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My Zwift Run Pod Review

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Zwift makes your indoor cycling experience even more fun with the virtual turbo training game.

Just link the turbo trainer with devices like computer, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and cycle through different 3D territories.

Zwift Run Pods allows you to run even when you don’t already own a foot pod. It compliments the foot pods like Garmin, Stryd, and Polar and not replaces them.

It gives you a cost-effective way to join in the game without owning a GPS watch or Pod.

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The Run Pods are a recent addition to the Zwift family. It monitors, measures, and broadcasts various running metrics like speed, distance, pace, and cadence.

You just need to connect the Run Pod with Zwift App via Bluetooth. Once connected to Zwift, you need to calibrate the Run Pod for each running session within the app.

Run Pods offers connection to Zwift via Bluetooth for each and every treadmill (at home, gym, hotel, etc). You can also join the running communities across the globe, making the training sessions all the more fun. 

However, the Zwift Run Pod cannot evaluate Power while running which gives an advantage to Polar Vantage V watch as it incorporates the feature into their smartwatch.

Before starting the running session, you need to insert your pace to the device. It has also introduced the new Milestone Pod app in the market to reach a much larger audience.

It is now available as a separate hardware item and can record some excellent running metrics. Moreover, you can also connect the Milestone pod to the Run Pod.


The box contains the Run Pod itself, a quick set-up guide, and a Cr2032 battery at the back. The device has a very small size and weighs a mere 13 grams.

It has the letter Z engraved over it. The slight texturing runs to the lower portion of the device which breaks up the otherwise plain black plastic. The back part can open to let you pass your shoelaces into it.

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Device Specifications

Battery life– To keep it going for years, you need to change the battery every now and then. Zwift Run Pod have a battery backup of 6 to 8 months per battery change.

Communication– You need to connect the Pod to Zwift app and then the running treadmill or bike to it via Bluetooth Smart. 

Weight– It weighs only 13 grams including the battery. 

Water Resistance– The device has a IPX 67 water proof cover which means that it can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for half and hour. 

Storage– The storage unit in the Zwift Run Pod is great with a capacity of 20 hours of running/ walking data being stored in its memory in one go. This data can be downloaded once you sync it with the Milestone app.

Auto-Detection for running– The Pod starts to record the running activity, once the cadence crosses the 100 SPM mark for more than 6 minutes. It records the upcoming session metrics along with the last 6 minutes data. And if you do not cross the 100 SPM target in 6 minutes, it closes the session.

The Zwift Run Pod setup manual is written in a small card. With its help, you can setup and start the device. 

How To Use

First download the Milestone app on your Android or iPhone device. After installing it, you need to connect the Run Pod to the smartphone.

Make sure that the device and Pod are within 30 feet of each other. Sometimes you need to insert the identifier code for the pod.

Now you need to insert a name for your Run Pod. While you set it up, fill in the asked information such as the shoes you are wearing (size, brand, model).

Start by telling the pod who you are, and once the pod identifies you continue with a few personal stats. You need to enter all the data so that the pod easily measures your running metrics. 

With the Zwift app, it is comparatively easier. You just need to select the Running option and search for the Zwift run pod.

Now you are redirected to the Device Screen. Here, click the small wrench icon besides the Run Speed box. It will calibrate the pod against the trainer. 

Enter the pace on the treadmill according to your comfort level for the first 40 seconds, select calibrate button and you can start the session. 

Personally speaking, the Run Pod is easy to set up and start. It is recommended to calibrate the pod as soon as you purchase it as it is 93-95% accurate at that time.

There are group events, active missions, etc which are available on the screen. It has a very accurate speed estimation and there are no dropouts, though there is a slight lag of 1-2 seconds between changing pace and avatars.

It will automatically deletes your run history if the cadence is detected over 100 RPM in 6 minutes. You can go out for a run after selecting fire and forget option and even leave your watch at home.

In addition to that, the distance adjustment option allows you to insert the measurements in the fields and increase the accuracy of the Milestone Pod for the next run. 

On the activity page, there are 3 parameters-foot strikes, graphs and laps. These metrics allows you to evaluate your results in different ways.

The graphs show your actual performance by calculating different stats like cadence, stride length, GCT, and Runficiency.

It also gives you suggestions on how to improve your running. The Foot Strike Data metric is also great.

For greater insights into your running like ground contact time, then go to Insights tab on the screen.

Final Words

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To sum up, I would say that it is a great running device with excellent features to learn more about your running, cycling and how to improve your performance.

It is easy to set up, connect to any device and give accurate results with great precision. Zwift Run Pod is definitely a go to device for runners, trainers, and even professionals.

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