An Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Triathlon Wetsuits

Triathlon Wetsuits Buying Guide

A high-quality triathlon wetsuit is the most important investment that you can do to improve your skills. It is not necessary to buy one but it will be highly beneficial if you are going to race in cold water or going for a long race.

When shopping for the best suit in the market, you should specifically look for those wetsuits which are primarily designed for triathlon. There is no shortage of wetsuits in the market which provide a fine level of comfort and flexibility to the body. But if you are going to participate in a professional swimming competition with other expert athletes, then having a wetsuit is a must for you. However, a good quality wetsuit is costlier but you will surely not regret your investment.

There are many different varieties of wetsuits and price of every suit differs from the other. To get a labeled wetsuit, you can spend between $50 and $700 according to your budget. High rated suits always deliver better results and low-priced suits are not that good. It is a true saying that “you get what you pay for”.

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You wetsuit that you are going to buy should be according to your triathlon goals. It should fit the techniques and conditions that you face during swimming. Plus, how often you are going to use that suit is also a very important factor to consider.

Here we have made the task easier for you by categorizing different kinds of wetsuits according to their quality and price. This will help you to get the best kind of suit according to your needs and preferences. Here is the list of the best entry level triathlon wetsuits.

You can also grab a good deal on discount offer that is usually available during the special time of the year. We also stay active in finding a good deal for our clients and provide them with the best selection of wetsuits available in the market.

In short, the more money you can invest in buying a good-quality wetsuit, the more sophistication you will get.

It will provide you with better flexibility at the shoulders to help you with the swim stroke.

To offer the right coverage at the right place, more varied paneling is done.

To make your body fit in the right way, more buoyancy is also added.

However, many wetsuits available in the market of different models are quite similar to each other. But we really admire and appreciate the time and energy invested by big companies in providing best –quality wetsuits. They always do proper research and development to study the finer points of the wetsuits with the help of advanced latest technologies.

It is not just about performance, though — We also like the move by companies to figure out what can be done to make wetsuits more environmentally-friendly, such as the work that we have seen Xterra do.  This is a welcome trend that we hope continues.

They do not only focus on the performance rather while making suits they also consider a lot of environmental factors to make their suits environment-friendly.

We always find it an incredible thing that how much the engineering has raised to a great extent in just a short span of time.  Even now, we can get suits at a different price range that seems to offer great value for money, and we’ve tried to outline them as well.

Level 1: Entry Level

Price Range:  $225 – $350




By buying this amazing the entry level triathlon wetsuit from the top-ranked major wetsuit manufacturers will really help you out in giving your best to many races. Plus, it will also offer the right level of insulation your body needs in cold water along with a basic range of motion for making your swim time more comfortable.  Under this optimal price range, you can get a high-quality and long-lasting wetsuit made from best material and strong seams, along with the fine addition of some in-demand features like easy to pull zipper and highly comfortable pressure points on the neck, ankles, and wrist. All these features will not only make the seams stronger, but they are actually made in that way that they will lessen the amount and intensity of rubbing and chafing on your body skin.

Who They Are Best For?  

This wetsuit is amazing for the people belonging to age group racers who want to make or see this triathlon game a regular and attractive hobby. Plus, players whose prime aim is to finish and have full zest and joy of their swimming experience, and Sprint racers as well who are finding ways to enrich their time.

Recommended Model:  Blueseventy Sprint

Blueseventy Sprint is the best model that we really recommend.  It is an amazing wetsuit made from top-rated manufacturers and available at a very justifiable price in the mid $200’s. We have been the consistent followers of the Sprint ever since it came out a few years back, and we really appreciate the fact Blueseventy has not been complacent with it.  They keep adding more quality and enrichment to the neoprene thickness and make designs to ensure that people will get the maximum benefits from the wetsuit available at the price of $250.

The easy-out ankles are the most suitable and useful addition, with the back of the ankle/calf crafted out of various kind of stretchy material that helps a lot to the player in getting the wetsuit off as quickly and as easily possible. Whereas, there are many other manufacturers who usually cut-out the achilles area of the neoprene and leave it angled, but their stretch material is really of great quality that makes the wetsuits more flexible and comfortable. Another amazing thing that we really like is the oversized arm gussets that help in decreasing the constricted feeling that most of the people feel in the chest and armpits while wearing any kind of wetsuit. In addition, the red accent on the back of the wetsuits is added for visibility.  This visibility factor is necessary and highly important when doing small-group or individual training swims in the open water.

Without any doubt, the Sprint is the clear and most obvious winner at the top-end of the entry-level price range.  In this year of 2019, it is priced at a very economical price of $250.

Runner Up: ROKA Maverick II Comp

The Maverick II Comp is also an amazing piece of wetsuit that offers a quite different and unique feel than the all other types of wetsuits that we have been wearing for years as it is very different and unique in a better way.  ROKA brings the shoulder paneling “Arms-Up” construction that offers a highly flexible range-of-motion in the arms and shoulder. Moreover, it also contains a very soft lining inside the wetsuit that helps in removing any kind of chafing that usually caused form harsh neoprene or seams.  Talking about seams, we really like and admire how ROKA has put his high level of attention to reinforcing them. Seam is the place where a wetsuit usually starts to show its wear and pull with the regular use of suit with time.

The finest touch in the ROKA suits is small markers which help in confirming the wearer that he has put the wetsuit in a correct manner, with the right alignment.

If you are on the fence about this or any other higher-end wetsuit, then we highly recommend choosing the mid-level range.  This is because after wearing it in a few races and swims; you will really appreciate the better range-of-motion and paneling.  ROKA’s entry-level wetsuit is priced at a quite higher-end range, so the next step up in their lineup are going to add more price and value in their suits.

Level 2:  Mid-Level /Intermediate Wetsuit

Price Range:  $350 – $500




Now, let’s talk about this mid-level of triathlon wetsuits which offer one great benefit over the entry level wetsuits that is a better and effective range of motion.  After swimming for quite long in a wetsuit, the most important thing that you will notice is that your shoulders get sorer than when you simply swim without wearing a high-quality wetsuit.  This usually happens due to the limited range of motion that occurs due to tight rubber and neoprene.

At the mid-level price point, the manufacturers try to bring more improvements to it by using more flexible and high-quality materials on key pressure points. Then help the player to move more freely even if he wears the wetsuit of tight fitting.  It also contains some additional features in its amazing construction which add more convenience to remove the wetsuit quickly during the transition phase of triathlon. Finally, at this price range of wetsuit, you will surely get a better good level of buoyancy throughout the full body of the wetsuit and high level of comfort due to its soft inner lining.

Who They Are Good For?  

These kinds of wetsuits are perfect for avid age group triathletes who really want to do fun and finish consistently along with the better improvement in their skills and potentially place toward the top of their age group.  Other less avid racers who can really afford this high-end wetsuit usually want to try this simply because of offer high level of comfort on the shoulders and more flexibility as well.

Recommended Model:  Xterra Vortex

We recommend only the best thing to people and Xterra’s Vortex is one of them because it is an all-purpose suit from the most reliable manufacturers in the industry.  The Vortex is simply considered as the best all-purpose wetsuit available in the market. It is a highly versatile wetsuit that offers high-degree of flexibility to your shoulders, chest, and arms. You will surely notice during your any competition that this is a quite popular suit which is used by many top players as they also find it the best choice for their game.

Just like all other Xterra wetsuits, it offers high-degree of shoulder flexibility which is really outstanding.  Its 5mm neoprene at the front part of the wetsuit ensures that you will stay warm in even in the chilling cold water of swimming pool.

This suit comes with the best paneling and amazing range of motion that all the players really want in a wetsuit especially in this price range. Moreover, the best part is that the Xterra’s customer service is really brilliant and helpful.  Their shipping is really fast, and the return policy is quite flexible and swift.

Runner up: Orca 3.8

Orca is the main and very big name in the triathlon wetsuit industry for many past years, and in their midrange suits, you can get the most reliable Sonar or the 3.8.  We have mentioned the 3.8 here because it is a very high-quality mid-range wetsuit that is highly useful for those people who usually want a little extra buoyancy or stability while swimming in the water.  The most important thing that most of the new and even experienced players worry about is the open water swim and this is the most suitable option for them that can eliminate their all worries.

The elevation is the name of the game with the 3.8, and to keep you quite higher in the water, it contains the best paneling which you will not find in other wetsuit options. Plus, it also comes with a “High Elbow Panel” that will help to keep your arms and elbows in a high positioning while swimming in the open water.

It is basically advertised and marketed as the “progressive swimmer”. But truly speaking we think that it is an excellent wetsuit for anyone who feels his swim is not stronger in the water.  Plus, for people who usually find themselves losing proper form when they have to swim during a windy day on the open water.

Level 3: High-End Wetsuits

Price Range:  $600 or more




Have you ever get a pair of jeans and they just simply fit your body in the most perfect manner?  The high-end wetsuits contain the industry-best features to provide the optimal level of comfort, warmth and durability, but manage to do it in a package that is sleek and it also uses the least possible material.

At this price, this high-grade wetsuit is offering all the range-of-motion features of a mid-level suit along with the addition of some other best features. In addition, manufacturers have used high-quality material to make a wetsuit suit that is highly warm and durable. To offer the best level of comfort, it comes with high-quality inner-lining.  Seams are also quite perfect in this price range. Another bets feature that comes with this suit is its high-quality construction that really helps the body stay more balanced in the water. It also promotes the right level of body roll during the swim.

Who They Are Best For?  

Elite triathletes, age groupers who really complete their race at the head of the pack, and those who are really confident and understand that they will be able to use the suit for many races and other open water swims.  It is also a high level of wetsuit which is really perfect for those who need the best possible range of motion to prevent any kind of injury during the swim. In addition, times the premium-quality wetsuits are sleek and thin than others available in the market. So, it is very important that you make sure that these kinds of suits will work in a perfect manner with your body and structure. It is not useful to end up with a sleek, high-end wetsuit over cheap and really heavy pair of triathlon shorts that is bunching-up underneath.  It is really useful to maintain the best level of consistency in everything you do and wear.

Plus, in this price range, you are getting the best-quality “thermal” wetsuits.  These are basically made with the warmer materials for those players who mostly swim in the cold areas.  

Another most important thing with these high-performance wetsuits is that they usually tear apart more quickly and easily than other suits. This happens due to its thin neoprene that offers the high-level of comfort on wearing. Plus, it is also more prone to rips and inadvertent tears.  You need to be very careful when wearing a higher-end wetsuit on, remember to carefully watch your fingernails, and make sure you keep it any good place to protect it from other environmental factors.

Recommended Model:  Blueseventy Helix

As there is a huge variety of wetsuits available at this level, it is very difficult to know which to choose really.  At this price, many wetsuit makers offer high-quality wetsuits that we really like. The most popular wetsuit that has got the best feedback from racers is the Blue Seventy Helix.  In the past, Blue Seventy had also provided Axis wetsuit but at a quite high-end price, but then they discontinued its availability because no maker needs two top-end wetsuits. The most important and useful this about these types of wetsuits is that they offer a very soft feel with a high degree of flexibility. The most amazing addition is the reverse zipper, allowing the zipper head to be at your back during the swim, rather than covering the area around your neckline.  

Runner Up:  Xterra Vector Pro

This is more of a 1A and 1B situation than a true 1st place and 2nd place.  The other heavy-hitter that we have personally used and really like is Xterra’s Vector Pro, a suit that feels great in the water and allows for such good range of motion you may forget you have a wetsuit on.

The shoulder flexibility on the Vector Pro is outstanding, allowing you to swim with your completely natural swim stroke instead of fighting the neoprene.  We love the low-profile neckline, which lays nice and flush and adds to the comfort. Some necklines tend to want to crawl up and around as you move in the wetsuit, this one stays put and set for the entire swim.

Xterra only sells direct to consumer and extends a discount if you use our code, ‘EBOOK’, at their site.  With the discount, you would really be hard-pressed to find a better wetsuit for the money.

Below Entry-Level:  Not Ready for Prime Time

Price Range:  $50 – $150




A fast Ebay or online scan will bring you more benefits for minimal effort, as there you will get the wetsuits normally made of essential materials and basic assembling. While it may entice get a good deal on your first wetsuit, these models don’t have the development nature of wetsuits that cost just $50 more, and won’t keep you protected so well as a better suit or give anyplace close to the scope of movement in the water. The main indications of the poor development will be apparent when the zipper breaks or the suit gets scratches or cuts from the littlest episodes, and the lightness of the wetsuit won’t be on a par with the more elevated amounts. We additionally see that the creases on these wetsuits are not as solid as better suits and are frequently uneven or raised (which can cause scraping).

We prefer not to buy a low-quality suit to develop a good interest in the game of triathlon and show signs of improvement; you need the only good quality suit.

Who They Are Good For

Someone who means to just complete one race, is on a low budget and doesn’t have a rental or acquiring choice, he can go for it

Prescribed Model

We don’t suggest any models from this perspective. We would recommend you to rent a superior wetsuit instead of purchasing a model that won’t keep going long or one that isn’t made for the triathlon. The exemption is for youth wetsuits, for which this is a quality value point. The Blue Seventy Torpedo is an extraordinary case of a quality youth wetsuit in this value go.

Recap: What to Look for in a Triathlon Wetsuit

To get the best quality wetsuit for your swimming competition, you have to adjust a couple of things.


A wetsuit that fits well is without any doubt the most important thing. Look for that if the legs are a bit excessively long, you can actually cut the neoprene off in order to get the optimal level of length.  

Scope of movement

It provides a decent scope of movement, in the hips and particularly the shoulders that will really help you swim in the right manner in spite of having a wetsuit on.  


All wetsuits help to maintain the right level of lightness, yet some provide more than others. Get one that has additional neoprene in key spots in the event that you need some additional help.

Solid creases

A solid crease is highly important to get the perfect body so that you feel the right level of flexibility.

Sleeves or Sleeveless

For most models, you will have to choose between a sleeved wetsuit, or sleeveless. Sleeveless is quite often, in any event, $100 not exactly their partner, yet consequently, you forego a great part of the propelled building in the shoulders and back


We do whatever it takes not to be brand pretenders, yet the point here is to purchase your wetsuit from a marathon wetsuit creator, not only somebody with hawking neoprene suits


Similarly, as with any game gear, discover a wetsuit that offer the best value that can suit you. You have other mediums to purchase, so don’t break your spending limit on any one thing.


No matter what your level in the triathlon, having a good-quality wetsuit is very important. In the event that you hold back, you will think twice about it amid the principal leg of each race you ever do. What is the main purpose and reason for purchasing a wetsuit, just to purchase a superior one after your absolute first race?

Generally speaking, much the same as we do with bicycles, we recommend purchasing the most comfortable wetsuit you can sensibly wear (yet inside your financial limit, obviously). Do that, and you will get settled with the wetsuit over the long haul, and have the advantage of truly getting your cash’s value.

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