ROKA (Maverick) Wetsuits Review


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MEN’s MAVERICK X WETSUIT is designed to give you maximum comfort. It is the fastest men’s wetsuit to have ever been built. It has a redesigned supportive core with hallmark shoulder flexibility.

The X improves power transfer from the hips to shoulders and streamlines your body from head to toe in such a way that no wetsuit has ever done.

All these features combine to give the maximum comfort while swimming. You can swim freely and naturally. Special thanks to Revolution X ARMS-UP construction and RSX centerline buoyancy.

This suit removes the excess buoyancy from your chest and adds it precisely to your lower body.

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It moves your center of buoyancy lower, thus preventing sinking legs and putting you in a perfect horizontal swimming position.

If you are a professional swimmer or an aquarist, you will not find a better swimming wetsuit than this one.


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WOMEN’s MAVERICK X WETSUIT is designed to provide you with optimal buoyancy and maximum comfort. With its hallmark shoulder flexibility, the X improves power transfer from the hips to shoulders.

It streamlines your body in an amazing way. Its centerline buoyancy allows you to swim more naturally and freely. The woven textile is excellent to provide you with maximum strength and natural compression. It is made of premium quality, zero neck discomfort, improved power and what not! In short, it is the best fitting and best performing women’s suit to have ever been built.


  • Improved power and efficiency
  • Allows more natural and comfortable rotation.
  • Inner comfort and support as it is designed from the inside out.
  • Keeps your body at an optimal position throughout.
  • Premium quality woven textile provides inner comfort and support.
  • Independent neck suspension to increase your comfort level.
  • Quality of the material is very durable.
  • Speeds up your swimming by decreasing your discomforts.
  • Stretch woven and forearm panel lets you feel the water and enjoy.
  • Quick release ankle panels allows you to kick out faster.
  • Gives you the perfect fit, which no other wetsuit can ever give you.


  • It stretches a little bit when warmed up.
  • It might feel tight on the land but will fit perfectly in the water.
  • While wearing, use the pads of your fingers to avoid fingernail tears.
  • It usually feels tight, but if it constricts your breathing or restricts shoulder movements, you need to size up.

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