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Sram Apex Vs Shimano 105 – The World’s Classiest Triathlon Bikes

With this comparison of Sram Apex vs Shimano 105, you can easily choose the best bike for you as they are packed with the best features including gears and variation in wheels to help you succeed in every triathlon race.


Sram Apex and Shimano 105 are two of the best bikes for riders in the market and both have their pros and cons. This comprehensive review on Sram Apex vs Shimano 105 will help you to choose the best among these.

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Comparison Between Sram Apex And Shimano 105

Sram apex is the latest version with all new technologies including the drop-bar levers offered in mechanical and hydraulic versions, double-tap shifting technology, MTB style handlebars.

On the other hand Shimano 105 supports every triathlon race rider with reliable performance with advanced functionality, excellent ergonomics, and smoothness.

Here is a detailed comparison of the differences between the two bikes Sram Apex vs Shimano 105.


Built Quality

Sram Apex

In terms of quality, Sram Apex feels low as it looks cheap and the shifting function is not that good as expected when compared to Shimano 105. There is a problem with the replacement of equipment. 

Shimano 105

Shimano 105 is more preferable in comparison to Sram Apex as the company is constantly upgrading the components. The durability, quality and longevity of Shimano 105 is the best factor to consider before buying the bike. The life of equipment for Shimano is longer than Apex.

Design And Appearance

Sram Apex

  • Sram Apex weighs 8 ounce more than Shimano 105.
  • The rear derailleur of spam is exceptionally good and designed for its new look.
  • Sram Apex is more desirable because of the Sram GXP crank system which needs only an 8 mm hex key to disassemble.
  • It has additional 16 mm hex key to re-assemble
  • If you prefer a 32 sprocket then getting Sram Apex is the right choice for you.
  • If you prefer a lightweight one, then Apex is the best one.

Shimano 105

  • When compared to Sram Apex, Shimano 105 is heavier but more durable.
  • The new Shimano 105 has plush shifters which cannot be compared to those of Sram Apex.
  • If you prefer a 28 sprocket, then it is better to choose Shimano 105.
  • Shimano 105 weighs an additional 200g than Sram Apex.

Double Tap Features

With the double-tap feature you can downshift more quickly by using a less lever throw.

Sram Apex

  • Double-tap feature of Sram Apex is simple and intuitive
  • Keeps aligned and provides more precise up and down shifts
  • It is more accurate in movement when travelling long distances when compared to Shimano 105.

Shimano 105

  • Shimano 105 has double-tap features which are smoother than Sram Apex.Shimano 105 has double-tap features which are smoother than Sram Apex.
  • Easy to use lever for a shifter without using brake lever
  • They aren’t as accurate in movement when you travel for long distances.


Sram Apex

  • Sram Apex’s noise is louder than Shimano 105.
  • Sram Apex gets worn out quicker on the main cage pivot/spring.
  • Bottom brackets are good
  • Shifters are also good but they need constant attention and maintenance.

Shimano 105

  • The noise of the bike is comparatively less than Sram Apex
  • Although its shifters are of good quality, they have a chance of failing in the long run.

Gearing Spectrum

Sram Apex

The gearing spectrum of Sram Apex has a selection of 12-32 cassettes continuously with normal steps and then jumps to 32. This is the main advantage of Sram Apex as it provides a wide range of gear choices. These selections of gears might help you climb and descend down more efficiently.  

Shimano 105

Shimano 105 has 12-27 cassettes with 5 extra teeth on the right which is a huge advantage and difference when compared to the Sram Apex. It has an entry grade selection of gears which is functionally equal and is more expensive than apex.


Sram Apex

Sram Apex’s shifters are intuitive when coming to the point of maintenance and the bike is not as technologically advanced as Shimano 105. 

Shimano 105

If you would like to go for wrenching, then shimano is the best one unless you are comfortable with the mechanical concept of dual-pawl leapfrogging. Shimano uses the STI shifter mechanism which is the best part of the bike.

Shift Lever

Sram Apex

The pull rates are different between the two bikes. The pull rate for Sram Apex is 1:1. It pulls twice as much per click and it has the problem of shifting quickly to the easier gear. It is more mechanical and more precise when compared to Shimano 105.

Shimano 105

While on the other hand, Shimano 105’s shift lever is better and silky smooth when compared to Sram Apex. The pull rate for Shimano 105 is 1:1.7You can just relax when riding on a shimano unlike Apex. When you want to drop down to the gear, quickly backing up is easier.


Sram Apex

The brake is rigid in it as the lever is expecting a downshift but didn’t occur sometimes while riding.

Shimano 105

The main problem with it is that the cyclist cannot use both brake and gear at the same time. Trying to push the inner paddle by just double tapping leads to only harder shifting of gears instead of downshifting which is the major drawback.


Sram Apex

Sram Apex would need the entire shifter to be replaced in case of any problemIt is harder to maintain when compared to that of Shimano 105.

Shimano 105

Shimano 105 is considered to be pretty solid even after riding for about 2000 miles and it creates no fuss in terms of maintenance of the bike.


Sram Apex

Sram Apex is less priced when compared to that of Shimano 105 but is heavier. If you like mountain biking then Sram Apex is the right choice for you to buy.

Shimano 105

Shimano 105 is a more durable bike when compared to Sram Apex and costs £200 more than Apex. 

Conclusion Sram Apex Vs Shimano 105

The above comparison between the two bikes Sram Apex vs Shimano 105 has provided all the reasons why you should choose one among these products for you and your family members. While Sram Apex comes at a lower price, it is heavier when compared to that of Shimano 105. It has all new technology when compared to that of Shimano and ideal for trekkers. While on the other hand, Shimano 105 has the best gear changing mechanism unlike Sram Apex and helps the athletes to go on a longer ride comfortably. The Shimano 105 is maintenance-free and is durable even after riding for around 2000 miles. Hence, with all these advantages and disadvantages over each other, Sram Apex vs Shimano 105 shows that they are the best bikes for triathlon races to choose from with a value for money.

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