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An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Triathlon Helmet [Updated 2020]

 Triathlon Helmet

Triathlon is not the leading game of the world, but it is quite popular among people. It comes with many challenges, but it also gives the mind and body of athletes a great push.

Moreover, practicing for triathlon competitions, which include running, riding, and swimming, anyone can bring significant health improvements in his body.

However, as both practice and sport of triathlon are tight, so it carries many risks of injuries. Thus, it is essential to take all the best safety measure and precaution to avoid any damage or injury to the body. The most critical safety equipment that every triathlon player has to use is a helmet. 

There are many different types of helmets available in the market of many different brands and companies. With so many options available out there, it becomes quite confusing for athletes to choose the best one. Thus, to make your task easier, here in this guide, we are giving our reviews of top 7 triathlon helmets available in the market. This ultimate buyer’s guide will help you to choose the best helmet for your specific needs.

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Thus, to make your task easier, here in this guide, we are giving our reviews of top 7 triathlon helmets available in the market. This ultimate buyer’s guide will help you to choose the best helmet for your specific needs.

7 Best Helmets for Triathlon

Giro Aerohead MIPS Helmet – Top-Quality Triathlon Helmet under Budget

[lasso box=”B01H420IAS” image_size=”large” link_id=”2436″ id=”5216″ ref=”giro-aerohead-ultimate-mips-aero-helmet-matte-black-gloss-black-small-51-55-cm”]

Giro is a very well-recognized brand in the market that is best known for making high-end bike helmets. It offers many different kinds of products that all come with unique and best features for delivering excellent performance. It offers helmets in many different styles and types for suiting the particular needs of varying triathlon players. Continuously moving forward with this dedication, the company has now also launched its least expensive helmet so that players with low budget can also get the benefits of their high-quality products. 


This fantastic helmet is known as the aero helmet, but in reality, it is a hybrid model. Reason for considering this helmet as a hybrid model is that it includes many different features that give the benefits of proper ventilation. Its ventilation properties make this helmet a very versatile one. All this means you will get all the benefits of a high-end helmet at a very affordable price. 


The build of this helmet has a lot of good things to offer the triathlon players. There is no issue of padding breakage in this helmet as its shell made of in-mold polycarbonate. Lining or padding is one of the best features of this triathlon helmet. Plus, the addition of the Roc Loc Sair System makes this helmet more comfortable and secure. Another most important thing with the helmets is that they must offer proper visual protection. This central issue is entirely covered in this helmet as it has a magnetic Zeiss visor that is specially designed to provide excellent visual protection. Also, you can easily set and remove this helmet with just a flick of the wrist.


  • This helmet is a very affordable triathlon helmet.
  • It uses high-grade Roc Loc Air System.
  • It has four wind vents on the inner side.
  • It also has a magnetic Zeiss Visor for offering the best visual protection.
  • This helmet is made with molded shell and features vented visor.
  • This helmet is a time trial triathlon helmet and effectively reduces drag.
  • This helmet comes with MIPS liner and expanded polystyrene foam padding.


  • It is a cumbersome helmet.
  • Ventilation is not too proper.

Giro Air Shield Helmet – Perfect Time Trail Helmet for Triathlon

[lasso box=”B014LAEKZU” image_size=”large” link_id=”2437″ id=”5217″ ref=”giro-air-attack-shield-aero-helmet-white-silver-large-59-63-cm”]

We cannot say that this Giro Air Shield Helmet is the best one among all, but it offers some great features which are beneficial for players. This helmet is specially most suitable for speed enthusiasts of triathlon sport. This helmet is a time trial helmet that offers all expected benefits. Plus, it has less weight than other helmets mentioned in this list. 


This Giro Air Attack Shield does not offer the balance like other high-end triathlon helmets. But there are plenty of other features that make it suitable for triathlon features. Its ventilation and drag reduction makes it best helmet for players. It also contains six different vents that help in maintaining the optimal body temperature. Thus, when you wear this, your body will self-regulate temperature. You cannot customize the quantity of ventilation you receive through this helmet as there are no covers to remove. Plus, you also cannot change the drag reduction of this helmet. Another, poor thing about this helmet is that it comes with fewer features that can contribute to improving its aerodynamics. 


The feel and fit of this helmet are excellent that makes it very easy and comfortable to wear for any triathlon athlete. The main features of this helmet that ensures its perfect and stable fit is Roc Loc Air closure. This helmet helps in minimizing the pressure on the head of the athlete. Also, this helmet helps in preventing the accumulation of bacteria as it comes with expanded padding made with polystyrene and antibacterial X-static layer.


  • This helmet offers substantial ventilation.
  • It comes with a visor, which is Carl Zeiss.
  • This helmet uses Roc Loc Air closure and also promotes ventilation.
  • This helmet is a time trial helmet that features convenient magnetic closure.
  • This helmet features an expanded polystyrene interior.


  • Its magnetic closure is not sturdy enough.
  • Its visor can rub your nose.

Rudy Project Wing 57 – Perfect Fitting Triathlon Helmet

[lasso box=”B00FG8YLBK” image_size=”large” link_id=”2438″ id=”5871″ ref=”rudy-project-aero-helmet-wing57-white-silver-large”]

Rudy is a well-renowned company, and if you already know about this company, then you might find its addition on this list a bit odd. It is because Rudy makes protective eyewear for the helmet and safety gear for the athlete. However, it is the best company so far that is consistently showing significant progress in terms of delivering the best safety products. 


The main elements of a good helmet are drag reduction and ventilation. But this is also true that the fit of the helmet plays a vital role. If the helmet does not fit on your head correctly, then it can lead to distraction in your performance during the competition. This helmet offers the best fit and optimal level of stability, which makes it a perfect helmet for any triathlon player. 


The best thing about this fantastic helmet is that it effectively balances the drag reduction with the ventilation level. We cannot say that it is the top best helmet with ventilation, but it offers excellent ventilation. Moreover, it also provides some best features to customize the level of ventilation and thus promotes the more aerodynamic benefits.


  • This helmet features Fastex buckle closure.
  • The padding of this helmet can be easily changed.
  • It uses RSR8 retention system and has a dorsal ridge.
  • It also comes with optional Magnetic Jetstream.
  • This helmet effectively reduces drag.
  • It allows for proper ventilation.
  • You can also customize the ventilation according to your requirement.


  • This helmet is very expensive.
  • This helmet is a more substantial helmet.

Louis Garneau P-O9 Helmet – Excellent Aero Triathlon Helmet

[lasso box=”B0188IQAWW” image_size=”large” link_id=”2439″ id=”5533″ ref=”louis-garneau-p-09-helmet-black-blue-m-mens”]

Louis is the most reliable company in the world among all triathlon players. The main reason behind its high level of durability is that an Olympic level bike rider started this. Want to know the best entry level triathlon bikes? Thus the company understands the technicalities of making a good bike helmet. However, still, many of the athletes prefer to have a classic aero design. 


Not all bike riders want classic aero helmet, but it is mostly used by those players who think their bike leg is the strongest or weakest part of the race. This helmet features swooped back design. Moreover, this helmet is the modified version of the Vorttice helmet with lots of better improvements. The main changes and enhancements have done from the front part of the helmet that makes it surface look like a golf ball.


This helmet is not suitable for a high level of ventilation, but still, it offers optimal aeration. It uses padding that is not used by any other helmet mentioned in this list. Its Icefil padding helps in keeping the helmet cools that also promotes the excellent level of ventilation. Thus, this is a good quality helmet that helps in reducing drag and adjusting the level of ventilation while riding. 


  • This helmet effectively reduces drag.
  • You can custom fit this helmet as it comes with Pro-Lock straps.
  • This helmet is made with a molded shell and includes P-O9 visor.
  • It also offers adjustable ventilation.
  • It includes P-O9 visor and Icefil padding.
  • This helmet is an aero helmet enriched with a textured front.
  • Its price is quite affordable.


  • The fit may or may not work well for you.

Giro Vanquish MIPS Helmet – Best Road Helmet for Triathlon

[lasso box=”B075RVZD5G” image_size=”large” link_id=”5145″ id=”5228″ ref=”giro-vanquish-mips-adult-road-cycling-helmet-large-59-63-cm-matte-glacier-2018″]

This helmet is the best traditional road helmet on our list and without any doubt the best helmet. This helmet made with a better design, and it offers all the great features that a good helmet needs. Thus, it is worth spending helmet, and it is also a heavier one than other helmets mentioned in this guide.


Vision level offered by the helmet is the most crucial factor but mostly overlooked by most of the triathlon players. There is always a little variation in these features in all the helmets available in the market. This helmet comes with optional Zeiss visor that connects magnetically. Also, this helmet comes with eyeglasses grip that makes it a very comfortable helmet. 


Another main feature of this helmet is its fantastic build. This helmet is a road helmet, and thus it offers an entirely different construction than others. Its made of a polycarbonate shell that uses four interlocking pieces. That allows this helmet to provide a right level of impact resistance and a good level of customization. Plus, the shell of this helmet molded with polystyrene that adds more protection level to this helmet.


  • This helmet has 4-piece interlocking and molded shell.
  • It includes Zeiss Magnetic Vivid visor.
  • This helmet is a road helmet that offers decent ventilation.
  • It gives optimal protection to the eyes through its eyeglass grippers.
  • This helmet is made by Transform Air technology.
  • It uses Roc Loc Air MIPS closure.
  • This helmet features progressive-layered expanded polystyrene liner.
  • It has antimicrobial padding.


  • This helmet is heavy than others.
  • Very expensive helmet.

Rudy Project Boost O1 – Excellent Hybrid Triathlon Helmet

[lasso box=”B075RVZD5G” image_size=”large” link_id=”2440″ id=”5228″ ref=”giro-vanquish-mips-adult-road-cycling-helmet-large-59-63-cm-matte-glacier-2018″]

Rudy Boost O1 is also a good performing helmet, but it is not the best helmet on this list. This is because some other helmets offer many great features. Though it is not the best helmet, it provides many excellent features. 


The padding of this helmet is quite right that makes it a suitable helmet to wear during biker riding. This main thing about its padding is Dry Foam. Its padding is designed to dry away from the sweat and helps in keeping your head fresh for a long time. Moreover, it also helps in the prevention of bacteria with its antibacterial Static-X padding on the top of the dry foam. 


This helmet also offers substantial drag reduction that makes it an excellent helmet. Talking about direction, then it is made to make the helmet balanced in all directions, and it also offers outstanding benefits to cope with changing winds. It provides a right level of resistance to drag with its dorsal ridge feature. Also, this helmet features a vortex killer system that helps in boosting the ventilation level.


  • It offers good ventilation.
  • A hybrid helmet comes with an optical visor.
  • It lowers down drag well and promotes ventilation.
  • It is made of molded shell and provides RSR 9 custom fit.
  • It has a dorsal ridge.
  • It includes X-Static padding.
  • It also includes Dry Foam Padding.


  • Very expensive triathlon helmet.
  • It may or may not fit properly.

Kask Protone – Lightweight Triathlon Helmet

[lasso box=”B01LZM2N21″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2442″ id=”5436″ ref=”kask-protone-helmet-white-navy-blue-small”]

Kask is not a very big brand, but still, it managed to make it good hold in the market. The main factor of this helmet that makes it a good helmet is that it is very lightweight. The best helmet for the new players and for those who do not have developed their stamina completely. 


A hybrid helmet which is made by Kask. This brand is well-recognized for creating traditional style hybrid helmets. This helmet comes with some features of road helmet but designed as a hybrid helmet. This helmet is more like a classic road helmet that offers the right level of ventilation. However, this helmet can increase drag, but there is still no issue of overheating. 


Another main feature of this helmet is that it offers more purity as compared to other brands. During long rides, all the triathlon athletes sweat buckets, and this helmet helps in preventing sweat a lot. It features 3D dry-padding with multi-layered cell design. This feature helps in trapping moisture in a very effective manner. Also, its padding is both antibacterial and antimicrobial.


  • It is a very lightweight helmet.
  • This helmet is a very affordable helmet.
  • It offers excellent ventilation.
  • This helmet features 3D dry padding and molded shell.
  • Its most components are easily washable.
  • It is a hybrid helmet that offers both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.


  • It does not provide a visor option.

Buyer’s Guide to Buy Triathlon Helmet


Weight is the essential factor of any triathlon helmet as it plays a very significant role in enabling the players to give their best. Most of the triathlon helmets are lightweight and carried on the head; thus, they can make you feel a little bit heavier. The weight of a helmet can quickly sap your stamina, and it also affects the other factors such a fit, safety, ventilation. If we look at the safety level, then heavier helmets provide a high degree of safety as the heavier helmets feature protective foam and padding. Also, the extra weight of the helmet helps in keeping it positioned at one place by avoiding any slip.


Ventilation is a significant factor for ensuring the personal safety of triathlon players. Most of the triathlon helmets are designed to protect the noggin from the tumble. Heating of helmet is a prevalent risk among most of the triathlon helmets and can lead to a heat stroke as well. Thus it is essential that your helmet offers a right level of ventilation. If the ventilation level is low in a helmet then it will surely slow down your speed. On the other hand, if the ventilation level is high, then it will help to increase your speed. If your body temperature stays low, then it will surely make you use less amount of energy.


Depending upon the type of leg you are going to play. Aerodynamics plays a vital role in your performance. Aerodynamics focuses on providing features that help the players to use their less energy and to perform with good speed.

This helmet also helps in keeping the body temperature lower, but the ventilation feature is the best one.

Aerodynamics achieved by reducing the drag of wind that allows the athlete to expand his energy level during a ride. The large front design of the helmet helps a lot in reducing the drag.

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Types Of Triathlon Helmets

There are mainly four different types of triathlon helmets that come in different shapes and designs. There is also another emerging type of helmet which is known as triathlon style helmet. However, there is no single best type of perfect triathlon helmet. It all depends upon the needs of the athletes.

Road– The road helmet is specially made to offer the best road biking experience and protection to the bikers. Over the years, road bike helmets come in various designs and styles fulfilling the extreme needs of bike riders. Some of the road helmets are designed to offer the best level of ventilation while others are focused on providing a suitable fit. 

Aero– The primary purpose of making this helmet is to utilize the great transition throughout the competition. Aero helmets are usually more substantial than other types of helmets, and they offer their main benefit when you ride at high speed. Another remains a factor of the aero helmet is the reduction in the drag. This helmet helps in boosting the speed of the biker rider while making him spend his less energy. 

Hybrid – Hybrid helmet is made to cover many different features and tasks. Hybrid helmets act as the multipurpose helmet, but that does not ensure their best performance and quality. This is because usually when covering the multitasking functionality, there comes some degradation in the performance. The main benefit of the hybrid helmet is that it maintains the excellent bridge between drag reduction and ventilation. This type of helmet offers the right amount of ventilation and helps in increasing the speed and efficiency of the bike rider. 

Time Trial – The time trial is for the higher level of bike riders. The time trial is best for those riders who perform to an extreme degree in the competition and have excellent stamina. The design of this helmet focused on providing the best aerodynamic benefits, but it does not offer the optimal level of ventilation. Moreover, this type of helmets is hefty to carry. 


The closure of a helmet plays a vital role as it helps in increasing the comfort level. The excellent level of closure helps in providing the stable fit. These days many helmet manufacturers are focusing on improving the front part of the helmets by using various stabilization systems. Some closure designs of helmets mainly focus on increasing the performance during the race. 


The material of helmet plays a significant role in the kind of competition you participate. There are some types of sports the demands a particular material of the helmet. However, the best material for every triathlon competition is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is highly durable and impact resistant material, used in many high-end glasses. The second best material used in helmets is carbon fiber, but it is more expensive than polycarbonate.


So, at last, the outcome is that there is not any single helmet that we can consider perfect for all triathlon bike riders. Some helmets help in increasing the ventilation and reduction of drag. Whereas as others focus on improving the speed of the bike riders. However, the Giro Air Attack Shield is one of the best helmets among all other helmets listed in this guide. Moreover, it also offers a high level of ventilation and fully magnetic locking system. 

If you are looking for a helmet with a wide range of features and benefits, then choose Rudy Project Boost 01. This helmet effectively balances ventilation and drag reduction. Moreover, it is also the very lightweight helmet among all.

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