Triathlon Gear

Triathlon gear

I already had an all around kept up street bike which I could use set up of a committed triathlon bike. Not at all like the cycling stage I didn’t have anything I could truly use for the water stage. Board shorts may be alright to surf however in a completive race they would ease me off excessively. A tri suit would be required. I worked out my financial plan and after that observed what was accessible for the swimming phase of the race. eventuall. Trithlon wetsuits as they have a decent family making equipment for this sports. As well as wetsuit I also found out I needed some triathlon shorts for the running and cycling stages and the additionally for under the wetsuit when I would be swimming. Those two things were sufficient for me to begin and be prepared for my first race and the sportswear I already had would achieve for the time being. In the event that I get into the sports then I will more triathlon gear to my stock yet until further notice this will do. As I am only low maintenance racer I think this is sufficiently reasonable particularly as I am new to don. Once I have a couple of more races added to my repertoire am still excited about the sports I’m certain I will be adding a Cannondale triathlon bike to my collection.

Triathlon Checklist


Watch of heart rate monitor & band
Enegy bar gels &
Talcum powder
Race kit

Swimming Training gear

Youth Training Gear


Bike Computers
GPS and Watches
Power Meters
Bike Lights

Gear Bags

Bike Cases
Saddle/Frame Bags
Transition Bags
Travel Bags
Wheel Bags

Bike Hydration

Bottle Cages
Water Bottles

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