Buyer’s Guide to Choose Best Hydration System for Triathlon

Best triathlon hydration system

High-Quality Aero Water Bottles

During triathlon competition, the main trouble that every athlete faces is the lack of hydration. Notably, during the bike leg of the triathlon, it is essential to keep a water bottle to keep your body hydrated. However, in the swimming leg, the hydration system is not allowed, and for running, it is effortless to get the bottle. 

But the main concern is the biking leg where every athlete needs more hydration than usual and has to carry his bottle. There are many different types of hydration systems available in the market of different brands.

To make your selection task more comfortable, here in this guide, we have reviewed 12 best triathlon systems.

Best Aerobar Water Bottles 

Profile Design Aeria Hydration System

Profile Designs Aeria Bicycle Hydration Drink System - Front (Black)
  • Profile Design Aeria Ultimate Integrated Hydration System - 30oz Black

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Profile Designs is the leading brand in the market that is known for providing the best hydration system models. The Aeria hydration system of this company is the most expensive on our list, but it is not a complete system. This hydration system is also designed to use with the Ultimate Stem of Profile Design. 

High-quality System

If you are running in a tough competition and want to give your best, then this hydration system will help a lot to boost your energy. This hydration is more aerodynamic and can fit comfortably on your bike as it is a contained type of System that you can set in a torpedo position.


  • This hydration system has a larger capacity.
  • It has a bite value.
  • It is straightforward to refill.
  • It also has a computer mount.
  • It comes with a magnetic straw fastener.


  • This hydration system is quite expensive.
  • It does not offer stem.

Profile Design FC System

Profile Design FC35 Bicycle Hydration Drink System
  • BPA-Free, Foodsafe HDPE Bottle
  • FC35 - 35oz (1035ml)
  • 70mm - 140mm (center to center) width
  • Forward Computer Mount
  • Dual Straw Positioning

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This hydration system is perfect for those athletes who need more hydration than others. This hydration system can hold 35 oz, whereas many other methods available in the market come with a capacity of 20 to 24 oz only. This hydration system can also be mounted easily in Torpedo form as this is also a self-contained system. However, it is quite expensive, but it is worth spending money. 

Made for Convenience 

In most of the hydration system with torpedo position, it is always quite tricky to set the feeder tube. Thus, before buying the System, athletes have to figure out how to set the tube properly. But there is no such trouble with this System. You can easily position the tube in multiple arrangements according to your needs.


  • Its a contained system.
  • Its with an aerodynamic design.
  • Its easy to refill.
  • Its made with a torpedo mounted System.
  • It has multiple straw positions.


  • This hydration system is costly.
  • It is not easy to clean.

XLAB Torpedo Versa 200

XLAB Torpedo Versa 200 - Black
  • Easy to Drink East to Refill - Stop reaching down for frame bottles. The Torpedo Versa 200 allows you to keep both hands on the aerobar, giving you added control and confidence. Designed to allow you...
  • Aerodynamically Invisible - Designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel testing the Versa 200 fits snugly between your arms and effectively hides the bottle from exposure to the...
  • Highly Adjustable - MEGADJUST mounting gives the widest cockpit configuration range of any vertical hydration system. Quickly and securely adjusts to aerobar extension widths 70 mm-150 mm...
  • Compatibility - SECURECLIP BRACKETS tightly snap onto most industry standard 22.2 mm diameter aerobar extension with an audible click. Strong Velcro straps pull tightly, securing the brackets in place...
  • Includes - 769 mL (26 oz) capacity high density polyethylene, Food Grade BPA-Free Torpedo Bottle, silicone Torpedo Straw with bite valve, Solid Cap, Refillable Cap, 6061-T6 Aluminum Versa Plate,...

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XLAB is also a well-renowned company that manufactures high-quality hydration systems. It has won many trophies for its excellent quality of products. However, with this much recognition, this brand is supposed to be top on the list. But it is not because this Versa 200 provides almost similar features like versa 500, which is available at a lower cost. 

This XLAB Torpedo Versa 200 system is available at a lower price because due to its nylon cage and the mounting bracket made of aluminium alloy. This hydration system made with aerodynamic design and perfects to use in a torpedo position. You can easily keep the feeder tube in your mouth, and there will be no problem of spillage during a ride. 


  • This hydration system is straightforward to install.
  • It offers better aerodynamics.
  • This System comes with Dolphin Breather valve.
  • It has an aluminium alloy body.
  • It offers a wide mounting range.


  • The cage of this hydration system is not durable.
  • It is not a very secure system.

Speedfil A2 Aero Bottle Hydration System

Speedfil A2 Bicycle Water Bottle, Between the Arms Hands-Free Hydration System with Refill Port
  • Aerodynamic/ Low Profile
  • Patented Zerosplash technology - No splashing on handlebars
  • Works with any Specialized thread compatible bottle
  • Hands free drinking with multiple mounting options.
  • Easy to clean

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Speedfil is not a leading brand, but it is a sound system that is available at a lower price. However, this hydration system is not suitable to use during competition, but you can easily use it during your training sessions. Just make sure that you use the right kind of bottles with this System. 

Strong System 

This hydration system offers many excellent features like other high-end systems at a very affordable price. It supports aerodynamics and Garmin integration, but it is not as effective as others. You can easily mount this System in multiple arrangements, and this System contains a cage.


  • This hydration system features an aerodynamic design.
  • It is a torpedo mounted system.
  • It offers multiple mounting options.
  • There is no problem with the splash.
  • It has Garmin integration.


  • This System is not a durable, hydration system.
  • This System does not fit every bottle.

Rear Hydration Systems

XLAB Super Wing

XLAB Super Wing Dual Bottle Rear Hydration Mount for Triathlon and Road Bikes…
  • Modular Storage System - The ultimate on the bike repair and hydrations storage solution. Completely modular, the Super Wing can be configured to meet whatever your training or racing demands....
  • Improved Aerodynamics - The Super Wing is mounted in the low-pressure area directly behind the rider and creates virtually no drag from the system itself and decreases the rider’s overall drag. Wind...
  • Adjustable Mounting - One of XLAB’s most adjustable systems. With 3 chassis mounting positions, 4 bottle cage rotational positions, and 10mm of bottle vertical adjustment, removing and inserting the...
  • Superior Strength - The Super Wing is XLAB’s most durable and strongest rear hydration system available. High strength 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum for best-in-class strength to weight ratio. An added...
  • Includes - High strength aerospace grade aluminum alloy mounting chassis for excellent strength to weight ratio. Engineered “dimple” cut-outs into the chassis remove weight while increasing...

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XLAB is the leading brand that offers high-quality rear mounted hydration systems. This hydration system offers four bottle mounting positions and three different mounting positions. The only trouble with this System is that it is costly. Moreover, this System does not come with a cage, and for that, you have to spend extra money. 

Highly Convenient

Though this System does not contain a cage but still, it is on the top of our rear hydration system list. It is a modular system that you can change according to your needs and preferences. Also, it is a very lightweight system though it has aluminium carbon. And if you want a cage, then you can easily arrange it in a very natural and comfortable way.


  • This rear System has three mounting positions.
  • This is a modular system.
  • It has a luggage compartment.
  • This System has an aluminium alloy body.
  • It is a very lightweight mount.


  • This hydration system is costly.
  • It does not have a cage.

Profile Design RML

Profile Design Bottle Holder RML System, Black, One Size, 3590360
  • 2 Kage bottle holders included in box contents.
  • Mounting from 1 to 2 bottle holders possible.
  • Model number: 3590360
  • The package dimension of the product is: 45"L x33"W x26"H

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The Profile Design RML is another effective hydration system made with the front mounting System. However, this is not the most secure System among all, and your bottles can slip away from this System easily. Also, the rear mount of this hydration system can lead to more increase in race time as it is cumbersome. But this System is available at a very affordable price. 

Customized Options 

Though this System is not the most secure one, it offers excellent customization options. This System can hold two bottles and also supports aerodynamics. Moreover, you can mount this hydration system in many different ways. It is also effortless to install as it has an aluminium alloy body. 


  • It is a very affordable rear mount.
  • It can hold two bottles.
  • This rear System has an aluminium alloy body.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It comes with two mounting positions.


  • It is a more substantial rear mount.
  • It is not the most secure System.

XLAB Mini Wing 105

XLAB Mini Wing 105 Dual Bottle Rear Hydration System for Triathlon and Road Bikes
  • Budget Friendly - Ergonomically designed all in one dual bottle system tucks neatly behind your saddle for easy access to hydration even with limited flexibility. Provides the perfect balance between...
  • Easy to Install - Ideal for the first - time rear hydration system buyer. Mounts with a single screw for no fuss install so you can self - install and quickly get on the road. Fit most cromoly,...
  • Aerodynamic Sweet Spot - Place your bottles in the most aerodynamically advantageous position, directly behind the rider, minimizing drag and maximizing time gains. Either eliminates the need for...
  • Includes - The Nylon Matrix Composite material we use in our Italian manufactured XENON Cage is incredibly strong. It provides a full 8 pounds of bottle grip force keeping your bottle secure over the...
  • Designed For – A great hydration solution for beginner triathletes, road cyclists, fitness bike riders, or anyone looking to carry extra drinks.

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The main feature of this XLAB Mini Wing 105 hydration system is that it can hold multiple bottles. This System allows you to keep your hydration and nutrition separate. This System is by far the best dual rear mount on our list. 

Durable and Lightweight 

The main thing that makes this System different from others is its different material. This System has Xenon nylon cage material rather than carbon a fibre and aluminium alloy used in most of the other hydration systems. This material makes it very lightweight, but it is also less durable than others. However, it supports aerodynamics, but it is less secure over rough terrain. You can easily install it on your bike, and it is available at an affordable price. 


  • This rear System can hold two bottles.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It is a cage type of System.
  • It has Xenon nylon body.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • This hydration system is not the most secure rear System.
  • It is not highly durable.

 XLab Delta Wing 400

XLAB Delta 400 Single Bottle Rear Hydration System with Carbon Cage for Triathlon and Road Bikes
  • Worry Free Bottle Security - This single rear hydration cage system features a high grip carbon cage and stainless steel mount to hold your bottle securely while giving you easy access to your water....
  • Compatibility - Designed with the widest saddle compatibility of all the XLAB Delta systems. Corrosion resistant mounting hardware securely attaches to your saddle rails to prevent swaying and...
  • Adjustability – Two chassis mounting positions, 15 degrees of cage rotational adjustment, and 15mm of cage vertical adjustment make it easy to find that perfect position.
  • Aerodynamic Sweet Spot - Place your bottle in the most aerodynamically advantageous position, directly behind the rider, minimizing drag and maximizing time gains. Either eliminates the need for a...
  • Includes - The carbon fiber GORILLA Cage boasts a full 10 pounds of grip to eliminate unexpected bottle launches. High arms and strong grip keep your bottle secure over any terrain while the chamfered...

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Without any doubt, this is the best rear mounted hydration system, and this is the flagship product of XLAB. This System is the heaviest hydration system and also comes with a hefty price tag. But it is the best performing system among all. 

Best Performance 

This System is known for its best performance because of strong Delta mounts and high-performing Gorilla XT cages. It is quite heavier and sturdy as well because of its mounting bracket made of aluminium alloy.


  • It features a perfect aerodynamic rear mounted System.
  • It is the most secure System than others.
  • It comes with a carbon fibre cage.
  • It has an aluminium alloy body.
  • It also offers a repair tool space.


  • This is a costly rear system.

XLAB Gorilla XT

XLAB Gorilla XT Carbon Water Bottle Cage for Triathlon and Road Bikes 14 pounds of Grip Force – Gloss Black
  • High Grip - Uses the same design as the standard Gorilla cage, but the Gorilla XT is engineered with extra carbon fiber layers to increase the grip force to 14 pounds. A robust bottom shelf provides...
  • High Arched Arms – Tall cage arms positioned to grip mid bottle help retain the bottle throughout your ride. A narrow center opening maximizes the amount of contact around the bottle and helps...
  • Purpose - Optimized for rear mounted hydration systems, but excels wherever installed. The increased grip force makes it a great choice for Triathlon and Road bikes where bottle ejection from rear...
  • Installation - Quickly and easily mounts with included bolts. Oval mounting holes allow for fine tuning cage placement. Perfect for down tube or seat tube installation.
  • Materials - Strong and durable (49 grams) cage is constructed out of a proprietary carbon fiber composite layup. Included steel mounting hardware is highly corrosion resistant. Carries a limited...

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XLAB is a company that is well-recognized for manufacturing high-quality rear mounts hydration systems. Plus, most of its systems made of different components. The XLAB Gorilla XT is the main cage that its most of the hydration system uses. 

Sturdy and Lightweight

This Gorilla XT made of carbon, and it also contains some caveats. Carbon fibre makes it very lightweight and is perfectly suitable for hydration cages. It does not create any issue of brittleness during cold weather. Just keep this under reasonable temperature, and it can easily fit bottles of different sizes.


  • It has a carbon fibre body.
  • It can easily fit big bottles.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It is the most secure rear System than others.


  • This is a costly rear mount.
  • It requires a proper fit.

Best Frame Hydration Systems


Xlab Aero TT Water Bottle, Black, One Size
  • High resistance
  • Fast hydration
  • Bottle holder

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XLAB also manufacturers the best-quality frame mounted hydration systems. The best thing about frame hydration systems is that it is 50% lighter than others. This XLAB Aero TT comes with mounting bracket and cage as well. However, this System is not suitable for every athlete as the bottles that it comes with is quite difficult to squeeze. 

Durability and Secure

This is the most durable System and the secure System because of its carbon fibre cage. This System will not put any adverse effect on your speed as it supports aerodynamics, and there will be no issue of slipping it away as well. It has the capacity of 24 oz and also made of BPA-free plastic.


  • This System comes with a carbon cage.
  • It is a very secure system than others.
  • It has a slip-free design.
  • It has functional capacity and weight.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic.


  • It is a costly frame mount.
  • Stiffer than others.

Profile Design RZ2

No products found.

Though this System is not the best one it still performs better. This does not include a mount or cage, but it is quite more substantial than other systems. Profile Design RZ2 offers the best value for money as it comes with both cage and mount. Also, it is also very convenient to use than other systems. 

Checked Boxes

Though XLAB is leading the market this is also a sound hydration system. It is best suitable for those who find squeezing very hard as it comes with a bottle that is very easy to press. Also, it is straightforward to clean and made of BPA-free plastic. Finally, for best performance, this System also supports aerodynamics and a non-slip grip.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic.
  • It has an aerodynamic design.
  • Made with a slip-free design.
  • It is the most secure System than others.


  • It is a costly system.
  • It requires a separate cage. x`

Wiel Carbon Cage

Wiel 100% Full Carbon Fiber Bicycle Bike Light Drink Water Bottle Cage Holder (2Pcs All Black)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Advanced Full Carbon Fiber 3K, heated treated for a strong and lightweight design. ONLY 1oz/29g each. Glossy coated finish matches your shiny bike paintwork.
  • HOLD FIRMLY: Strong Holding power absorbs vibrations, holds tightly the bottle in place when riding over rough terrain. Super toughness, encountered strong impact will not be deformed and broken.
  • EASY TO INSTALL(2 BOLTS): Mount on your bike frame in under 60 seconds. 2 stainless steel bolts included. Bike frame requires threaded holes for installation of bottle cage
  • STAY HYDRATED ON YOUR RIDE - Quick access to your bike water bottle when you need. Great for road, mountain, hybrid, touring & electric bicycles.

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Wiel is not a very popular company like other ones because it is a new company on the market. Wiel specialized in making mountain biking products and its products work perfectly for aero triathlon bikes as well. This is available at a very reasonable price, but it is not the most secure and durable one. 

Decent One 

This Wiel Carbon Cage works well in all conditions unless there is a crash over any rough terrain. This is best to use during your practice session rather than during competition. It is very lightweight and carbon fibre body. Besides, it is straightforward to install on any bike.


  • Made of carbon fibre.
  • It is an affordable system.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It is very lightweight.


  • It is a very durable system.
  • Not the most secure System.

Buyer’s Guide to Buy Triathlon Hydration Systems

Buyer’s Guide to Buy Triathlon Hydration Systems


The selection of the kind of hydration system mostly depends upon the personal preferences of the athletes. But for every athlete, the proper hydration system is essential to keep the body hydrated all the time during competition. 

Contained – This is the easiest to use a hydration system, but it also comes with some issues. A contained hydration system is usually a front mounted hydration system. The only problem with a contained hydration system is that it takes quite a long time to refill.

Cage – This is a straightforward hydration system to use, and it can hold any liquid in it. This cage system does not aid the transfer of water in any way as it does not come with any automatic way of distribution. The main advantage of this cage system is that it is effortless to refill. The main issue with this System is that it does not hold the bottle securely. 


The mount of a hydration system defines how easy it is to use and carry. Just like the type of hydration system, the selection of mount also depends upon the personal preferences of the athletes. But it is essential that it always five the most comfortable and natural feel. There are three primary mounts where the front divided into two different sub-mounts. 

Front – This is the most widely used mount for the hydration systems because it offers effortless access to everything. This is a cage type of System that you can fix at the front of the bike. This provides a high level of convenience to the bikers they can easily and quickly grab the bottle. This mount does not create much vibration, but the bottle can easily slip away from it on rough terrain. 

Torpedo – This is a contained system, and a type of modified front mounted hydration system. The main benefit of this mount is that there is no need to carry and hold the bottle to drink water. You can sip the water through its extended feeder tube. The only trouble with this mount is that it takes more time to refill and the feeder tube can also cause leakage. 

Frame – This type of mount included both cages and contained a kind of hydration system. The frame mounts are less prone to damage than others, especially during crash and fall. This type of mount is straightforward and quick to refill, and also offers ease of reach. The main problem with this System is that it creates more vibration. 

Rear – This is a cage type of mount for the hydration system. The main benefit of this System is that it looks familiar to most of the bikers. This is because most of the bikes come with a rear cage, and thus it does not feel anything like new. The main problem with this rear mount is that it takes more time to use, and it also creates more vibration. 


The weight of the hydration system is also a significant factor to consider while buying. You have to choose the right weight according to the needs of your body. Choosing an inadequate hydration system will not be worth spending money as it will not fulfil the desired task. On the other hand, selecting a heavyweight system will consume your more energy that can put effects on your race. Thus, choose the weight carefully by considering all the essential factors.

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The selection of the best hydration system is different for every athlete depending upon different needs. Choose XLABs Delta Wing 400, if you like to keep your liquids in the back. If looking for a lightweight and extensive hydration system then choose XLABs Aero TT.

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