Triathlon swimming is different from the normal swimming. During the swimming training, the triathletes are trained to involve their legs in a less vigorous manner to ensure that their leg muscles stay fit. This is to conserve the muscles for the cycling and running process to follow. During the swimming program, a triathlete should train with colleagues to make the training to be more of fun. The lead positions are rotated across the colleagues and at the end the training objective will be met. Read More

Triathlon wetsuit

Tri wetsuits are designed to be worn over a triathlon suit. Originally, their main purpose was to keep athletes warm during the swimming part of the event. The suits are made of rubber or neoprene, or a blend of both, which traps water near the skin. The athlete’s body temperature heats this layer of water up, allowing them to stay warm and protected from hypothermia. Read More

Swimming Products

Guidelines and information are also important as products because you will also need some gear and equipments swimming shoes to compete and train. So here are the some of the swimming products. Read More

Swimming Electronics

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Swimming Accessories

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