XTERRA Vivid Fullsuit Review

Men’s Vivid Fullsuit

Men’s Vivid Full Suit is an all-new full suit that comes from a long pedigree of comfort and speed in the water. It is one of the fastest and most flexible wetsuit that have ever been made in this price range.

The wetsuit comes in a very affordable price range which means that even if you don’t earn a high salary, you can afford to invest in this piece.

Trust me, it will benefit you in the long term. It is a great investment. No other wetsuit in this price range can give the features which this suit can.

Vivid full suit has been designed after years and years of hard work. It is a beautifully designed piece with bright green arms.

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The bright green color not only gives the wetsuit a standout look but it also makes you visible in the water.

Being visible in the water is of great advantage as it helps you a lot in case any unfortunate event takes place.

This suit will keep you in a safe position. Moreover, it will help you maintain an ideal body posture throughout the time you are swimming in the pool or sea.


  • Can be worn for quick transitions.
  • Provides you speed, comfort and flexibility.
  • Low profile collar adds to your comfort and increased durability.
  • Arms of the suit are 1.5mm thin to provide you maximum flexibility.
  • Triple layer of glue and double blind stitching to ensure long lasting waterproof seams.
  • Bright green arms of the suit are designed to make you visible in the water.
  • Thinness of the wetsuit also results in the reduction of fatigue in arms.
  • Capri cut legs lets you wear the wetsuit easily and makes it super easy to remove.
  • Ideal for open water swims like the sea, where flexibility in arms and shoulders is needed.


Designed with bright green arms to make you easily visible in the water, Women’s Vivid Full Suit is everything you are looking for in a wetsuit. With 1.5mm thinness in the arms, it provides you maximum flexibility and reduces any fatigue. XTERRA WETSUITS is the number one best selling triathlon wetsuit company in North America, trusted by more triathletes than any other brand. The best thing about it is that it is warranted against manufacturing and material defects for one year from the date of purchase. So there is safety of purchase in case you are having second thoughts.

The wetsuit is made from limestone based neoprene thereby making it 95% water impermeable, compared with 70% for petroleum based. This quality makes it more environmentally friendly.


  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Arms are 1.5mm thin for maximum flexibility and minimum fatigue.
  • Capri cut legs makes the suit super easy to wear and remove.
  • Bright green design on arms makes you visible in the water.
  • Low profile collar increases durability and comfort.
  • Triple layer of glue ensures long lasting waterproof seams.
  • Warranted against manufacturing and material defects.
  • Fastest and most flexible wetsuit in this price range.
  • Provides you ultimate comfort and speed in the water.

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