Maverick Pro II Wetsuits Review


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Increase your speed and comfort with this Men’s Maverick Pro II Wetsuit. With its zero shoulder restriction, your mobility is increased through every phase of your stroke.

It is patterned with arms above the head rather than at the side. Thus helping you swim faster with less fatigue.

It is designed from the best neoprene in the world from the yamamoto corporation in Japan. It is limestone-based and has varied cell structure than the most commonly used petroleum-based neoprene. It is stretchier, return to original form better and offers an excellent insulation-to-weight ratio.


  • Allows you to swim easily because of zero shoulder restriction.
  • RS2 centerline buoyancy enables proper body rotation.
  • Graduated buoyancy profile for optimal body position.
  • Gives you the perfect fitting.
  • One of the fastest and most natural-feeling wetsuit ever.
  • Allows you to swim faster with less fatigue.
  • Eliminates dead spots in the freestyle.
  • Shifts excess buoyancy from the chess to the lower body.
  • Designed from the inside out to avoid restrictive stretch profile.
  • Independent neck suspension improves the comfort level around your neck area.
  • SCS nano coating improves the durability of the wetsuit.
  • Made from the best neoprene in the world.


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This Women’s Maverick Pro II Wetsuit is made of the best quality material which gives you optimized speed, core-temperature control and comfort.

Unlike all other wetsuits, it is designed from the inside out. This suit is built with premium liners that are optimized for mechanics, support, stretch, comfort and low absorption, so you won’t get disturbed while at work in any way. It provides you the ultimate comfort with its improved neck comfort, which has an independent neck suspension.

With this suit, you can prevent sinky legs and put your body in a perfect horizontal position. It will allow you to swim faster, with less effort. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your time in the water. So invest in this pro wetsuit once and enjoy its benefits for a long time.


  • Zero shoulder restriction
  • Improved power and efficiency
  • Allows more natural and comfortable rotation.
  • Keeps your body at an optimal position throughout.
  • Premium quality woven textile provides inner comfort and support.
  • Independent neck suspension to increase your comfort level.
  • Quality of the material is very durable.
  • Speeds up your swimming by decreasing your discomforts.
  • Stretch woven and forearm panel lets you feel the water and enjoy.
  • Quick release ankle panels allows you to kick out faster.
  • Gives you the perfect fit, which no other wetsuit can ever give you.


  • Neoprene wetsuits are slightly loose in the water which means that if your suit feels tight on land, it may feel right in the water.
  • Use the pads of your fingers to avoid fingernail tears.
  • It takes about 10 to 12 minutes to put the suit on properly.
  • Neoprene wetsuits stretch a little bit more when warmed up.

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