Polar H10 VS Wahoo Tickr X

Polar H10 VS Wahoo Tickr X – Best Heart-Rate Monitor?

Packed with top-notch heart-rate sensors, Polar H10 and Wahoo Tickr X offer similar yet different features to the users. Below we discuss the difference between Polar H10 VS Wahoo Tickr X.

A heart-rate monitor has the capability to keep track of your heart-rate and tell you if you are under-training or overdoing your workout routines.

The two devices focus on your heart-rate with the help of a chest strap. The measurements are much better and accurate than an optical wrist monitor.

POLAR H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap - ANT + Bluetooth, Waterproof HR Sensor for Men and Women (New)
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Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap + Memory, Bluetooth, ANT+
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Overview (Polar H10 VS Wahoo Tickr X)

Polar H10

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap - ANT + Bluetooth, Waterproof HR Sensor for Men and Women (NEW),Black
  • WORKS WITH EVERYTHING: Polar HRM works with many sports and smart watches (Polar, Garmin, Apple, Suunto, etc.), Polar Beat, fitness apps such as Strava and Nike, and ALL HRM compatible Cardio...
  • SUPREME ACCURACY: Widely recognized for its top precision by many sources, Polar H10 is the most accurate heart rate sensor in Polar’s history. Polar H10 provides top quality heart rate measurement...
  • CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5 kHz provide an excellent variety of connection options (e.g. with Peloton). You can use Bluetooth and ANT+ connections simultaneously as well as two Bluetooth...
  • POLAR PRO CHEST STRAP: With improved electrodes, an easy-to-use buckle and silicone dots, the strap is comfortable and interference-free, and stays put when you're on the move.
  • VERSATILITY: Wear Polar HR monitor when rowing, cycling, running, training indoors or swimming. Polar H10 is fully waterproof and it has internal memory for one training session.

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Polar H10

Polar H10 heart-rate sensor is made of soft fabric which is very comfortable to wear and seamlessly adapts to your chest.

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The strap comes with a new buckle mechanism and silicon ‘slip-preventing’ dots that resists unexpected slips while training. It is lightweight at only 21 grams and sports a comparatively smaller body as against H7. 

The sensor connects easily to your training app, thanks to the Dual Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2 Smart and analog signals.

It can also be connected with your smartphone, compatible gym equipment and even Polar cycling computers (M460).

There are advanced heart-rate monitoring metrics which makes use of a completely different algorithm to measure your heart-beat. 

The new strap-interference electrodes helps to capture the accurate measurements of your heart-beats, thus keeping you updated about your heart-rate. You can also store a training session of 1 hour into its memory.

The device has a GoPro compatibility allowing you to overlay your heart-rate data on to a recorded video and air-firmware updates.

Moreover, it has a great water-resistant technology and can stay in water up to 30 meters, implying that it can endure any swimming session without any breaks. 

Wahoo Tickr X

Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap + Memory, Bluetooth, ANT+
  • CONNECT HEART RATE TO YOUR FAVORITE TRAINING APPS AND DEVICES - All the features of the regular TICKR + 50 Hours of onboard memory, Indoor cycling cadence, running analytics and Treadmill Mode when...
  • HEART RATE, CALORIE, & TIME TRACKING - TICKR X measures vital workout metrics, including heart rate, calorie burn, and workout duration in real-time with the Wahoo Fitness app. These metrics can also...
  • DUAL-BAND TECHNOLOGY - Equipped with ANT+ and bluetooth smart capabilities for a wireless connection to both smartphones and GPS devices at the same time or separately.
  • VISIBLE CONNECTION - Two LED lights show connection status: searching (blue, slow blinking ), connecting (blue fast blinking), and reading heart rate (red blinking at current BPM).
  • INTEGRATED CHEST STRAP DESIGN - The integrated sensor and strap design of the TICKR provides a secure connection and fit to prevent sliding and shifting while working out. At 1.7oz (48g) and 12.01mm...

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Wahoo Tickr X

Wahoo Tickr X is an outstanding heart-rate monitor offering accuracy, comfort and unique features to users.

You can use the Tickr X chest strap with your smartphone apps like Strava and Garmin Edge’s Cycling computers. If you are a serious trainer and want to check out your heart rate while working out then Wahoo’s chest strap is an ideal choice for you.

It checks the intensity of your efforts and calculates the accurate measurements. It evaluates data such as cadence, smoothness, left-right, up-down, forward-backward, ground contact and oscillation, along with the fundamental stats like speed, distance, and pace.

The Tickr X strap comes in a solid plastic case with Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility giving it wider range of connectivity and makes it a power-house of different features.

The strap is waterproof up to 5 feet deep as it is rated IPX7 and the coil cell battery stays good for 1 year.

The strap is very comfortable and adjusts seamlessly to any body shape. The X module connects easily thanks to the two popper buttons. Moreover, the LED lights indicates whether the strap is working or not. 

It is basically used for cycling (crit and cyclo-cross races), but the various features appeal to runners and gym-goers as well.

There is a great built-in memory which can store up to 16 hours of workout activities and later download it to your computer or smartphone app.

Wahoo’s Tickr X is highly interactive. When you start a hill or sprint leg rep, just tap on it to activate the strap and it will pass vibration alerts when you cross a marked heart rate zone or distance.

Tip – Also Look at various other Triathlon Gears depending on your needs.

Differences (Polar H10 VS Wahoo Tickr X)

Both the devices have Heart-Rate Monitoring technology and comes with a chest strap to keep track of your heart-beat during different workout sessions.

The straps checks activity stats daily and send you report at the end of the day. The training metrics which they monitor are heart-rate, pulse-rate, calories burned.

Here are some fundamental differences between the two. The features which are unavailable in the two straps, they can be added and calculated by connecting the device to your smartphone apps. 

Activity and Fitness

There are some differences when it comes to activity features between the two. Wahoo’s Tickr X does not track distance covered such as running or walking distance which is available in Polar H10.

Other features like exercise tagging and goal setting (your daily of weekly goals) are present in Polar H10 as opposed to Tickr X.


Polar H10 lags behind big time when it comes to battery life. It can work continuously for 17 days with a replaceable cell battery while Wahoo’s Tickr X works 21.5 times longer than H10 with a battery life of 365 days (with replaceable battery).

Physical Features

Both are water-resistant but Polar H10 is a better choice as it is fully waterproof up to 30 meters. While Wahoo Tickr X has water resistance capability of only 5 feet deep (IPX7).

It means that it is not fully waterproof.

The Tickr X strap is lighter in weight than Polar H10. Polar H10 weighs 60 grams while Tickr X is lightweight with 8.5 grams only. 


The Tickr X strap has LED lights to indicate the activated mode. This feature is not available in Polar H10. 


Both are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The Web Portal service is absent in Tickr X. Polar H10 allows you to upload and view your workout data on an online web portal as opposed to the former.


The two straps have Bluetooth connectivity. However, the ANT+ wireless technology is only available in Wahoo Tickr X and not in Polar H10. 

Reviews (Polar H10 VS Wahoo Tickr X)

Wahoo Tickr X

Wahoo Tickr X

It is overall a fitness monitor along with providing accurate heart-rate statistics.

You can also receive feedback on your workout on how to adjust and improve it.

It is very comfortable, easy to use and have many interesting features like Wahoo history, 7-minute workout, Wahoo running smoothness, Reading heart-rate, double tap feature, Treadmill mode, Vibration alerts, GPS with app, Bluetooth connectivity and waterproof.

The battery backup is also superior than Polar H10. 

Polar H10

Polar H10

Polar H10 is a great watch which is used by serious trainers with advanced activity metrics.

It is power-packed with unique features along with comfortable straps that sits seamlessly on any body shape.

Polar H10 can be used for longer swimming sessions as it is completely waterproof in water 30 meters deep in water. It has a great battery life of 17 days with a replaceable cell battery.

You can activate and use different features by using your smartphone apps and connect it to various training equipment like cycle, treadmill, etc. 

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