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Cycling Cleats and Pedal Guide: SPD vs. look vs. Speedplay vs. SPD-SL

Cycling Cleats & Pedal Guide

All cycling lovers have one habit in common which is they have a tendency to make things quite overcomplicated for themselves. The most common example of this is pedal and cleats systems. Most of the professional and experienced cyclists are gear addicted and they all are aware of the pros and cons of each cleat and pedal system. They always have all the information about different types of cycling gear and equipment available in the market.

Here is a detailed guide on choosing the best entry level triathlon bikes.

However, if you are a non-gear junkie then this wide web of pedals and cleats and confuse you a little bit. When you are at the beginning stages of cycling then you have to make careful choices on different systems. This will put a great effect on your cycling shoes, bike pedals, and other decisions.

Thus, to help you out in choosing the right pedal and cleat system, here we bring this guide. Below is our overview of cleat types which are highly preferred professional athletes.

Cycling Cleats Types


The SPD pedal is almost made according to the universal standard of cycling. This is the most common type of pedal and cleat used in bikes. You will see SPD on most of the bikes and this is perhaps the plain old generic kids’ pedals

SPD was originally developed as the kicker for road cyclists and now universally recognized as the trail and mountain bike pedal. These pedals work well on triathlon bikes and road. You can easily use these pedals on road biking and there is nothing wrong with that. Most of the tricyclists like SPDs because they are easy to use. In addition, they also use SPDs because they want to have one cleat system for all triathlon bikes.

SPDs are basically “two-bolt” cleat as it is very easy to fix them with just two bolts.

Now, let’s talk about the advantages of SPD and there are many.

Advantages of SPD

  • They are quite compatible with shoes and offer a good level of comfort.
  • Plus, it is very simple and easy to use them.
  • This makes them perfect for bike and to take a walk around town. Another main benefit of these SPD cleats is that they are very easy to clip in when you are just starting out or when you are stopped.
  • You will often find this type of pedal and cleat system mostly on bike rentals and on the bikes at spin classes as well. Thus, these are better go-to cleat that you can get for yourself.

Best For

These are best for athletes who need universal cleats. Because these cleats can easily fit on many pedals, spin class bikes, road and mountain bikes, and other cycles.

Not Suitable For

These cleats are not suitable for high-end road cyclists. This is because most of the top cycling shoes are not designed to make them compatible with SPDs.

The Best SPD Shoes – Giro Carbide

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The Best SPD Pedal – SPD A530, Dual Platform.


Look pedals are most commonly used for road biking but you will not find them anywhere with mountain biking and spin class bikes. In these pedals, the cleat connects to the shoe by using three points that make the Look pedals a more classic 3-bolt pedal. This gives them a wider contact and a broader power base. These Look cleats are easily compatible with most of the best road biking shoes commonly used by players.

Look actually is a native of the ski industry and it has used many concepts of ski binding world. Their concepts are applied to the bike pedals to make them better. There were some errors in the 70s and 80s but then the Look perfected its pedals design and quickly took a good hold in the market.

With these Look pedals, the bikers usually have a side-to-side movement or you can say a bit of “float” in the foot. This movement continues to happen even when fully clipped-in. These pedals make the legs to move in the natural range-of-motion and these are also very easy on the knees. However, these Look pedals give the feel of plastic and a triangular shape.

The efficiency to transfer power is very good these Look pedals and cleats. These give the feeling of stiff and direct transfer of efforts with every stroke. Plus, the shoes which are compatible with these pedals are perfect for professional triathletes and road bikers.

The only thing that is not good about Look pedals and cleats is that can be quite slippery and hard as well to walk in. Plus, you cannot use them with all types of bikes because they usually do not work well with renting bikes. When going for a long trip or ride with a rental bike, it is necessary to carry your own pedals.

These Look cleats function like SPD-SL cleats and these both are mostly considered as twins.

Best For

The Look cleats are most suitable for the high-end road cyclist. This is because these cleats offer higher performance.

Not Suitable For

These Look cleats are not suitable for those who cycle in spin classes and for mountain bikers as well.

Best Look Shoe

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Best Look Pedals

Bestseller No. 1
LOOK Keo Classic 3 Pedals Black
  • Usage: Beginner to advanced
  • Body: Composite
  • Axle: Chromoly
  • Threading: 9/16 X 20 mm
  • Bearings: 1 ball bearing, 1 needle bearing cartridge
SaleBestseller No. 2
LOOK Keo 2 Max Carbon Road Pedals - Black
  • The LOOK design team has completely remodeled the shape of the KEO 2 MAX, giving it a new, slimmed down line yet a wider contact surface, increasing its style and efficiency.
  • The contact surface of the new KEO 2 MAX preserves the strong lines on which its history was built. Its width has been increased to 60 mm to provide a larger platform and improved foot stability...
  • Look also sought to optimize power transfer thanks to its new 500 mm of usable surface (+25% increase). The shape of the stainless-steel plate has been revised to match that of the cleat and to keep,...
  • Increasing the pedals usable contact surface, without any additional weight gain, improves the Power to Weight ratio, making the product even better and allowing you to perform at your best.
  • The spindle profile of the new KEO 2 MAX has also been optimized. Built around an oversized (Chromoly Plus) steel axle, it is composed of an axle with an inner ball bearing and a needle roller...
SaleBestseller No. 3
LOOK Keo Classic 3 Road Pedals - Black/Red
  • Simple to use, it is possible to adjustment the cleat entry/release tension to low for an easy clip out.
  • Its large and wide contact surface provides excellent pedaling stability.
  • The Keo Classic 3 spindle is made up of an oversized steel axle with miniature ball bearings (12 mm inside x 18 mm outside) and a needle bearing cartridge for improved wear resistance. A spacer is...
  • A new method of fitting the spindle into the pedal body also ensures the prolonged reliability of our pedals. LOOK spindles are only approved after a rotational test of 2 million cycles at 100tr/min...
  • LOOK axles are only approved after a rotational test of 2 million cycles at 100 rpm with a load of 90 kg on the center of the pedal and an eccentric rotation (which creates stress on each revolution)....

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Speedplay cleats and pedals are not very popular but they surely have some loyal road cyclists who always prefer them.

At first look, you will surely find these Speedplay pedal quite funny as the clip is in circular form. Depending upon the pedal you choose, the platform can be a little big.

However, you will quickly find out that the functionality of these pedals is good. These pedals have dual-sided surfaces that are best especially when you are in a hurry to get clipped. These also offer a good level of adjustability for floats and clip pressure. Moreover, their weight is also less than other options.

So what are the negative things about these pedals and cleats system? The main downside is the price. Speedplay has set its price that is quite higher than other options available in the market. Another main disadvantage is the compatibility as there are not many bikes that use Speedplay pedal. Moreover, there are not many shoes that have Speedplay cleat compatibility.

There is a four-bolt system in Speedplay pedals, unlike other common pedals which have two-or-three-bolt systems. Speedplay manufactures most of the cleat to make them easily fit with three-bolt shoes. This is a great option as it allows bikers to have a great shoe collection even when the pedal is random.

But this is not a good choice for someone who wants a high-level of compatibility with the bikes of his friends.

Best Suitable For

The Speedplay is best suitable for avid road cyclists who are looking for unique and high-end pedal and cleat system.

Not Suitable For

These Speedplay pedals are not optimal for new and intermediate cyclists who are just looking for a good, all-around system.

Recommended Speedplay Shoe

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Recommended Speedplay Pedal

SpeedPlay Unisex_Adult Zero Edelstahl Pedalset INKL. walkable Cleats, Rot, 61110 Pedals, red, Uni
  • Speedplay Zero 61110 Pedal Set Stainless Steel with Walkable Cleats Red
  • Manufacturer: Speedplay
  • Manufacturer number: 61110

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Best Speedplay Cleats

SaleBestseller No. 1
SpeedPlay Unisex_Adult Aero Walkable Pedalplattenset, NUR FÜR Zero Serie GEEIGNET, 14115 Pedals, Yellow, Standard Size
  • Speedplay Zero Aero 14115 Walkable Pedal Plate Set Yellow Only Suitable for Zero Series
  • Manufacturer: Speedplay.
  • Manufacturer number: 14115
Bestseller No. 2
VGEBY1 1 Pair Cycling Shoe Cleats Quick Release Bike Pedal Cleat Covers Cycling Accessory Fit for SpeedPlay Zero
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: The Cycling Shoe Cleats is made of quality aluminum and Resin materials, sturdy, pliable, corrosion-resistant and durable and will not scuff floors
  • COMFORTABLE PROTECTION: The covers stay on the cleats to protect the cleats while you are riding and improve traction and protect the cleats from wear when walking, which make it more comfortable to...
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Cycling Shoe Cleats is easy to install and use, convenient to remove and clean.
  • ANTI BLOCKING: Cycling Shoe Cleats can prevent the mud and dirt from blocking the splint of the riding shoes can prolong the service life of cycling shoes. nice accessory for cycling lovers.
  • GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with our product received, you can apply for unconditional return and refund within 180 days. In terms of any problem of this product, you can send emails as soon.
Bestseller No. 3
Fsskgx Road Bike Cleats, 1 Pair Quick Release Bike Shoes Cleat Cover Cycling Pedal Cleats for Zero
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】This cleat cover is made of high quality Aluminum + Resin materials, sturdy, pliable, corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • 【COMFORT FIRST】You will be more comfortable to walking while wear cycling shoes and protect the cleats.
  • 【ANTI DIRTY】The bike cleats prevents mud and dirt from blocking the cleats of cycling shoes.
  • 【CONVENIENTLY】It easy to install and use, convenient to remove and clean.
  • 【PROLONG SERVE TIME】Bike shoes cleat can help to prolong the service life of cycling shoes, nice accessory for cycling lovers.

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This SPD-SL cleat is quite similar to the cleats and pedals of Look.

But these SPD-SLs are not similar to SPD cleats.  In fact, it would be better if the company had chosen a unique and distinct name for this cleat and pedal system because they are quite confusing with SPD.  However, we are now going to call them just SL cleats because the naming is the only common thing between SPD-SL and SPDs cleats.

The SLs has a fine look of the actual Look cleat and pedal system in terms of both feel and style. As the Look has a 3-bolt system, similarly, these SLs also have a 3-bolt system and triangular design. These also have a wider and broader platform that gives the foot of bikers a good amount of surface to transfer power on the surface. These cleats also have a very good float from side to side that offers the optimal level of comfort to any cycling stroke. We have tried the Sls on our roads and they work quite well. They work perfectly with all types of shoes and moreover you can also use them with high-performance and tough biking shoes. Plus, these also help in increasing the speed.

The main question is whether the SPD-SL and Look cleats and pedal system are interchangeable. And the answer to this main question is that they are not really interchangeable in true sense. Yes, this is true that a three-bolt shoe fits perfectly in both Look and SL cleat. But there is a quite a difference in the size.

Best Suitable For

These cleats are best-suitable for advance road cyclists who are looking for a way to increase power transfer and compatibility with most of the high-end shoes.

Not Suitable For

This SPD-SL cleat and pedal system is not suitable for leisure riders who want versatile shoe/cleat. It does not offer the optimal level of comfort.

Best SPD-SL Shoes

Bestseller No. 1
Mens or Womens Road Bike Cycling Shoes Peloton Bike Shoes with Compatible Cleat SPD Riding Shoe Indoor/Outdoor Black,Size 5
  • 【DURABLE BIKE SHOES】These bike cycling shoes are built with breathable mesh upper and wear-resistant nylon sole,which help to cool your feet with ease and hug your foot comfortable for all day.
  • 【EASY PUT ON AND OFF】Our spinning shoe is convenient to wear and take off with adjustable buckle & hook and loop straps design.It is lightweight to make possible that provide optimal stiffness and...
  • 【SAFE FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR】Compared with other SPD spin cycling shoes,ours have unique sole design based on an ergonomically molded which has good performance in cushion.Smooth shoes neckline...
  • 【OCCASION】By blending comfort and performance together, we've created versatile road bike shoes that are perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and spin class,and indoor peloton bikes.The...
  • 【MORE SIZE OPTIONS】Please measure your feet length and according to our size chart to ensure correct fit.If you have wide feet, we suggest you choose one size larger.
Bestseller No. 2
Venzo Bicycle Men's Road Cycling Riding Shoes - 3 Straps- Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD & Look ARC Delta - Perfect for Road Racing Bikes White Color 42
  • VERSATILE & COMPATIBILITY: By blending comfort and performance together, we've created an amazingly versatile shoe that is perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and spin class. The cleat area...
  • SHOES: Features the award-winning technology for performance. Quick-drying, highly-breathable mesh and synthetic upper. Textile lining with removable sockliner. Low-cut construction for a light, fast...
  • CLEATS: High quality set of Look Delta system widely used for spin bikes such as Peloton. The cleats with a 9 degree floating which ensures comfortable riding compared with fixed cleats. The...
  • COMPATIBILITY: Great shoes and delta cleats value package for indoor spin bikes such as Peloton bike pedals.
  • ORDER NOW, WORRY FREE! We're so confident about our product quality that we can provide 2-year warranty! Made in Taiwan.
Bestseller No. 3
Cycling Shoes Mens Dial Road Biking SPD/SPD-SL MTB Quick Lock Spinning Cleat Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Breathable Comfortable Riding Shoes All-Surface Riding(Blackgreen,8)
  • US 7= EU 40 = Foot Length 9.84 in = 25 cm;US 8= EU 41 = Foot Length 10.04 in = 25.5 cm;US 8.5= EU 42 = Foot Length 10.24 in = 26 cm;US 9.5= EU 43 = Foot Length 10.43 in = 26.5 cm;US 10= EU 44 = Foot...
  • Material: The Upper Is Designed With Synthetic Mesh And The Sole Is Designed Wear-Resistant Nylon With Cleat, Breathable, Lightweight , Non- Slip, Comfortable For The All Day Wear.
  • PEDAL COMPATIBILITY:Cycling shoes are unisex, and compatible with 2 or 3 bolt cleat/pedal systems including Look Delta, SPD, SPD-R&SPD-SL and exercise bike.
  • The Upper Is Designed With a Portable Rotating Buckle, Which Is Easy To Put On And Take Off, Turn The Buckle Clockwise For Tighten The Shoelaces, Pull Up The Buckle For Loosening The Shoelaces.
  • Ours Cycling Shoes Design Based On An Ergonomically Molded Which Has Good Performance In Cushion, Perfect For Road Riding, Commuting, Touring, Spin Class,Mountain Bikes, And Indoor Peloton Bikes.

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Best SPD-SL Pedals

SaleBestseller No. 1
Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedals
  • ULTEGRA PERFORMANCE - Pro level performance for the enthusiast road rider
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight; yet durable design weighs only 248 grams
  • EXTRA WIDE PLATFORM - Wide platform delivers efficient power transfer and stability
  • INTEGRATED CONTACT SURFACE - Durable integrated stainless body plate reduces weight; flex; and wear
  • WIDE BEARING STABILITY - Wide bearing placement for stable and uniform load distribution
Bestseller No. 2
XEWEA Road Bike Pedals Cleats Set for Shimnao SPD Sl Clipless Pedals, Lightweight Self-Locking Cycling Pedals for Shimnao 105 SM-SH System Shoes Fitness Peloton Spin Bike (R540 - Aluminum Alloy)
  • Pedals Body: aluminum alloy, Spindle : 9/16" CNC machined Cr-Mo.
  • Wide SPD Sl pedal platform for improved foot/pedal stability
  • The low profile platform with open design allows for easy access and cleat adjustments
  • Easy to clip into and release while also providing a stable fit for maximum power transfer to the pedals
  • We're so confident about our product quality that we can provide 2-year warranty ! Made in Taiwan
Bestseller No. 3
SHIMANO PD-R550 SPD-SL Road Pedals; Black
  • Wide; lightweight resin body provides large shoe contact area to maximize power transfer and support
  • Larger entry target for easy cleat engagement
  • Wide spring tension adjustment range
  • Durable stainless steel body plate reduces flex and pedal body wear
  • Wide bearing placement for stable; uniform load distribution

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Best SPD-SL Cleats

SaleBestseller No. 1
SHIMANO Cleats SPD-SL SM-SH10/SM-SH12 (Design: SM-SH11)
  • Shimano SM-SH11 Road Pedal Cleat Pair " 6deg float 128851
SaleBestseller No. 2
SHIMANO SM-SH11 Road Pedal Cleat
  • Material Type - plastic
  • Sport type: Cycling
  • Package Dimensions : 2.5 cm L X 9.3 cm W X 10.3 cm H
  • Package Weight : 0.09 kilograms
Bestseller No. 3
LANNIU Road Bike Cleats+Cleat Covers Set,Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL Pedals SM-SH11 Cleats,6 Degree Float for Road Bike Indoor Spin Cycling Shoes Comfortable
  • [Comfort first] - LANNIU Cleat Perfectly compatible with Shimano SPD-SL cleats,6 degree float allows riders to have some lateral movement on the bike and help you reduce the pain and fatigue. Give...
  • [Indispensable Rubber cleat covers] - The bike cleats wear out pretty quick,Even the most incidental ground contact (like stop lights) wears the rubber feet out quickly.The cleat covers prevents the...
  • [High quality bike cleat and cleat covers] - 1.The bike cleat made by high quality nylon plastic and silica gel,durable and light weight with high strengthness 2.The cleat covers made by high quality...
  • [Save your money] - Buy this combination for a longer period of time.Worth buying, no need to doubt other. Our Package Includes: 2x High quality polyvinyl chloride cleat. 2x High quality rubber cleat...
  • [Guarantee service] - 100% Satisfaction guarantee and reliable LANNIU customer service within a 24 hour time support, We afford 100% full refund if you’re not satisfied with our bike shoe cleats...

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Tutorial for Beginners: Cleat and Pedal Basics

Here is the detailed information on 3 things that you need to achieve the high-performance in your road biking.

3 Things you need:

There are three components that are easily interchangeable in all the above-mentioned cleats and pedal systems. But it is good to get some detailed information about each of them to make sure that you can choose the best one for the exact needs and preferences.

A Pedal

In most of the cases, a road bike comes with no pedals. Or some of them have very basic alloy pedals that most of the buyers prefer to swap out. This is because every biker has different preferences and use different kinds of pedals. In addition, some bikers want to spend just $50 on pedals and others can spend $250, this also makes a huge difference. You can understand from the above-mentioned information that the types of pedals make a big difference in the cleats and shoes.

Spd Clip Shoe Cleat Pedal

Fixing a pedal on a bike is not at all a difficult task. To make every bike standard thread is used so that pedal can fit into properly. However, the right pedal can loosen when turning into the counter-clockwise direction. On the other hand, when you  turn it clockwise then left paddle might lose . This creates difficulty for many riders. But it is not a big issue as anyone with a pedal wrench at home which is a bike tool can easily fasten and loosen the pedals according to requirements.

The term “clipless pedals” is also quite common but in most of the cases, the new pedals are now clipless. Days are gone when bikers need to fasten their cleats and shoes on the pedal.

A Cleat

Another most important thing you need is a cleat. As in the above-mentioned reviews, you can understand that all cleats have to be compatible with your bike pedals for good performance. The type of cleat that you use for your bike plays a very important role in your shoes as well. This is because the configuration of the holes for fixing the cleat on the shoe is different in every shoe. Some shoes are designed for the 2-bolt SPD, others for the 3-bolt SL, and so-on

However, fixing the cleat on the shoe is very simple as this can be done by anyone at home. All you need to do is to just adjust the position of the cleat to make them perfectly align with the movement of the pedal strokes. Just make sure that you do this adjustment during the first few rides. This will make you sure about the point of contact between your feet. Plus, this will also give the right feel for knees and legs.

A Shoe

Finally, let’s talk about shoes. You should choose the shoe that offers good feel on your feet. But make sure that they are also practical for your needs. When going for long rides with professional and experienced riders, it is best to choose stiff and efficient SPD-SL. It is best to choose SPD if you are looking for a shoe that will be perfectly compatible with the spin class. If you are looking for a shoe that you make you easily and comfortably walk around without getting slipped on the floor then it is best to go for recessed shoes.

For beginners, it is best to use SPDs.  This is because these are the most universal and very easy to use as well. Plus, they are not very expensive. You can also look at Shoes and Pedals combos to take benefit of combined reduced costing

Bestseller No. 1
Venzo Repacked Compatible with Peloton -3 in 1- Look Delta, Toe Cage, SPD - Indoor Bike Pedals - Fitness Exercise Indoor Cycling Pedals Compatible with Shimano SPD,Toe Clip & Delta - 9/16" Thread
  • TRIPLE FUNCTION: Amazing! All in one: Riding with Look Delta road cleats style shoes or Shimano SPD MTB type shoes or normal sports shoes with toe clips. This is good option to replace Peloton pedals...
  • GREAT FOR SPIN BIKES: The pedals are specially designed for spin bikes. Strong material: dia-cast aluminum body, extra heavy duty oversized CNC Cr-Mo 9/16" Axle; Smooth riding: sealed bearings....
  • FULLY COMPATIBLE: Compatible with all Shimano SPD MTB & Look Delta pedals system. Means you can use Shimano SPD & Look Delta cleats on these pedals or use these cleats on Shimano SPD & Look Delta...
  • ADJUSTABLE CAGE POSITION: The only spin bike pedals come with adjustable toe clip position. The max adjustment range is 15mm. It will always give riders very optimized riding position no matter how...
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION: The cleats tension could be adjusted by the screw on the side of the pedal. It allows riders to achieve perfect clip in and out feelings. Size: 87 x 90 mm; Weight: Pedals with...
Bestseller No. 2
Louis Garneau, Women's Multi Air Flex II Bike Shoes for Indoor Cycling, Commuting and MTB, SPD Cleats Compatible with MTB Pedals, Black, 43
  • VERSATILE CYCLING SHOE: A flexible, ventilated shoe that can handle all types of riding; Ideal for training, commuting, weekend rides and spin class
  • STANDARD FIT: Roomier, more comfortable fit for all-day riding; Hook and loop fasteners for quick, easy adjustments on the go
  • BREATHABLE DESIGN: No more overheated feet at spin class or during the morning commute; Synthetic leather and mesh upper for breathable comfort; Ventilated EVA insole for airflow at the soles
  • FLEXIBLE FOR WALKING: Nylon/fiberglass composite outsole flexes at the toe and supports the heel while walking; HRS-80 retention cup keeps the heel firmly in place while pedaling
  • COMPATIBLE: SPD cleats fit all major MTB pedals; Cleats not included
Bestseller No. 3
Zol Fondo Road Cycling Shoes with Pedals and Cleats(8 Medium, Black)
  • For Road Cycling
  • 3 Bolt cleat compatible with Look, Shimano SPD-SL, Shimano PD, Speedplay Road, Time Road, and all road pedals.
  • 3 Velcro Strap closure, safely secures the foot while pedaling and provide foot stability.
  • Synthetic Leather with perforated holes for perspiration in hot and wet conditions.
  • KEO cleats included
Bestseller No. 4
Wellgo WPD-E003 Shimano SPD Compatible Indoor Bike Pedals
  • EXTRA HEAVY DUTY: Specially designed for spin bikes only. Very STRONG!
  • SPD COMPATIBLE: Shimano SPD compatible cleats are included
  • Ride with TOE CLIP or CLIPLESS cycling shoes
  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY: We are so confident with the quality of the pedals.
Bestseller No. 5
Louis Garneau, Women's Ruby 2 Road Bike Clip-in Cycling Shoes for All Road and SPD Pedals, Black, US (11), EU (42)
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: The standard, roomier fit of the Ruby 2 Cycling Shoes offers more comfort for all-day riding. The seamless synthetic leather and mesh upper provides breathability.
  • EASY TO ADJUST: The Boa L4 one-way micro-adjustment fastening system and hook and loop closure provide a customized fit.
  • BREATHABLE: The patented injected nylon and fiberglass outsole is extremely well-ventilated. The patented Ergo Air insole allows you to ride in all weather conditions.
  • EFFICIENT: The heel retention system stabilizes your heel for greater power transfer.
  • DETAILS: The Ruby 2 Cycling Shoes feature reflective heels for visibility, and theirteel cleats fit all major road and SPD pedals. Weighs 272g (9.6oz) for size 38.

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Practice and Safety

No matter what type of pedal and cleat system you choose, it is very important to practice your bike riding with complete safety. Make sure that you feel entirely comfortable and confident in them when you go outside for triathlon race. Each of these cleat and pedal systems feels a little different from each other. For example, if you switch from SPD to Sls then you will feel like a rookie even if you have a good experience.

However, you use some simple but highly effective tricks to feel comfortable with the system. For example, you can take your new shoes out to try them out in a low-traffic area. Practice with them for quite a long time before coming to a complete stop. Just do not overdo it until you really feel the necessity.

Another very useful trick is to set the bike on the trainer. You can get a spin workout with new pedals. Just remember that you must clip and unclip with the same efforts that you put during road ride. This trick will be really helpful for you to use new shoes in a much-controlled environment.

Finally, make sure that everything you use is perfectly adjustable. If your shoes would unclip from the pedal quickly then it is better to make the tighter by adjusting the springs. On the other hand, you can also make it loose if the pedal does not unclip when you stop. You can also adjust the positioning of the cleat if that does not seem right. You can easily get the right tools to from anywhere and do the adjustments anytime according to your needs.

Main Glossary and Terms Used

Bolts: Bolts is the number of contact points in cleat with the shoe used for biking. Bolts are important for better cleat and shoe compatibility. Speedplay has 4 bolts, Look has 3 bolts, and SPD has 2 bolts.

Cleat: Cleat is a very important part that helps in creating a point-of-contact by clipping into the pedal and that bolts onto the shoe.

Clip-In: Clip-in refers to the process of fixing shoe to the pedal with the help of a clip.

Compatibility: Compatibility refers to the ability of pedal, cleats, and shoe to fit together easily.

Float: Float refers to the intensity of the side-to-side movement of the cleat. However, there are also some cleats that lock the foot in zero floats. Almost all  cleats provide float of 20 degrees.

Retention System Pressure: This is the ability of you cleat that how tight it will be locked-in to your pedal.

Stack Height: Stack height refers to the length covering bottom bracket and top tube of the road bike. The proper stack height is very important so that the shoe does not impact the stack height at all.

Stiffness: Stiffness here refers to the sole stiffness of bike shoes. The higher the stiffness, the better the transfer of leg power to the pedal.

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