Wahoo Kickr Core Vs Kickr

Wahoo Kickr Core Vs Kickr – Who Wins…

Kickr smart trainer is an innovative, unique way of training indoors without actually going out. Here we will be discussing the various differences between Wahoo Kickr vs Core.

The advanced, proven technology inserted in the flywheel imitates the power and inertia experienced during outdoor cycling.

When connected with virtual training platforms like Zwift and TrainerRoad, you enter a virtual world where you have to cycle through different environments, making the exercise sessions all the more fun.

Overview (Wahoo Kickr Core Vs Kickr)

 Wahoo Kickr Smart

 Wahoo Kickr Smart

It is a highly functional, interactive training platform which provides a great, realistic cycling experience with connected devices.

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The trainer looks very classy, user friendly and easy to handle. It has a very compact design and weighs 21.3 kg.

Wahoo kickr can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, Wahoo Elemnt head units or any computer working with both MACs and PCs via Bluetooth, ANT+ and ANT+ FE-C connectivity services. The equipment works up to 2,200 watts which is excellent.

The best part is that Kickr doesn’t make any noise while you cycle on it. There is also a Wahoo Headwind smart fan while you are feeling warm or sweaty. The wind speed goes up to 30 mph.

For better realistic experience, you can buy Wahoo’s Climb Indoor Grade Stimulator and it lets you ascend and descend on screen while cycling in the virtual world.

Wahoo Kickr Core Smart

Wahoo Kickr Core Smart

Wahoo Kickr has come out with another flywheel trainer model- the Kickr Core. It is a stable, comfortable, easy to use trainer with power-packed performance, and features.

Although, it is an entry-level trainer with comparatively low cost, Kickr Core version does not lag behind in features.

The only difference is the belt-driven flywheel which is not as burly as Kickr Smart. Core has a 5.4 kg flywheel.

It comes with adaptors of 12X142 mm dimension and thru-axles with 12X148 mm dimensions. You can connect the bike with Wahoo Fitness App and ride virtually. The trainer connectivity is great with ANT+ and Bluetooth services on the go.

The neat belt drive provides a noiseless, silent pedalling. Now you can easily workout indoors without annoying your neighbors.

The trainer can be easily placed on wooden surface as it doesn’t make any noise. The stability offered during the ride is outstanding.

You can also buy add-ons like Indoor Gradient Stimulator which shifts from the physical gradient of 20 percent on climbs to 10 percent on descents turning the ride into a realistic experience.

It also has a Headwind Smart Band to keep you cool throughout the journey and adds an ultra-realistic touch to the ride. The fan works up to 30 mps.

Differences (Wahoo Kickr Core Vs Kickr)


Both Kickr and Kickr Core have flywheel, however, they weigh different. The Kickr trainer is much heavier ad weighs 7.25 kgs while the Kickr Core trainer is comparatively lightweight at 5.4 kg.

With a heavier flywheel, Kickr provides better road experience and more realistic touch than Core model.

Maximum Resistance

Thanks to the larger flywheel in Kickr model, it can withstand intense forces dished out on the cycle.

Kickr Smart has 2,200 watts of resistance power which is outstanding. As a result, the top-notch units prove to be limitless.

On the contrary, Kickr Core provides 1,800 watts of resistance which is also more than enough.

However, it is not suited for hardcore riders.

The Indoor Grade Stimulator is available in both the devices. But, the Core model does not allow it to climb more than 16 percent.

Unlike the Core Smart, the Kickr Smart can climb up to 20 percent providing a better realistic appearance.


Kickr Smart is bigger and heavier than Core Smart with a weight of overall 22 kgs. However, design of the trainer makes it very easy to move and store from one place to another.

The legs fold flush easily against the body of the unit and it is very easy to set up. In short, it has an adjustable height and adjustable legs.

On the other hand, Kickr Core is lighter than Kickr. The front legs fold in easily but as it doesn’t have a handle which makes it difficult to move.

The Core does not have two add-ons which is necessary and you need to purchase them separately.

Those are a cassette which comes with a Shimano 105 cluster. Another is a cadence monitor as it doesn’t have one. It does not have an adjustable height and adjustable legs.

Activity Tracking

The activity metrics measured by Kickr Smart are Speed, Distance, Power, and Cadence.

While in Kickr Core Smart, it only measures Speed, Distance and Power.


Understandably, Kickr is costlier compared to Kickr Core. The former costs aprox $300 (Price May Vary) more than the latter. Kickr comes at a price of aprox $999 (Price May Vary) while Core can be purchased for $699.

Tip – Also Look at various other Triathlon Gears depending on your needs.

Reviews (Wahoo Kickr Core Vs Kickr)

Kickr Core

Wahoo Kickr Core Smart

It is an excellent smart trainer with a great many features.

The price is also less as compared to the Kickr model.

It is a great deal if you are going to spill out extra cash on add-ons like Kickr Climb and Kickr Headwind fan.


Wahoo Kickr Smart

Kickr Smart is a silent turbo trainer like the Core model.

You can connect it with Zwift and ride set courses, ride with your friends and even compete with strangers in races.

It provides a realistic virtual cycling experience at home. The app power readings are also very precise and accurate.

The only discouraging factor is its price. But if you are willing to spend some extra bucks then it is all worth it. 

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