ROKA (Maverick) Pro Thermal Wetsuit Review

Men’s Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit

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This pro thermal wetsuit is designed to give you the maximum speed in cold water. Its revolutionary ARMS-UP construction gives you unlimited shoulder flexibility and the RS2 centerline buoyancy enables proper body rotation while underwater. Its gradual buoyancy profile lets you maintain the optimal body position and its ever-more-dialed-in pattern and fit is based on years of experience and hard work.

It is probably the fastest, warmest and most natural-feeling Men’s Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit to have ever been designed. The best part is that it comes with a max thickness of 5mm, the Pro Thermal is ITU, IRONMAN & USAT legal.


  • It is patterned with the arms above the head rather than at the side which increases the mobility through every phase of your stroke. Thus, you swim faster with less fatigue.
  • It allows you to have a snappier side-to-side rotation and eliminates dead spots in the freestyle, which gives you the smoothest and most natural rotation.
  • By removing excess buoyancy from the chest and adding it precisely to your lower body, the suit moves your center of buoyancy lower. Thus preventing sinky legs and keeping your position perfectly horizontal.
  • Designed inside out, these wetsuits are built with premium liners that are optimized for mechanics, stretch, support, comfort and low absorption.
  • Neck panel eliminates seams to help the neckline of the suit move with you to improve comfort and reduce chafing.
  • Its rear ankle panel uses a 2mm panel at the base of the leg to help you kick your heel out of the suit in T1.
  • SCS (Super Composite Skin) Hydrophobic Nano Coating reduces surface drag for more speed. It also improves the durability of the suit.
  • Made of the best neoprene in the world.

Women’s Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

By bringing easy speed to cold water, this pro thermal wetsuit provides you unlimited shoulder flexibility, graduated buoyancy, perfect fit and maintain your optimal body position. It has an ever-more-dialed-in pattern and a fit that is based on years of experience. It gives you the most natural-feeling, you could ever get from a pro thermal wetsuit. Apart from these advantages, this Women’s Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit also gives you speed,  and durability.

We know that a women’s wetsuit is much more than just a men’s wetsuit. It goes beyond the obvious body shape differences like adding more room  in the hips and chest areas. Adding to it, since women have more varied ranges of body types than men, these wetsuits are available in a large number of sizes, for every body type.

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