ASICS Noosa FF 2 Men's Running Shoe Review

ASICS Noosa FF 2 Men’s Running Shoe – An Ultra Light-Weight Triathlon Shoe Review

ASICS Noosa FF 2 Men’s Running Shoe

ASICS Noosa FF 2 Men's Running Shoe Review


The ASICS Noosa FF2 Men’s running shoe is one of the best triathlon running shoes as it has many good features.

The shoe has discrete eyelets to decrease the lace tension and has a rearfoot gel technology cushioning system to attenuate shock during the impact phase.

Further this cushioning system provides smooth transition to midstance and the FLYTEFOAM midsole technology provides exceptional bounce back.

The shoe has seamless construction and reduces the irritation and friction caused by stitches and seams.

With all these features incorporated in this shoe, we rate ASICS Noosa FF2 Men’s running shoe a 4.5 out of 5.


ASICS Noosa FF2 men’s running shoe is a triathlon shoe that has been invented to aid athletes to achieve their goals at ease during their transit from one segment to another in the race.

Here we provide the details of the review on ASICS Noosa FF2 Men’s Running shoes.


ASICS Noosa FF2 Men’s shoe is a triathlon shoe that has been recreated for athletes for a fast and lightweight performance. 

These are one of best triathlon shoes which suits athletes in running and swimming. It has a seamless upper construction featuring a mesh that allows you to go sock-less.

The wet-grip outsole and heel, and tongue has a strong grip and is best suitable for athletes who wish to make a quick transit between the stages of the triathlon race.


This triathlon running shoe is the best product in the market and is available at a suitable price. The cost of the shoe ranges from $47 – $140 on Amazon, excluding the shipping charges.

Here we have given a detailed review of the ASICS Noosa FF2 Men’s shoe:


  • The triathlon running shoe comes with synthetic mesh
  • The men’s shoe comes with HG10MM heel gradient that allows shifting the body mass forward which reduces the strain on lower limbs
  • Discrete eyelets are placed independently that helps to disperse lace tension, providing a customizable fitting and elevates comfort
  • Rearfoot gel technology cushioning system attenuates shock while impact phase and thus allows a smooth transition
  • Flytefoam midsole technology provides exceptional bounce back and responsiveness irrespective of the distance
  • The shoe uses organic fibers that help to reduce heavy packing that happens with softer and lower dense foams
  • The seamless construction technology material used in the shoe reduces the potential irritation and friction that is caused by seams and traditional stitches
  • Superior comfort
  • Custom-fit option
  • Structural support feature

Product varieties

The product comes with five different varieties each serving various purposes based on the need of the athletes, their sports activities and comfort.

  • DYNAFLYTE 3 – underpronation, outer side heel hits the ground causing the large transition of shock from the lower leg while the pressure is on the smaller toes on outside of the foot, foot type is high arches
  • ROADHAWK FF2 – under/neutral, suitable for all athletes
  • GEL-NIMBUS 20 – Neutral, the foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards to absorb shock and also to support the body weight, and even distribution of the sole from the front of the foot, normal arches
  • GEL-DS TRAINER 23 – Over/Neutral type suitable for all athletes
  • GEL-KAYANO 25 – Overpronation/the foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards transferring weight to the inner edge rather on the ball of the foot. Here big and second toe do the major work, low arches

Product dimension

ASICS Noosa FF2 Dimensions

The ASCIS NOOSA FF2 Men’s running shoe comes with a dimension of 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches that suits almost all the athletes participating in the sport.

Shipping weight

The weight of the athletic shoe is approximately 12 ounces that can be comfortably worn for races.


The ASICS Noosa FF2 men’s running shoe comes in various colors for the athletes to choose according to their dress color and choice.

It comes in three colors namely Glacier Grey/Dark Grey/Safety Yellow, Black/White/Carbon, and Black. 


  • Great fitting 
  • Very comfortable 
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy maintenance
  • Gives comfort even after 15,000 steps walking 
  • No pains even after many hours of standing and working
  • Best cushion and supports feet comfortably
  • Best produce at affordable price


  • Flyte foam is thin and soft and so it’s not suitable for overweight persons
  • The tongue is thick causing discomfort for tight lace lovers

Usage problems faced by users

  • Users find it similar to tri 10s and 11s in terms of comfortability and fitting.
  • On the medium run, the balls of the feet end up running from tender to bruised
  • Not suitable for person weight over 180 to do a lot of sprints

Customer ratings on Amazon

The ASICS Noosa FF2 men’s running shoe is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. And the customers gave it an average of 4.7 out of 5 for being comfortable and easy to use.

Customers gave a high rating for toe box and true width features and 71% for the moderate arch support feature.

Few complained about the cushion which makes it uncomfortable in running races. 

Alternative products

If ASICS Noosa FF2 men’s running shoe doesn’t work for you in terms of comfort and cushion, then choosing ASICS Men’s Gel-content 5 running shoe and nimbus 21 (4E) or Under Armour Men’s Assert 8 are the best alternatives to choose. 


Can you wear these shoes for walking purposes?

Yes, of course, they are light for walkers and are incredibly comfortable and lightweight on your feet.

Do these work well for frequent sockless distance runs? Do they offer enough support/comfort for that? Or are they more of a race shoe?

These can be worn with or without socks and suitable for races as it provides a good support to the feet.

Are these shoes neutral?

Yes, these are a neutral type of shoes.


The ASICS Noosa FF2 Men’s running shoes are one of the best triathlon running shoes that should be in your shoe rack.

We have given you a detailed review of its features and quality which helps athletes achieve their goals.

The shoe is best for athletes as it contains heel gradient options that reduce strain on limbs.

As it contains discrete eyelets it provides upper comfort fitting which is best for athletes in long distance running.

The rearfoot gel technology cushioning system attenuates shock and the midsole technology provides excellent bounce back making this shoe in the top list among the other shoes in the market.

Further, the seamless construction of the shoe eliminates the irritation and friction making the shoe comfortable to wear.

With all these great features, this triathlon shoe is worth buying for the cost.

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