5 Top-Quality Entry Level Triathlon Wetsuits of 2020

Entry Level Triathlon Wetsuits Guide

Gone are the days when getting access to best-quality wetsuits for beginners was only through rent. If a beginner was not going to participate in a race every summer weekend, then spending $500 on a wetsuit was not considered appropriate for him.

But from recent few years, there has been a big wave of countless wetsuits in the market. The surprising thing is that the price of these wetsuits is not much higher than their rental rate. The price of good quality triathlon wetsuits is rising every year. Though the entry-level price is stick to $200 – $300 for the past few years but you can also spend $600 on a high-quality suit.

So, if you do not want to spend a high amount of money on high-end wetsuits or you are a beginner triathlon player then here are few recommendations for good entry-level wetsuits.

Before we continue check out our buying guide on the best triathlon wetsuits.

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Top 5 Entry Level Wetsuit Recommendations

Orca S7

The Orca S7 is the best entry-level model since 2010 but Orca S7 has been launched recently. Orca’s entry level wetsuit is S6 but S7 is available in slightly higher price range with great feature and quality additions. So, we recommend S7 over S6. The S7 with long sleeves is made with Smoothskin neoprene. For adding more flexibility of movement, thinner Quadstretch panels are used in the shoulder. Plus, to bring improved body position, special Hydrolift buoyancy panels are used in the lower legs part and core as well. To provide better stroke grip, it also has forearms panels printed with Hydrolift buoyancy.

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Synergy Endorphin Triathlon Wetsuit 5/3mm

Synergy has made a big transformation in its wetsuits by launching fresh models. The entry-level suit of Synergy is Endorphin . For offering the best combination of durability and buoyancy, it is made with Yamamoto #38 neoprene. Plus to provide optimal glide through the water, it is coated with low-friction SCS coating. To create the perfect balance between buoyancy and flexibility, different panel thickness level is tailored – 3mm in the legs and 5mm in the torso.  It is a very good option for the budget as it is easily available in the price range of $225 – $250. In addition, Synergy always makes its suit according to gender, so you have to choose either M or W for your specific gender.

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Xterra Volt

The volt wetsuit from Xterra is a high-end entry-level suit available at an expensive price range. It contains all those good features that you can find in a mid-level suit and thus it offers a great value for its price. It uses 2mm thick neoprene in the back and 3mm in the front. The front panel brings more buoyancy and 2mm of less thickness in the back offers more flexibility for the large muscles. For adding more durability to this wetsuit, it is also coated with the slick composite skin coating. To provide maximum comfort and stretch, it uses high-quality liner throughout its construction instead of limiting to the elbows and shoulders. It also offers the more contrast between the paneling and is a good suit if you can increase your budget slightly to $50 or $75.

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Blue Seventy Sprint

This is one of the finest and sharpest looking suits available in the market that helps to increase your speed while maintaining a stylish look. The Blue Seventy offers many different options for both men and women as this Sprint suit is available in 14 different sizes. Blueseventy is also a great option that provides great wetsuits at the best price. They also specifically design their suits for different types of female figures and offer “femme fit” model of their suits. To provide the full range of motions, their wetsuits are made from 5mm neoprene and enriched with stretch panels in the shoulders. Their wetsuits also provide more buoyancy with thicker leg paddings. The Blueseventy wetsuit provides great value for money at the price of $220.

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Step-Up Options

If you have a budget to invest in suits above than entry-level range then you can begin with mid-range suits. The 2XU X:3 Project X Model is the new model in the market that offers buoyancy features of premium-quality suits as they are made with “rollbar” technology. This suit offers the warranty of two-year that makes it more reliable to spend a little more money.

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The best suit in the market in this current time is Blueseventy Helix that provides great value for money. It is the best suit for beginners and provides the optimal level of comfort to tackle longer races and swims.

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The Blue Seventy Fusion is also a great wetsuit but have a quite higher price for the entry-level suit. But for that extra money, it offers 3, 4, and 5mm neoprene sophisticated paneling. It also offers more buoyancy by putting special emphasis on legs. If you are not a confident swimmer, then extra-buoyancy will help you a lot.

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Entry Level Triathlon Wetsuit Buying Guide

What you should Look For?

No matter which wetsuit you select, there are some important factors that you should consider before buying a wetsuit.


Getting a proper fit of wetsuit is very important for better performance. You might think that it is right to save a few bucks on a wetsuit but it will surely affect your game. This is because an uncomfortable fit such as too tight suit will create difficulty in your breathing while swimming. You should buy a wetsuit that will fit over your shorts and swim caps without creating any discomfort. An optimal suit will be tight but offers normal swim comfort. To get the best ideas, it is important that you must swim in your wetsuits a few times before participating in the actual race.


It should offer uniform seems that looks flat on your skin. Seams with points or without uniformity usually reduce the life of suit. Plus, it is very difficult to repair a wetsuit seam after it starts reducing in quality. The best quality and highly durable wetsuits always have reinforced seams. The seam is the first thing that you should look for and it is something that is usually present on imported wetsuits.


Paneling is the term used to define the number of different points of thickness in a wetsuit. Most of the suits come with the thickness of 2m to 6mm with thinner parts in particular areas for better flexibility. Some other parts that should offer warmth they are thicker than others. However, you can get panels according to your budget level. The cheapest wetsuits provide only one thickness that is not suitable for warmth and flexibility. But these cheap suits are also used in resistance training to restrict movement.


Zipper is the most important part of any wetsuit that you should inspect carefully. You should examine the construction in a proper manner and it is important that the stitching of zipper is smooth, strong, and seamless. Also, make sure that zipper moves freely up and down in a nice and smooth manner without putting much effort. You need to put quite high force on your zipper when coming out of the water and that’s why zipper quality is very important.

Compatibility with your Swim

Your wetsuit should make your swimming task easier and comfortable. For example, a wetsuit made specifically for cold-water swimming is the most suitable for keeping the body warm in the cold water. This is because the still water works effectively inside neoprene to create an effect of warmth. To make sure that a suit will not overheat your body, you should opt for thinner neoprene that comes in a sleeveless version.


You can choose any style according to your personal preference. Here, in terms of style, we are not talking about colorful designs but the stylish cut of the suit. You can choose either a full sleeved wetsuit or sleeveless version. Longer sleeve wetsuits provide more warmth and buoyancy. On the other hand, the sleeveless version is perfect to provide optimal shoulder movement without any restriction.

What you should not look for?

You should not put more focus on the design and color of your wetsuit. This is because the main concern is that your wetsuit can be removed as quickly as possible after your work is done. The most important things in every wetsuit are fit, build quality and features.  However, most of the wetsuits come in black color only.

If you are looking for kids suits, then you need to do complete research on their suit styles, fit, and quality. If you are a beginner and have no idea about how to put, wear, or use as wetsuit then you should see instructional videos on wetsuits.

So, you can get any of the above-mentioned wetsuits and all are available for around $250 or less price range. These wetsuits are also available with good discount offers. These are all high-quality wetsuits that were highly popular a few years back and was considered as the top-of-the-line wetsuits. With higher advancement in wetsuit technology, you can now get entry-level suits that offer maximum performance.

Conclusion and Recommendation

All these wetsuits are excellent in quality and we can recommend all these to our friends. They are mainly built for triathlon use and made by experienced triathlon gear makers. Though, if we have to pick a specific one then it would be Xterra or Blue Seventy. These both offer suits that come in stylish cuts and available at the affordable price.

No matter which you pick, make sure that it will offer a high degree of durability. You can easily find discounts on suits or you can buy high-end suits on clearance and closeout as well.

If you are new to this sport then you should read a guide book or articles on playing it properly.

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