On Men’s Cloudsurfer Running Shoes Review – Run the Triathlon With Comfort

On Men’s Cloudsurfer Running Shoes

On Men’s Cloudsurfer Running Shoes


On Cloudsurfer is a versatile running shoe and excellent for professional or say experienced runners that come with an adequate cushion.

The agile shoe is capable of transforming the running energy into a forwarding thrust and makes it easy for running.

The running shoe is perfect for extensive training and Triathlon running.

The innovative features like the CloudTec cushioning system, Swiss-engineered Speedboard, Double layers of EVA and mesh material on the upper part are enough to transmute your way of running.

We rate it a 4 out of 5.


If you are passionate about running the triathlon then this is the shoe that can make you feel as if you’re running almost barefoot. From the word go On Cloudsurfer is a treat to see and wear.

It looks good, suits your feet perfectly, completely lightweight and last but not the least aptly comfortable. 

On is a swiss company and headquartered in Zurich. The company comes up with an innovative and latest technological advancement with its shoes every year.

This year it presents On Cloudsurfer running shoes which is a wonderful combination of speed and flexibility.

The shoe is perfect for road running as well as off-road. 

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Broad Features


  • The highlighting feature of On Cloudsurfer is its cloud elements which are made of rebound rubber along with the cushy foam on the top for a better bounce and to help you for better speed.
  • It provides more surface area for proper ground contact.
  • Its bottom is made of the CloudTecTM system and features flexible and circular rubber tubes for a flat and compressed landing.
  • The upper part features a mesh material that comes with a two-layer system.
  • The internal layer provides soft cushioning whereas the outer layer comes with a breathable knit to hold your foot tight.

Innovative Design

  • The running shoe houses a plastic-coated toe box right at the front side to obstruct water and also enhances its robustness.
  • The rear side features a heel cage which is actually a plastic strip intended for placing your heel accurately.
  • The inner side of this running shoe features a soft rubbery strip on both sides for minimizing foot sliding. Furthermore, the foot-bed comes with extra-comfort with extra cushion.

Best For Runners

  • The outsole houses an additional layer of padding which enhances shock reduction at heel point. On the other hand, the tongue of this extraordinary and comfortable shoe is quite slim and offers adequate padding.
  • The slim tongue is also instrumental in minimizing the weight right above your foot.
  • From heel to toe it features a drop of 6mm and suitable for the runners who wish for a shoe with minimal drop.


  • Cloudsurfer weighs only 330 grams and provides better support and padding as compared to the similar running shoes. The toe box comes with a medium width and makes you feel airy because of the breathable upper material. 
  • With a perfect 6 mm drop the running shoe is quite good to offer you a good time for a workout to any professional runners and high enough to nullify injuries.
  • Cloudsurfer is a neutral shoe free from all the non-essential components in the midsole for minimizing the weight. mesh construction is a strategic one and provides proper ventilation.
  • Whether it is a Triathlon or some other events Clodsurfer will make you stay ahead and provide you the best time for sure.

Key Features

  • CloudTec cushioning system.
  • Swiss-engineered Speedboard for better landing and shock reduction.
  • Double layers of EVA for durability.
  • Rebound-Rubber Clouds.
  • Mesh material on the upper part for better support.
  • TPU heel counter to retain the heels accurately.
  • Rebound-Rubber sole along with an arrow-like pattern for better grip and traction control.
  • Heel to toe drop of 6mm.
  • Neutral shoe with a weight of 330g.
On Men’s Cloudsurfer Running Shoes Facts


On Cloudsurfer running shoe is excellent for the ultimate ride on the road and one of the most comfortable shoes.

The price ranges between $149 to $ 250 but is worth the price if you are looking for the best running shoe to enter into triathlon.

Pros  & Cons


  •   Good built 
  •   Durable
  •   Comfortable for long runs
  •   Springy cloud pods for faster running
  •   Breathable 
  •   Suitable for on-road and off-road running 
  •   Lightweight and attractive pair of shoes
  •   Neutral running shoe
  •   Excellent cushioning with proper distribution  


  •   Not suitable for a wide foot
  •   Narrow and smooth lace
  •   A higher price tag 

Advantages & Disadvantages Using On Cloudsurfer 

  • The neutral running shoe features adequate cushioning in the sole for comfortable walking and the running is also stress-free because of excellent padding in the underfoot and forefoot.
  • The cushions used in this running shoe provide a good thrust for running.
  • The heel cup is too supportive and featured the Swiss-engineered Speedboard that is instrumental for soft landings.
  • The shoe is super light yet completely sturdy and long-lasting and comes with the right weight.
  • The overall design of this running shoe is well-structured and allocated the cushioning evenly all across the sole for better striking. It is really nice to have a pair of Cloudsurfer for running miles.

Overall, it is excellent shoe, it never makes you feel over structured or heavy. But there are some issues with it as well. For Example.

  • The laces may upset you, as they are quite narrow.
  • The laces are also long, which is a concern as well.
  • On the other hand, if you have wider footed then On Cloudsurfer is not for you. 
  • Furthermore, the price is a thing of concern which seems quite high for a running and training shoe.

Amazon Rating 

The neutral running shoe is rated 4.3 in Amazon out of five and has received excellent positive comments because of built-quality and features. 

Alternate products 

If you are double-minded and finding it difficult to zero your search with On Cloudsurfer then you must check alternate running shoes like Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit Road Running shoe or Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 20 running shoe. Also check out Hoka One Man’s Clifton 5 Running Shoes


Last update on 2024-04-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

On Cloudsurfer running shoe offers good-looking yet latest-designed running shoes. If you are looking for a good-designed, lightweight and optimistic shoe then On Cloudsurfer is the best choice.

We have thoroughly reviewed every element of this running shoe, we hope it will provide you a good insight to hit the triathlon and put your signature steps on the track.

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