Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Triathletes

Finding a perfect gift for a triathlete is not as simple as it seems. Most of the times, people get confused when it comes to choosing the right present the triathletes. If you also have a professional triathlete in your life then to make him happy, you should always give something that can help in improving his triathlete life

Holiday Gifts For The Triathletes

Thus, to help you out, here we bring you a selection of top 19 best triathlon gift ideas that will surely make your triathlete happy. 

19 Best Triathlon Gift Ideas

Triathlon Watch 

A GPS watch is an essential accessory that helps the triathletes to complete their race more efficiently. You should choose the watch designed explicitly for triathletes such as watches made by Garmin. These unique watches come with in-built bike modes, swim modes, and run modes as well. Most of these watches also offer good long battery life. A mid-range watch provides a battery of 20 hours, which is sufficient for the long distance races as well. If you choose a Garmin watch, then it will quickly run for weeks without charging. Most of these watches are heart rate compatible and will track your whole data in an entirely accurate way. 

Foam Roller and Foam Massage Ball

All triathletes need something special to get recover from the fatigue of long races. Foam roller and foam massage ball are the two best things that work great for recovery. You can easily roll your muscles after an intense workout, and they will surely give you quick relief. However, it will create a little bit of pain when you move them on your tired muscles if you never used these rollers ever before. This is the best thing you can invest your money to gift someone or to use for yourself as well if you are a triathlete. Also, you can choose any roller of low price as well because all the rollers are quite the same in the quality. 

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Runner’s Daily Desk Calendar 

It is always good to give something motivational to a triathlete that will keep on encouraging him and boosting his confidence. A 365-day calendar is the best choice for that and chooses the one which contains best motivational and inspirational quotes. Moreover, triathletes can also write their daily miles and personal running goals on that calendar every day. 

Steel Medal Wall Hangers 

You can also gift steel wall hangers top someone has won some significant achievements in the triathlon competition. A triathlete can hang his running achievements on an attractive and striking piece of wall hanging. 

Multi Bicycle Tool

The multi-bike tool would be a handy gift as most of the triathletes ride 50 to 60 miles away from their home. It is astounding that even after such a long race, they do not carry any tool with them. So by gifting this tool, you will ensure that the triathlete can rapier his bike quickly under any condition. It is better to pick a variety of tools that contains almost 10 to 19. They are not too expensive as most of them are available between the price range of $25 to 35$. This will be going to be an ultimate lifesaver when riding 30 to 50 miles away from home. 

Energy Gels and Other Sports Nutrition

It is vital that triathletes always consume good-quality energy gels and other sports nutrition. However, most of the triathletes continue to use the same energy gel for their all races. To bring some diversity in their choice, you can gift them energy gels of different flavours. There are many other different types of nutrition items available in the market, which is made explicitly for triathletes. You can easily choose to buy any one of them. Another best option for nutrition is electrolyte replacement that many athletes use for long distance. You can also gift a package of sports drinks and protein powder. 

Race Belt 

A race belt is available under $20, and it is best to gift to any new triathlete in your life. It is used for holding race numbers during the bike leg of the triathlete. 

Swim Goggles

Providing an optimal level of protection to the eyes when swimming in water is very important for every triathlete. This is the must-have accessory for everyone, and thus it is the most useful gift that you can give to a triathlete in your life, 

Elastic No Toe Shoelaces 

Most of the triathlete shoes come with elastic laces, but if your triathlete friend wears shoes without laces, then it would be a beneficial gift for him. This will turn his shoes into tri shoes that will save a few more seconds of the triathlete during the race. 

Cycling Bib Shorts 

Cycling bib shorts are made explicitly for biking and not for racing. These are very comfortable shorts which are attached to the top of the shoulder. They are highly useful as compared to regular shorts and look like wrestling short. These cycling bib shorts are highly suitable during long-distance races and undoubtedly provide the best level of comfort. Make sure that you choose the best quality bib shorts which come between the price ranges of $100 to $200. 

Personal Microfiber Towel 

Most of the triathletes use large big towels which are very hard to handle and wash as well. Thus, to make their task more manageable, you can gift a microfiber towel which mostly comes in small sizes that anyone can easily store inside the gym bag. Moreover, there is no need to wash a microfiber towel every single night. These are available for 20 bucks and make the showering experience more comforting. 

Triathlon Wetsuit

A triathlon wetsuit is the primary necessity for every triathlete, and thus it would be a highly useful gift that you can gift to a triathlete in your life. 

Bike Power Meter 

When it comes to biking, then a bike power meter is the best gift that you can give to triathlete at any point in time. It is the most useful tool, but they are quite expensive than all the other gifts mentioned on this list. A good quality bike power meter is available for $ 1000 now. This is best suitable for those athletes who train inside their home for the maximum time of the year. This will allow them to ride on Zwift with other people and offers a kind of virtual world. If you have a reasonable budget, then it is worth spending money. 

Compression Performance Run Socks 

Feet aches and soreness are the two most common problems for most of the triathletes. Thus, to make the life a triathlete more comfortable and pain-free, you can gift compression performance run socks which are very effective in reducing soreness achiness. 

Running Socks

Absolute go-to running socks are the most suitable and useful gift for the triathletes. It is best to buy Darn Tough socks as they come with a good warranty and you can even replace them when they wear out. These are very useful in cold temperature as these socks are made out of Merino wool. They are very useful in keeping your feet dry and preventing blisters as well. If you think that your runner fried uses the old cotton socks, then it would be a very beneficial replacement for him. 

Road ID 

Another fantastic gift choice for a triathlete is Road ID, which is a bracelet that contains essential information about the triathlete. You can gift a Road ID printed with the name, address, and contact information of the athlete.

It is effortless to wear too much and doesn’t weight too much. Anyone can comfortably wear it and it not all annoying. It is highly useful for people who go for long races and does not carry a phone with them. In case of any mishap, this would be very useful. 

Post-race Massage 

Post-race massage is another very beneficial gift for any triathlete as it helps in providing relief to tired legs. It is not something that triathletes buy for themselves. Thus, you can gift this item to your triathlete friend anytime. This would be very useful during intense training and long distance races. 

Bike Fit 

Bike fit is beneficial to bring better improvements in the bike running speed of the triathletes. It will allow the bikers to run fast on their bike while feeling entirely comfortable. 

Zwift or Trainer Road 

The last item on this list that you can gift to a triathlete in your life is a trainer road. It is basically for indoor trainers that will make them feel much better in their indoor training. A trainer road or Zwift get easily connected to software that gives a social space to the trainer. It provides the experience of a road bike when you are riding on a regular indoor bike trainer. Zwift is more social, and trainer road is basically workout based. However, both these are very useful and will surely make indoor training more enjoyable.

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