Top-Rated Electrolyte Replacements – Tablets, Powders, Supplement, and Mixes

Electrolyte Replacements

Electrolytes are an essential part of our body as they help to remove waste and toxins out from the cells. Plus, they also help in using maximum nutrition by the cells. 

Most of the triathletes, cyclists, and runners lose lots of electrolytes with sweat during exercise and races. Moreover, sometimes excessive humidity, weight, and intensity level also lead to the loss of electrolytes from the body. 

It is essential for triathletes to quickly restore electrolytes during race; otherwise, they will not be able to compete. 

Thus, to restore electrolytes, athletes have to consume electrolyte replacements. There are many different kinds of electrolyte replacements in the market but to make your task easier, here we are explaining the top 10 electrolyte replacements.

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Best Electrolyte Replacements of 2019

Nuun Active Hydration Variety Pack

[lasso box=”B01AMVB87A” image_size=”large” link_id=”2526″ id=”5721″ ref=”nuun-sport-electrolyte-drink-tablets-variety-pack-6-tubes-60-servings”]

This electrolyte replacement comes in tablet form and activates quickly when dissolved in water. It is entirely gluten-free and made of all vegan ingredients. As it is in tablet form, thus it is effortless to carry anywhere. All you need to do is to mix it in water and consume it quickly. 


These tablets come in many different flavours. 

The available flavours are Tri-Berry, Kona Cola, Lemon/Lime, and Citrus Fruit. 

These tablets are straightforward to carry in your bag

These tablets do not contain added sugar and carbohydrates. 

All tablets of different flavours taste very good and mix in water in just 2 minutes. These are perfect for giving you’re an extra boost of energy during the race. 

This tablet recommended for those who want gluten-free and vegan electrolyte replacement. These are easy to use and give to the optimal level of energy. 


  • These tablets have excellent taste.
  • They are free from sugar.
  • These are completely Vegan-free.
  • These tablets are vegan.
  • These tablets quickly hydrate cells and body.


  • These tablets contain artificial sweeteners that leave an aftertaste.

GU Energy Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Mix Drink

[lasso box=”B006VKZCGK” image_size=”large” link_id=”2527″ id=”5249″ ref=”gu-energy-roctane-ultra-endurance-energy-drink-mix-3-44-pound-jar-tropical-fruit”]

This energy mix drink comes in the powder form that you can consume by merely mixing into your water bottle. 

It is delicious and offers the excellent blend of amino acids and electrolytes. This drink mix made for ultra-distance triathletes who lose more sweat during the race. This drink is basically made with the perfect blend of simple and complex carbohydrates. This energy mix is effortless on the stomach and gets absorbed quickly by the body. 

It contains specialized amino acids that help in fueling the body, improving muscle fatigue, and maintaining the optimal level of heart rate. It is better to mix this powder in 21 oz of water to get an excellent solution. 

The best thing is that this mix contains all vegan ingredients. This energy mix recommended as it gives a good boost of energy. Plus, it offers the perfect blend of electrolytes and amino acids. 


  • This drink contains all vegan ingredients.
  • Its flavour is excellent that lasts throughout the session.
  • This drink is straightforward on a sensitive stomach.
  • It does not contain much sugar.


  • Some of its flavours contains caffeine.

Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Energy Drink Mix

[lasso box=”B017GEK9QC” image_size=”large” link_id=”2528″ id=”6207″ ref=”tailwind-nutrition-mandarin-orange-endurance-fuel-50-serving-hydration-drink-mix-with-electrolytes-carbohydrates-non-gmo-gluten-free-vegan-no-soy-or-dairy”]

This is one of the top-ranked drinks available in the market for electrolyte replacement. This is because it is made of all natural ingredients and does not contain dairy, soy and gluten as well. 

It is straightforward to consume for anyone during the race. Simply mix it in water, shake it, and drink it. This will give you complete nutrition, and you will not feel the need for any extra bars, chews, pills, and gels. 

It is very easy on the sensitive stomach as it is entirely gluten-free and soy free. Moreover, this mix does not leave any after taste in the water bottle and mouth as well. It is effortless to clean, and it will not leave a film on the inner surface of your water bottle. 

This drink recommended for those people who have sensitive stomachs. It is the best vegan and gluten-free option. 


  • This drink contains all natural ingredients.
  • It is very easy on a sensitive stomach.
  • It does not contain soy and completely vegan free.
  • It contains less sugar as compared to other drinks.


  • Some flavours contain caffeine if up to 35 mg.
  • In warm temperature, the flavours can be weak.

Skratch Labs Sports Hydration Drink Mix

[lasso box=”B075NPB5S1″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2529″ id=”6044″ ref=”skratch-labs-sport-hydration-drink-mix-lemon-lime-15-5-oz-20-servings-natural-electrolyte-powder-developed-for-athletes-and-sports-performance-gluten-free-vegan-kosher”]

This drink mix is the most effective than others as it offers more electrolytes. This drink is made with real fruit flavours that help in quickly replacing electrolytes during race. 

This mix made with all natural and non-GMO ingredients that make it very easy on the stomach. It is best for people who are sensitive to soy and gluten. 


It contains the optimal ratio of electrolytes and sugar that helps a lot during an intense workout or long distance races, 

It contains all natural ingredients such as dextrose, cane sugar, magnesium lactate, sodium citric acid, lemon oil, and calcium citrate. All these ingredients are very easy on the stomach. 

It contains a very low amount of sugar content. 

This will maintain your energy for a long time. 

This mix recommended for triathletes who are going to participate in a long-distance race. This is because it is very useful in preventing muscle fatigue and cramps. 


  • It effectively helps in preventing cramps during a long race as this drink contains a good number of electrolytes.
  • It contains less sugar, and thus, it is not sweet.
  • It is free from any artificial flavours.


  • It leaves residue in water bottles.
  • Its some flavours are not tasty.
  • Quite expensive drinks.

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration Powder

[lasso box=”B01IIGQ5KG” image_size=”large” link_id=”2530″ id=”6430″ ref=”ultima-replenisher-electrolyte-hydration-powder-lemonade-90-serving-canister-sugar-free-0-calories-0-carbs-gluten-free-keto-non-gmo-with-magnesium-potassium-calcium”]

This powder is available in many different types of package, and all of them are entirely sugar-free and contains no GMO ingredients. 

This formula is very useful in preventing muscle fatigue and headache while maintaining the optimal level of electrolytes in the body. 

The best thing about this mix is that it contains all the main six electrolytes, which are essential for the body. Those electrolytes are calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chloride, and magnesium. 

It is also a good option for people with diabetes as to sweeten the flavours, this mix contains organic stevia and real fruit flavours. This mix is perfect for those triathletes who travel a lot as it is very useful in preventing headaches and muscle cramps. 

Moreover, this powder is entirely caffeine free, and thus, it will not create any caffeine rush. 

This powder recommended for those triathletes who want low sugar, low sodium, and natural ingredients. It is also very suitable for those people who follow the keto diet. 

This product recommended for those triathletes who travel long distances by plane or car. 


  • This drink is entirely caffeine free.
  • It is free from soy and dairy as well.
  • This mix is very effective in reducing muscle fatigue and weakness.


  • Its some flavours give very weirdly after taste.
  • It is quite hard to mix.
  • It contains awful artificial sweetener.
  • Packages are hard to open.

Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration

[lasso box=”B00BMARBB8″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2531″ id=”5751″ ref=”osmo-nutrition-active-hydration-during-exercise-hydration-powdered-drink-mix-fastest-way-to-rehydrate-improves-power-output-endurance-blackberry-40-serving-tub”]

This electrolyte replacement is made for cyclists and triathletes by doing detailed research with two-time world cycling champion Peter Sagan. 

This helps to rehydrate your body very quickly during the race. For optimal hydration, it contains glucose, sucrose, and electrolytes with natural fruits.

When you go short on electrolytes, then your blood becomes dense that create a cardiac drift. This electrolyte replacement is also very useful in combating the cardiac flow during the race so that you keep on pushing your body. 

You can easily adjust the quantity of mix that you want to add to the water according to your requirement. 

This electrolyte replacement recommended for those people who want to rehydrate their body quickly. This mix is also very effective in preventing stomach pain, headache, and muscle fatigue. 


  • This drink tastes good and gives proper hydration.
  • It makes athletes free from the trouble of cramping and stomach pain as its made of fine powder.
  • It does not leave any after taste.


  • The mix is gritty at the bottom because calcium does not dissolve quickly.
  • The flavours are subtler as compared to others.
  • This energy drink is costly.

UCAN Performance Energy Powder

[lasso box=”B012BNS79O” image_size=”large” link_id=”2532″ id=”6426″ ref=”ucan-long-lasting-extended-release-energy-drink-mix-endurance-fuel-pre-workout-post-workout-for-daily-focus-performance-to-curb-cravings-orange-26-5oz-30-servings”]

This electrolyte replacement is handy in maintaining your energy throughout races. This is the best gluten-free option, and it is also wholly sugar-free. 

This energy powder is entirely free from the trouble of high and crash; thus it is very safe to use. 

It also contains SuperStarch that helps in the slow release of carbohydrates in the body. This also helps in distributing energy evenly in your body so that you can perform in the best manner during the race. 

This can also be used to burn fat during the intense workout as it has slow insulin response. 

This electrolyte replacement recommended for those triathletes who worry about the crash during the race. This is also best for consuming during the intense workout as it helps in giving the sustained level of energy to the body. 


  • It is free from caffeine and chemicals.
  • It offers a gradual level of energy during the race.
  • It is an excellent drink that offers a low-glycemic electrolyte replacement.


  • This contains sucrose.
  • It is not the best in the market.
  • Its SuperStarch is only cornstarch.

EFS Pro Drink-Professional Strength Sport Drink

[lasso box=”B0039BBWN6″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2533″ id=”5119″ ref=”first-endurance-efs-sports-drink-mix-lemon-lime”]

This drink provides all essential electrolytes and nutrients to the body. It is also very easy on the stomach as it is designed to be easily consumed and get absorbed by the body. 

It contains a very minimal amount of osmolality amylopectin cyclic dextrin that helps it in quickly dissolving in the water. 

Thus, you can easily mix more quantity of this electrolyte replacement in water, and it will quickly dissolve in the water. 

It is perfect for people with sensitive stomach as made with “Optimal Absorption Technology”. This drink helps in quick and better absorption of nutrients in the body. This drink offers the right level of hydration and prevents muscle cramps as well. 

This drink is the best electrolyte replacement for every type of triathlete, and it is best to solve your digestive issues as well. Moreover, it tastes delicious. 


  • This mix does not create any digestive distress.
  • It works perfectly under any weather condition.
  • It is very easy to sip as it is not very sweet.


  • This mix is available in limited flavours.

SaltStick Caps, Electrolyte Replacement Capsules

[lasso box=”B002IY96B0″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2534″ id=”5887″ ref=”saltstick-caps-bottle-of-100-electrolyte-replacement-capsules-for-rehydration-exercise-recovery-youth-adult-athletes-hiking-camping-hangovers-sports-recovery-gluten-free-non-gmo”]

If you like to take a capsule of electrolyte replacement instead of water, then this is the best option for you. 

These capsules are very useful in restoring electrolytes, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. 

Capsules offer you more flexibility to readily consume them anytime as you can quickly take them with water. It is vital to drink the right quantity of liquid with capsules to avoid dehydration. 

However, capsules can create a little discomfort in the stomach, and thus, it is essential to take them at the proper time and after specified intervals. 

We do not recommend this product as this creates discomfort to stomachs. Plus, you always have to consume the right amount of liquid with it.


  • The capsule used in many different ways. You consume it with water, mix in a sports drink or swallow as a whole.
  • These are enough to restore all electrolytes, and you will not need any extra supplements.
  • These are very effective in preventing cramping.


  • If not appropriately taken, then the capsule can cause stomach ache.
  • These capsules do not have any taste.
  • On biting, they taste salty.

 Science in Sport  Go Electrolyte Energy Drink Powder

[lasso box=”B01N9SEOSO” image_size=”large” link_id=”2535″ id=”5959″ ref=”science-in-sport-go-electrolyte-energy-drink-powder-lemon-lime-flavor-sports-performance-endurance-supplement-1-25-lb”]

This powder is very easy on the stomach and easily digested by your body. It gives your body all essential electrolytes and carbohydrates. It is beneficial in keeping your body hydrated during long races and intense workout. 

This powder quickly absorbed by the body and very helpful in preventing muscle cramps. 

To provide an optimal level of hydration during long races, it contains the perfect amount of sodium. It also contains carbohydrates that help in replenishing the depleted quantity of carbohydrates. 

This powder is best for those people who cannot fuel their body in right quantity before the races. This will help to maintain a good level of energy throughout the race. 


  • It can easily mix into water and very light on the stomach.
  • It is beneficial in hydrating the body during the entire race.
  • It tastes very unusual with water.


  • It comes in a tiny jar.
  • It contains an artificial flavour known as aspartame.
Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Electrolyte Replacement

Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Electrolyte Replacement

Why it is necessary for triathletes to take electrolyte replacement?

Almost every triathlete during race sweats out buckets and loses lots of electrolytes. This loss of electrolytes creates muscle fatigue and tiredness. Especially during long runs, it is essential to restore all those electrolytes. The best way of restoring them is to replace the lost nutrition. Thus, with the help of electrolyte replacements, triathletes can quickly regain their electrolytes.

What is the most suitable way to supplement the lost electrolytes?

Most of the triathletes consume sports drinks, water, gels and other nutritious foods to replace their lost electrolytes. But most of the sports drinks contain lots of sugar.

Sweating, Losing Electrolytes and Drinking Water

Drinking water during long races is good for triathletes. But during long distances, your body dilutes the sodium in your blood that ultimately swells your cells. Then your body loses both water and electrolytes. However, drinking more water will only dilute electrolytes more.

How is electrolyte replacement beneficial?

Electrolytes replacements are more effective than sports drinks and gels. This is because it quickly replenishes your electrolytes. Also, consuming them with sports drinks will fulfil your need for carbohydrates as well.

Why is it essential to choose the best electrolyte replacement?

It is essential to choose the right type of electrolyte replacement for your body because not all models can work well with your body. Electrolyte replacements come in many different forms such as powder, tablets, supplements, and mix styles.

You have to figure out how much you sweat and what type of drink works best to replenish energy. You can take electrolyte replacement with a sports drink to complete your nutrition. You can try out different brands and do experiments with your body to check how each drink behaves with your body. Then, you will be able to find the most suitable for your specific needs.

What kind of triathlete needs an electrolyte replacement?

Almost all types of triathletes need to take electrolytes replacement, but for sprint triathlete and full Ironman, it is essential. Some of the new athletes prefer taking energy gels for their Olympic and sprint triathlons. 

Electrolyte replacements will help you a lot in completing the race with full fire and energy. This drink will also help in preventing fatigue, cramps, and muscle loss during long-distance triathlon.

Thus, it is better to take suitable electrolyte replacement for everyone. 

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I hope you find this guide helpful and useful. To find the best electrolyte replacement for your body, you can do experiments with different brands. Thus, choose the best for your needs and according to your taste.

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