Finding the right gear for a triathlon is vital. When it comes to wetsuits in particular, it’s difficult to work out what you need and if one is even necessary. Fortunately, we can tell you all you need to know about triathlon swimming and tri wetsuits.

About Triathlon wetsuits

22Tri wetsuits are designed to be worn over a triathlon suit. Originally, their main purpose was to keep athletes warm during the swimming part of the event. The suits are made of rubber or neoprene, or a blend of both, which traps water near the skin. The athlete’s body temperature heats this layer of water up, allowing them to stay warm and protected from hypothermia.

In addition to keeping athletes warm, neoprene wetsuits also improve buoyancy. Modern wetsuits are designed with neoprene panels that keep the swimmer from sinking. Buoyancy has several advantages: athletes feel more confident, and the closer a swimmer is to the surface, the less water resistance they have to deal with.

The buoyancy advantage naturally leads to the conservation of energy, which is of course vital in a triathlon. In addition to reducing heaviness in the water, tri wetsuits that are made from neoprene or a neoprene-rubber blend are designed to reduce water resistance; water just glides off of them, making the swim even easier.

Types of Wetsuits

When the point is picking a wetsuit, most triathletes comprehend the significance of attempting it on first to watch that it that fits their body shape well. But that as it may, there are a few different factors that you ought to consider that can have a major effect to your rate and sentiment equalization in the water. In this factors, we are going to take a swimmer at four distinct sorts of swimmer and how their individual attributes should to influence their decision of wetsuit.

Triathlon wetsuit

There are three primary styles for triathlon wetsuits. Full cut suits have long sleeves and legs and are designed for extra-cold temperatures. Sleeveless suits are designed for slightly warmer waters (75° Fahrenheit and up) and have long legs. Finally, short cut suits have short arms and legs and are best suited for warmer temperatures. It is possible to choose between a one- and a two-piece wetsuit; this depends on what you find comfortable.

How To Choose A Wetsuit

When choosing a wetsuit, it is vital to consider fit, manoeuvrability, and ease of removal. Tri wetsuits are designed to be easily removed between the swimming and cycling portions of the race. Some brands, like Nineteen and Zone3, make suits with reversible zips to make the change even easier.

When it comes to fit, it’s important that the wetsuit allows freedom of movement. The suit should be comfortable, not too tight and not too loose, and feel secure around the neck, arm, and leg holes. If these areas are overly loose, water will get into the suit and drag you down. If the suit is too tight, especially around the neck, it can cause difficulty in breathing. Shoulder manoeuvrability is also crucial, so the suit should allow substantial freedom of movement.

You should practice in the suit so you can be sure that it fits and works correctly. It is also vital to practice taking the suit off; using a body lubricant like vegetable spray will make removal much easier, but practice is still essential.

The right tri wetsuit is an asset; when you find the right one, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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