Triathlon Cycling

bikeTriathlon is a type of competition which involves multiple stages. One of those stages is triathlon cycling. It is the second stage in the competition before the athletes get into the last stage; running. You need to know the strategies that will help to increase your endurance in order to become a better cyclist. Training is paramount if you want to be an outstanding cyclist. Let’s have a look of the techniques and fitness strategies.

This is the longest session in the triathlon competition. A triathlete will gain or lose a lot of time here depending on the strategies and techniques employed. A triathlete may be fatigued during this session if wrong techniques are used.

Triathlon cycling techniques

  • Ensure that you know how to brake properly. This will help you to stop and slow down easily during the competition.
  • Maintain a good sitting posture on the seat of your bicycle. This will ensure that you maintain balance on the bike.
  • Be smart while riding. Assume that you are riding for fun and not competing. By this you will accelerate your pedaling speed without pressure and finally be the winner.
  • Ensure that you buy a bike which fits exactly into your needs. Don’t buy a bike and customize it to fit into your needs. It may end up being worse.
  • Don’t get frustrated during the competition. Feel comfortable on the bike. You will find the riding experience enjoyable.
  • Mount on the bike quickly as the race starts.
  • You should ride the first half on a slower pace before you start accelerating.

Triathlon fitness

Becoming a good triathlete needs you to stay fit always. You should schedule your workouts well to ensure that you are on your best form. Spending most of your time to train at a constant aerobic pace is paramount. To stay fit during the cycling session, employ the following strategies;

  • Train with a power meter. Be sure that your speed will be boosted if you train with a power meter. You will also stay fit since there will be no injuries when you become a great cyclist.
  • Ensure that you use helmets during the cycling process. It is expected that your bike may skid especially when you go round a banked road. If this happens, the helmet will protect you from being injured.
  • Do complex workouts aimed at increasing your flexibility. Flexibility will keep you free from injuries during overstretching.
  • Yoga poses can also improve the endurance of the triathlete. The poses will increase the flexibility of the triathletes hence lower the risk of injuries.
  • Weight training will increase the physical fitness of the triathletes. Cycling needs a lighter body for faster pedaling. The weight training workouts are therefore paramount.

Triathlon cycling has never been an easy task. Without training, you will find the experience boring and tiresome since you will certainly come last in the competition. Will you love being last in a competition? I bet no. Use the best techniques and you will enjoy the race.

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