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22Many people today are more concerned with their physical fitness just to ensure they stay healthy. For those who enjoy jogging, there is more for them as there are much kind of marathons that they can engage in to enhance their training skills. But if running is not enough for you; you may opt to train for triathlon. These are races that combine swimming, running and biking.

If you are dedicated to offer your body an ultimate challenge of endurance, triathlons will be the most preferable for you. Many people get bored by running continuously for miles as it happens in marathon therefore, competing in this type of event is better since it will get you focused and interested at the task at addition, triathlons will provide you with an excellent muscle exercises brought about by multiple modes of travel.

Triathlon starts with swimming, then followed by transition biking, and finally ends with running. we are Giving some running tips and techniques for triathlon. The ones competing, race under a very tight schedule of trying to keep up with time, as it is considered as major factor in triathlon races. There are usually race coordinators and volunteers checking the transit stations to be able to watch over apparel, bikers, or other equipment that may be of use in enhancing race completion. they also provide assistance to the competitors who may be lost.

Like any other event, triathlon has different lengths to enable you achieve your goal in the race

Sprint: It begins with 750 m swim, followed by20 km ride, and then ends up with 5 km run

Olympic: It begins with 1.5 km swim, followed by 40 km ride and then ends with 10 km run

Half Ironman: It begins with 1.9 km swim, followed by 90 km ride and then ends up with21.1 km run

Ironman: It begins with 3.8 km swim, followed by 280 km ride and ends up with 42.2 km run

Ironman triathlon is highly practiced by the Americans. In addition to the bike rides, and swims, ironman competitors make a full-run marathon at the final stage of the race. This style of racing was introduced in the 1970s by the people of Hawaii, and today ironman is raced all over the world. Surprisingly, there are series of competitions that take place throughout the year, with the final challenge on ironman championship for the qualifiers.

Training for ironman competition may force you to take off school or work for some months to get you physically fit thus it’s advisable to train for shorter triathlon as you can fix it to your regular schedule. Though, it may still take you at least ten weeks to get to the level where you can participate in the competition of this kind of race. It is not a bad idea to pre-plan training sessions to have you reach your goal.

If you choose to participate in competition of triathlon, you ought to dedicate yourself and give it all the necessary gear, so that you can have progress that may see you participating in championships and even taking home a reward.

Triathlon Plans & Guide

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