Best Aero Bars In 2020

Buyer’s Guide To Choose Best Aero Bars In 2020

In this modern age of competition, most of the cyclists and triathlon always try to get the maximum benefits of riding a bicycle. Notably, professional cyclists always want to improve their riding skills. To meet this need of athletes, aero bars play a vital role. Many skilled cyclists now look for the best ways to improve their performance level to beat other athletes in competition. 

In this guide, we are discussing the best tri bars or aero bars that are currently available in the market. By reading every review, you will get detailed information that will make your buying task much more simplified. To provide our readers with better insight, we will be giving a close review of all features of aero bars.

5 Top-Rated Best Aero Bars for Road and Triathlon Bikes

Before continuing also look at the best entry level triathlon bikes.

Profile Designs T4 + Carbon Clip-On Aero Bars – Incredible Aero Bars for Long Distance

Profile Design T4+ Carbon Aero Bar
  • Carbon fiber ergonomic shallow angle ski bend extensions
  • 6061-T6 aluminum forged J4 brackets
  • F-35 adjustable anatomic armrests
  • Clamp: Fits 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars
  • Color: Gloss Carbon Weight: 600grams

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This triathlon bag contains the right amount of space, which is equivalent to 50-litre. It is a very unique and well-organized bag that comes with the zip system. It also contains compartments to carry the footwear that you need for cycling and running. You can also securely put your swim goggles and sunglasses in its fleece-lined compartment. It is a very versatile bag as it also has space for hydration that will help to separate wet and dry items. Its weight is 3.06 lbs and designed in a three-dimensional and moulded rear panel for promoting proper ventilation with the enhanced level of airflow. For providing comfortable carrying facility, this bag comes with 3D shoulder straps which are padded, moulded, and perforated for providing adequate ventilation. 

The F-35’s adjustable ergonomic armrests offer 30mm of alteration to the users. Its profile designs come with a J4 bracket that is entirely adjustable for the rotation purpose and extension length. This adjustability feature is handy for most of the athletes. These aero bars are very lightweight, and it is effortless to install them as well. 

These amazing aero bars also contain amazing carbon fiber extensions that offer the perfect angle for bringing outstanding aerodynamic results. It is made for aluminum that makes it a lightweight item. To give a solid form and unmovable fit to its rest pads, they are made out of foam. For maintaining a perfect fit, the gel pad would contour your elbow and forearm for a perfect fit.


Athletes who want to go fast will surely like its aluminum structure. Its adjustability feature makes it the perfect choice for athletes. It can easily fit all types of standard handlebars. You can easily set its installation and adjustability within just a few turns of a 5mm Allen wrench. 


  • It is effortless to adjust to aero bars.
  • Its installation is straightforward.
  • It is designed with the concept of aerodynamics.
  • It is very comfortable on the wrist.


  • The foam pads are less comfortable than gel pads.

Redshift-Quick-Release Aero Bars – The Perfect Clip On Aero Bars

REDSHIFT Quick-Release Clip-On Bike Aero Bars, Bicycle Handlebar Rest, Aluminum Aerobar Extensions for Road, Triathlon, Mountain, Hybrid, Gravel Bikes, Cycling Biking Accessories Part, L-Bend
  • QUICK-RELEASE AEROBARS – The patented quick-release aero bars for bikes allow you to switch between road and aero positions while riding your bike, so you can choose the best riding position at any...
  • SWITCH FROM ROAD TO AERO POSITION – Switch between road and aero positions on-the-fly during your ride; these bicycle aero bars let you transform the bike you already own. The quick release...
  • ATTACHES AND REMOVES IN SECONDS – Ride with ease and more comfortably. These bike handlebar aero bar extensions can be attached or removed in just a few seconds with the clip-on quick-release...
  • LETS YOU FINE TUNE YOUR FIT – A wide range of adjustability on these bike handlebar elbow rest bars let you fine-tune a perfect fit - extension length, arm pad fore-aft, arm pad width, and height...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH – Handlebar Diameter: 31.8 mm compatible; 26.0 mm compatible with shims (sold separately). Choose between L-Bend and S-Bend aluminum extensions.

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This quick release clip is very useful in converting your bike into advanced aerodynamic equipment. It offers a high range of adjustability that makes it a perfect and customized fit for the rotation, pad width, and extended reach. These aero bars are made with 6061-T-6 aluminum alloy for providing sufficient aerodynamics capability.

It can also relieve pressure from the wrist and hand of an athlete to provide a comfortable ride while reducing the chances of fatigue and hand numbness. These aero bars are perfectly matched with 26.0 and 31.8mm handlebar diameters.

Any athlete with big hands will not be able to parallel grip the bars as the armrest pads are not custom made to flip up.


This is the perfect option for those who are looking forward to increasing their speed. It comes with all great features to provide a high level of comfort to both hand and wrist that is necessary during long rides. Its installation is straightforward and easy.


  • It is effortless to install.
  • Anyone can easily attach and detach this product quickly.
  • It helps in effectively relieving pressure from your wrist and hands.
  • It can be easily adjusted for both height and position.


  • It is not possible to flip up the armrest pads.

Zipp Vuks Clip Below Bar Mount – Amazing Aero Bars for Triathlon

  • Revolutionary innovation
  • Performance that is simply second to none
  • Achieve the ultimate ride

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It offers the optimal level of pad adjustment up to 50mm in the center of the base bar. Plus, the base bar can also be adjusted to 104mm and thick as 280mm. You can easily attach it with the groundbreaking adjustability that also helps in quickly achieving a position that will make your hands narrower than the elbow. It is constructed with aluminum or carbon fiber that makes it a very lightweight item and provides better speed and aerodynamics. 

It is also very compatible with Zipp Vuka Aluminum Base Bar, trime trail bars, and the Vuka Bull that are assessed to allow a clip-on. The width, height, and angle of pads can be easily adjusted with minimal effort.


It is best suitable for athletes who want an easy way to transform their bike into a fast aerodynamic speed racer. You can check out the Zipp Vuka base bar. It is very easy to use and provide a high level of comfort on long rides. Plus, it is available at a very affordable price. 


  • It is an aerodynamic product.
  • Its pads are very comfortable.
  • It is effortless to install and adjustable as well.
  • It is a very reasonably priced product.


  • The shift cable housing can pop out of the center.

3T Revo Team Stealth Time Trial Aero Bars – Best TT and Triathlon Aero Handlebar 

3T 2036102AEAM41N Revo Team Stealth Bike Handle Bar
  • Size --40 cm
  • Intended for top-level competition
  • New comfort cradle

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These aero bars are made from carbon fiber that makes them very lightweight. These are made with the reverse design that has changed the existing way of attaching the aero bars to the basebar wings. It is not connected to the back of the grips; instead they are attached to the front for offering a good grip on bumpy roads. It also offers a new comfort cradle with comfortable S blend. 

These are made for top-level competitions and to provide much safer rider by preventing the biker’s hands from sliding forward. This is the best technique for handling the bike on rough surfaces. 

It might be a too small aero bar for those people who have big hands. For some new cycles, it could come in the way of shifting. To avoid that, you can quickly change the D12 levers from right to left. 


If you want a perfect add-on for your bicycle that will provide better control, then 3T Revo aero bars are best for you. Its excellent hand grip and intelligent hand positioning help to offer you excellent control for your journey. 


  • It offers brilliant hand positioning.
  • It is a very versatile product in terms of adjustment.
  • From an aesthetic point of view, it is a very fantastic product.
  • It is made of a very lightweight structure.


  • It might create trouble in the shifting process on some bikes.

Vision Team Mini TT Handlebar – Perfect Tri Bars for Draft Distance (ITU/UCI Legal)

Vision Team Mini TT Handlebar, 170mm
  • Includes 26mm reducer and aero bridge
  • Double-butted alloy extensions with micro armrest plates and micro-thin pads
  • Includes 26mm reducer and aero bridge
  • Bar-end shifter compatible
  • External cable routing

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It comes in three different, which are black, white, and Cyan. The black coloured bag has a grey and white interior, the white bag has a black interior, and the cyan bag has Cyan, green, and white interior. The light interior colours help athletes to find items in the bag quickly. The division for wetsuits in all bags is black.

This tri-bar offers six different positions that can be easily adjusted for better ergonomics. It also comes with butted alloy extensions and angular arm sets along with a refined Aero CFD design. its total weight is 1.35 pounds and has a UCI compliant 3:1. Plus, it is UCI legal and made from double butted alloy. 

There is no clip-on version of this product, and it takes little more time and efforts to install than others. 


  • Its armrest comes with six positions.
  • It is ITU/UCI legal.
  • It helps in increasing the speed of the cyclist.


  • It does not offer any clip-on and off version of the product.
  • Its installation is quite time-consuming.
Buyer’s Guide To Choose Perfect Aero Bars

Buyer’s Guide To Choose Perfect Aero Bars

The main factor that makes aero bars perfect for cyclists is its excellent position capability. All professional cyclists are entirely aware of the importance of narrow positioning to attain the right level of speed and accuracy. These aero bars ideally offer a comfortable ride that helps professionals to achieve the desired racing results. 

These can be easily connected to the handlebars to provide the rider with the perfect angled position. Their aerodynamic technique helps in achieving high speed within the ITU/UCI guidelines. Also, they also have elbow cushion pads for providing additional comfort on those long rides.

Who can get the maximum benefit of aero bars?

The main goal of this guide is to provide the athletes with the right information to put their mind at ease. Some people believe that aero bars are only for experienced and professional athletes, but the truth is that they are made for everyone who wants to get the best benefits of aero bars. They are perfect for road bikes, trail bikes, and triathlon enthusiasts. 

Pros of Aero Bars

Many professionals have been seen harnessing the benefits of aero bars at many competitions, but everyone wants a piece of the action. There are many benefits of using aero bars for every cyclist that includes:


Riding for a long distance can be very physically tiring, especially in areas where you feel a high strain on the body. By attaching good-quality aero bars to the handlebars, you can easily shift your position that will help to relieve the pressure from your body quickly. 

Low Wind Resistance 

All cyclists know about the wind resistance and its importance in the cycling. The more area you will get to connect with the wind, the more strength you can create. The main benefit of using aero bars on your bike as that they will change your position and then help to make your physical profile narrower. It will also help to trim down the surface area so that you can lower your wind resistance. 


The main reason behind the full acceptance and popularity of aero bars is that they can effectively accelerate your pace. They help in enhancing your aerodynamics while increasing the speed level. 

Reduced Injury 

The frequent series of injuries is a prevalent thing in the cycling world. Most of these injuries are the result of wrong positioning and improper alignment of the posture. By adding aero bars to your bicycle, you can see a massive difference in your comfort level, stresses, and position. All these little adjustments in your bike will help to avoid back and neck conditions. 

Main Features

The main feature of aero bars is the quality of grip it can offer. The excellent level of the grip helps to increase the speed of the cyclist and helps to provide better control on unleveled and bumpy roads. Bicycle accidents are prevalent during a fast-paced marathon, and aero bars can avoid all those.

What are the main features of the aero bars that you need to consider?

What are the main features of the aero bars that you need to consider?

Ergonomic Armrests

It is essential to adjust ergonomic armrest to make them perfectly fit in your arm’s length to get a high-level of comfort and control. It can effectively reduce the pressure points while providing a comfy ride if appropriately aligned. It will also be very helpful in preventing numbness on a long extensive journey. 

J4 Bracket

It would be difficult for athletes to control the steering if they do not get a proper adjustment on the aero bars. J4 bracket adjustments are beneficial in extension length and appropriate rotation of the aero bars. You can accommodate multiple users comfortably by adjusting the J4 bracket. 

Elbow Pads

Elbow pads are very useful in absorbing the shock that your wrists get from rough road surfaces. It is essential to get the right amount of padding for your elbow shapes. These pads are also very helpful in increasing the comfort level during long rides. These also help in preventing your elbow form any damages that occur from vibration. 


The clip-on method is beneficial in quickly installing and removing aero bars. They are firmly attached with a screw even as they are known as clip-on. 


Base bars come in two different sizes. First is the standard basebars where you grip the bar from the front of the wing section. Second is the reverse base bars where you grasp from behind the wing section. Both these types are useful in narrowing your position, but the most effective is opposite base bars that offer a firm grip and prevents the forward slipping of the hands. 

The Adjustability Aspect 

To ensure that your ride is entirely comfortable, you need right adjustability level on your aero bars. With better adjustability, you can easily prevent pressure and strain that comes with bicycling. The right position will benefit tour performance level and speed.

Other Essential Factors to Consider 

Other Essential Factors to Consider 

When harnessing the benefits of aero bars, you need to consider a lot of essential factors. The main factor that needs to consider is how long will they last. If you want long, athletic ride or racing in the crosswind, then aero bars with aerodynamics capability are best. The right kind of aero bars will help you to complete your race with great ease and comfort. 

Plus, it is also essential that extension rods can be appropriately adjusted to the length of your arms. They are mostly connected to the bicycle front and made of premium-quality carbon and aluminum material. The extension rods can be angled in a different way to provide the best benefits to the rider. If speed is your primary concern, then go for lightweight material such as carbon and aluminum. 

Your ride will be faster with light aero bars. Good-quality usually runs in the range of 400 to 600 grams. For a more relaxed position, consider aero bars with base bars. 

For long extensive rides, these bars will provide you more relaxed position. For the optimal level of comfort on your elbow, make sure that pads offer the right level of cushioning for your support. 

Most of the cyclists and manufacturers also focus on aerodynamics and weight of the aero bars. The aero bars that cannot place you in the optimal position then they are entirely useless. The perfect aero bars always offer the extra comfort, speed, and aerodynamics feature. 

You can check the quality of aero bars by merely adjusting the elbow reach and rotation along with the adjustment of stack, width, and position. All these adjustments will offer you a comfortable and secure fit. 

Also, your hand size plays a vital role in the functionality and effectiveness of aero bars.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get aero bars for my triathlon bike?

The main reason to get aero bars is that they help you in aerodynamics, achieving a good position, and enable the body to adjust in a forward position. They are always straightforward to install and also offers a clip-on feature for better use. For multiple riders, they offer the right adjustability level. 

Also, they are very helpful in preventing any injury and accidents during biking. 

Do aero bars come in assembled form?

Aero bars mostly come in assembled form, but you need to install them on to your bike. You can easily connect them with one bolt. Some other requires a bracket and two crews to fit perfectly around the handlebars. 

Is it possible to rotate or adjusted elbow pads?

Most of the elbow pads are very easy to adjust, but some do not flip up. You should never overlook the adjustability feature, and aero bars offer the best adjustability. They provide you with the right level of speed, comfort, and excellent aerodynamics. 

How much momentum can be adjusted using aero bars?

It mostly depends on the energy of the biker and his positioning level with the aero bars. It helps to achieve the speed of 40km/h. You will get extra momentum with aero bars with narrow basebar. 

How aero bars help in narrowing the position?

You can put your forearm close together with better positioning of aero bars. When you lean forward, your torso will cradle between the small openings between your forearms. In this way, you will get better aerodynamics and narrow positioning. 

How do I know about the right aero bars style for me?

To get the right size, you need to consider your ride length, your positioning style, the amount of speed you want. Then you will get the right ideas, and you should also check the ratings and reviews of aero bars before buying them. 

Are reverse basebars are a better choice than standard basebars?

Reverse bars are better than standard bars because you grip it behind the wing that prevents the slipping of the hand. Your aerodynamics will be better with the steeper angle of the arm. 

Do aero bars come with high gripping ability?

Yes, high level of gripping gives better control over the bike. Reverse base bars are best for proper gripping. 

Would it be safe to use aero bars in a crosswind race?

It would be perfectly safe to use aero bars in crosswind race as you will get better aerodynamics and narrow body will be beneficial for all the riders, but it is essential to make them properly fit your aero bars. 

Which are better aluminum or carbon aero bars?

Carbon aero bars are lighter than aluminum, but carbon is expensive the aluminum. If you want a fast ride, then it is better to use the lighter one. 

If I use aero bars, will I still be within ITU/UCI guidelines?

Some of the aero bars are within the guidelines of ITU/UCI. Look out at the rules of the marathon, as most of them permit aero bars. 

I have a giant TCR advanced electronic shift; will aero bars fit the handlebar perfectly?

It usually fits perfectly to the standards seize handlebars. It is recommended to buy the aero bars by first measuring the diameter with a string. You can run them all the way through, and to make the aero bars snug, use the adjustment parts. 

What size of the Allen wrench do all the blot clamps require? How many bolts in each dimension are there?

5mm Allen wrench is right as four bolts hold the clamp onto the handlebar. For extension adjustments and rotation, you need 4mm wrench. 

Will it be complex to use aero bars with my carpal tunnel?

No, there will be no difficulty in using aero bars. Your hands and wrists will get the extra level of comfort with the right positioning of aero bars. They will help to remove the pressure from your wrist and hands, extent comfort, and alleviates hand numbness. 

Is it right to buy extra parts for my aero bars?

Yes, you can buy extra parts as there are many brands in the market. The flip up bracket will be an exciting feature to add to your aero bars. It will help to keep your handlebars even when you are not riding.

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There are many different styles of aero bars available in the market. All of them will help to improve your performance, increase speed, and achieve more comfort. There are many choices to pick if speed is your primary concern. There will be undoubtedly more advanced aero bars in the future, but those mentioned above are great for your needs. 

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