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Brooks Glycerin 18 Vs. Ghost 12 – The Most Mesmerizing Triathlon Running Shoes


This comparison of the latest triathletes running shoes of Brooks Glycerin 18 vs. Ghost 12 will help you make up your mind to pick the best triathlon running shoes for you. 

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About The Company

Brooks is a famous name in the sportswear brand and was founded in 1914. It is headquartered in Seattle Washington United States. Brooks’ running shoes have attained great fame for being the choice of athletes all over. Currently Brooks running shoes have gained popularity in 60 countries worldwide. It has a huge range of products to suit the different needs of people and due to this reason Brooks has an edge over the other triathlete sports companies in the market. 

Best Running Shoes 

It is preferred by running enthusiasts due to its effectiveness and the comfort it offers. A strict quality check is done to ensure that quality products are delivered to the customers. Constant renovation and innovations enable Books to come up with new products now and then. The constant innovations have led to its excellence. Brooks has created its unique identity and has emerged as the leading running shoe brand in the market. 

Let us read a detailed comparative review of the latest review of Brooks Glycerin 18 vs Ghost 12 to help you choose the best running shoes for you today.

We will do a comparative analysis of the two Brooks product based on the below aspects:

Cushioning Technology





Brooks Glycerin 18

The Brooks Glycerin 18 is one of the revolutionary products by Brooks and is featured by the presence of a plush interior for an exclusive soft fit. By putting this on you get the feel of a pillow under your feet. The famous versions of Glycerin are Glycerin 16, 17 and 18. 

However, the Glycerin 18 tops the list with its exclusive features. If you are a fitness freak and spend long hours in a strenuous workout then this might be the ideal product for you. This is a favorite choice for many eminent sportspersons. The soft platform is rendered by the DNA Loft foam and an OrthoLite sock liner. The midsole to the outsole ratio has a better configuration than the previous versions to provide you with a softer feel. The updated Brooks Glycerin 18 deserves a spot in your closet. The soft DNA loft midsole comforts your feet.

Ghost 12

It provides you with the right softness underfoot without losing your agility. The extra cushiony undersurface can be a relief to your feet and knee pain. It is generally recommended by podiatric to his patients. The sole can withstand bad climatic conditions like rain and storm and gives you a dry feeling in your feet despite the rain and humid weather.

Upper Body And Style

The upper body of the shoes refers to the portion of the shoes which are above the midsole. The upper body plays an important role to keep the shoe in place and protect your feet from the dirt, rock or debris.

Brooks Glycerin 18

It has a stylish upper part and is available with innovative designs and vibrant colors

Ghost 12

It looks trendy and the availability of different designs makes it a favorite choice for the consumers.   


Brooks Glycerin 18

Ghost 12

The latest version of Ghost is Ghost 12 which has a plethora of features for triathlon athletes. Ghost 12 is superior to the previous versions. The shoes fit in your feet so well so that may forget that you are wearing one.  


The Ghost 12 pricing is higher as compared to the Glycerin 18. You won’t repent spending on the Ghost 12 due to its many features.

Brooks Glycerin 18
Ghost 12


The comparative analysis of Glycerin 18 vs. Ghost 12 lets you choose the best running shoes for triathletes. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly product then you may opt for Glycerin 18. On the other hand, if you are looking for more features then you should buy the Ghost 12. Check out the different online stores to grab the best deals. If you are looking for styling with comfort and if you want to achieve the extra mile in your athletic career then the shoes are a must-have for you.

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