Top-Rated Swimmer Shampoos for Chlorine Removal

Most of the triathletes spend their lot of time in the swimming pool and open water. The maximum number of times they swim in a swimming pool instead of regularly swimming in the open water

The only trouble with swimming pool is that it contains chlorine to keep the water clean.

Thus, many triathletes wear and take a shower before swimming. But this is not enough to eliminate the chlorine from your hair. 

For completely getting rid of chlorine, you need to use the best chlorine removing shampoo for your hair. 

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There are many different brands in the markets that offer shampoos for removing chlorine from hair. 

In this guide, we bring you the top 9 best shampoos available in the market which are very effective in removing chlorine.

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Best Swimmer Shampoos of 2019

Ultra-Swim Shampoo and Conditioner

[lasso box=”B007FMXL52″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2616″ id=”6883″ ref=”ultraswim-dynamic-duo-repair-shampoo-and-conditioner-7-fluid-ounce-each”]

This is the best solution that works best on swimmer’s hair. It helps in providing vibrancy and colour of the chlorine damaged hair. The condition of this brand is also beneficial in repairing split ends and leaving your hair entirely moisturized. This shampoo is made of all natural ingredients and makes its vast impact on the outer layer of your hair explicitly. Its main highly active ingredients are Vitamin E and Aloe, which are very gentle on hair. 

It also helps in eliminating copper and other oxidized metals from lighter hair. This shampoo also effectively treats colour treated hair, and its complementing conditioner helps in making hair smooth. 

After shampoo and conditioning, you will feel your hair more moisturized and shinier. 


  • It removed both smell and chlorine from hair. 
  • It repairs chlorine damaged hair. 
  • It helps in moisturizing your hair. 
  • It helps in removing split ends. 


  • It helps in eliminating the chlorine smell.
  • It is very gentle on hair and also removes the oxidized metals.
  • After washing with this shampoo, hair is effortless to comb.
  • It makes your hair healthy.
  • It has a delightful smell.


  • You have to use high-quantity of shampoo every time.
  • It has water consistency.
  • It does not always make hair healthier.
  • It does not make green hair disappear.

Paul Mitchell Three Shampoo

[lasso box=”B000UPFRXK” image_size=”large” link_id=”2617″ id=”5763″ ref=”paul-mitchell-shampoo-three-removes-chlorine-and-impurities”]

It is the most preferred brand for removing chlorine from hair. It effectively removes chlorine, copper, and oxidized metals from hair. This shampoo also helps in strengthening the hair. 

You do not have to use high-quantity of shampoo like others as the only small quantity will do the work done correctly. It spreads quickly on long and thick hair. You need to massage it on your scalp and wash it off with clean water. It will make a massive difference in the quality of your hair. 

You can also use this shampoo on the treated hair occasionally. Just remember that you do not use this shampoo frequently on treated hair as it will damage your treatment. 

This shampoo is made of vegan ingredients and completely paraben free. It is a very well-respected and highly reliable brand trusted by numerous triathletes. This is made of a perfect and robust formula that moisturizes hair in a perfect way. The only negative point of this shampoo is that it makes your hair dry.


  • It effectively removes green and orange streaks.
  • It eliminates chlorine without drying out hair.
  • It includes all vegan ingredients.
  • It is entirely paraben free.
  • It works well with small quantity.


  • It can make your hair dry.

Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo

[lasso box=”B01FYAZZ8M” image_size=”large” link_id=”2618″ id=”5561″ ref=”malibu-c-swimmers-wellness-shampoo-orange-sorbet-blended-with-malibu-fusion-33-8-fl-oz”]

This is a very mild shampoo that does not contain any harsh cleansing agents. It effectively removed copper, chlorine, and oxidized metals from hair to make your hair look healthy and natural. 

You need to use only a minimal quantity of shampoo, and it will spread correctly. Make sure to properly massage your hair roots with the shampoo and clean deeply with water. 


  • It effectively eliminates magnesium, copper, calcium, and chlorine from hair. 
  • It makes your hair feel soft and shiny. 
  • It makes your hair more manageable by preventing detangling of hair. 
  • It is safe to use on colour treated hair. 

This shampoo will make a massive difference in the quality of hair by properly eliminating chlorine and oxidized metals from hair. Also, it will make your hair more moisturized after consistent use.


  • It does not make hair dry and brittle.
  • It helps in eliminating chlorine smell.
  • Its smell is amazing.
  • After consistent use, it makes your hair healthy.
  • It also has a TSA approval to use it as carry-on luggage on airline flights.


  • It is quite hard to take the shampoo out of the pump.
  • The design of the bottle is flimsy.

Solpri Swimmers Chlorine Shampoo Body Wash and Conditioner and Vitamin C

[lasso box=”B01HYRZVKA” image_size=”large” link_id=”2619″ id=”6065″ ref=”solpri-swimmers-chlorine-swim-shampoo-body-wash-and-conditioner-with-vitamin-c-16-fl-oz-total”]

This shampoo is specially made for people with sensitive hair and for those who are allergic to strong shampoos. Some people quickly develop dry and rash skin and rash from swimming and for those people its body-wash is entirely safe and mild to use. 

It helps in effectively nourishing the hair and skin of your hair with its best-quality ingredients. 

The bodywash, shampoo, and conditioner are perfect for your daily skin and hair care regime. This shampoo effectively removes the chlorine from hair as it contains the right quantity of vitamin C. To make hair soft and smooth, it contains natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, aloe, and MSM. 

It will not make your hair dry and also helps to add more moisture and shine to your hair. The condition of this brand is very useful in balancing the pH level of hair as it contains vegetable oils and stable acidic pH. 

To make your hair stronger in the long-run, it contains amino-acid that fights with the future build-up of chlorine. The lotion contains Vitamin C that makes your skin smooth and adds more moisture. 


  • This shampoo is best for chlorine irritated skin. 
  • It is also perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. 

This shampoo recommended for triathletes who prefer using combined body wash and shampoo. It is best for people with sensitive skin. But it is not recommended for daily use as it can make your hair dry.


  • It contains both shampoo and body wash in the same bottle.
  • It does not make your hair dry.
  • It makes hair soft.


  • It does not have a strong scent.
  • The conditioner is not easy to wash out.
  • The shampoo strips of the essential nutrients and minerals from hair.

TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo Moisturizing Repair Hair

[lasso box=”B001LFHYW0″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2620″ id=”6392″ ref=”triswim-chlorine-removal-swimmers-shampoo-moisturizing-repairing-hair”]

This shampoo effectively repairs damaged hair by eradicating chlorine from hair. It makes your skin very soft and moisturized while preventing the new build up. This shampoo contains the right amount of Aloe Vera that makes it very mild shampoo, and thus it effectively leaves a very soothing and moisturizing effect on the hair. This shampoo also contains Vitamin A and Pro-Vitamin B5. This makes this shampoo highly effective in removing Chlorine, Salt Water, Bromine, and Hard Water Minerals. 

Plus, to prevent dry and itchy scalp, this shampoo contains watercress and chamomile. This shampoo is also good for colour treated hair. 

Its recommended for those triathletes who want to add more strength to their hair while effectively removing chlorine. However, it will not bring your quick results, and thus you have to use it regularly to see its real effect. You have to use the package of this shampoo with proper care as it is quite flimsy. It is best to put this shampoo in a suitable container.


  • It helps in eliminating green tint.
  • It helps in making hair stronger.
  • It makes hair moisturized.
  • Its scent is mild.
  • It can be used on treated hair as well.


  • Its packaging is flimsy.

Aqua Guard Pre-Swim Hair Defense

[lasso box=”B01IC6PVN4″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2621″ id=”4684″ ref=”aquaguard-pre-swim-hair-defense-5-3-oz-2-bottles”]

This shampoo works differently than other shampoos as it gives excellent protection to your hair even before you get damaged by chlorine. All other shampoos treat your hair after the damage done. But it protects your hair from the loss as its name suggests that its guards your hair. Thus, this acts as a very protective approach for your hair to keep the chemicals and chlorine out from your hair. Usually, due to chlorine and other chemicals, your hair becomes too dry and brittle as they completely strip out the natural oil of your hair. With the regular exposure to chlorine, your hair becomes dull and lost their inherent vibrancy. This shampoo is beneficial in protecting your hair with all these problems. This shampoo makes your hair strong and healthy while working gently on the hair. 

This shampoo effectively closes off the cuticles of your hair. This will give you hair amazing long-term benefits and start showing its good results from the very first use. 

You need to use this shampoo before swimming to get the best results, and it will protect your hair from the chlorine of the swimming pool. 

This shampoo recommended for triathletes who want to prevent the accumulation of chlorine in their hair. It is also best for those who need a stronger solution for the chlorine damage done on their hair.  It is best to apply on the wet hair to make it feel less dense on your hair.


  • It helps in preventing chlorine damage.
  • It helps in preventing brittle and dry hair.
  • It has a lovely smell.


  • It is available in a tiny tube.
  • It has a very heavy consistency.

Babo Botanical Swim and Sport Shampoo and Wash, with Cucumber Aloe Vera

[lasso box=”B003C15EDC” image_size=”large” link_id=”2622″ id=”4715″ ref=”babo-botanicals-purifying-swim-sport-2-in-1-shampoo-wash-with-natural-cucumber-aloe-vera-vegan-for-babies-kids-or-sensitive-skin-8-oz-green-babo-8030″]

This shampoo made of all-natural ingredients and plant extracts that make it entirely perfect for sensitive hair. Apart from removing chlorine from hair, this shampoo also adds more shine and life to dull and damaged hair. This shampoo is made of the nutria-soothe complex formula by the manufacturers. This formula is full of anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and vitamins. It also contains Nutri-soothe Complex that makes it very mild on the sensitive skin. Another best ingredients of this shampoo are organic calendula, chamomile, meadowsweet, and watercress. 

It is also beneficial for restoring moisture as it contains the little extracts of cucumber and aloe. This shampoo includes organic meadowsweet flower extract. Plus, to make your hair healthier and stronger, this shampoo contains natural water crest flower and leaf extract as well. 

This product recommended for those triathletes who want to use only natural ingredients for treating their damaged hair. It is also perfect for people who are sensitive to scented shampoos as it contains all plant-based ingredients. 

It is better to use conditioner with this shampoo as it can leave your hair dry. Just remember that most of the shampoos are specially made for cleaning your hair and not for adding moisture. Thus, to add more moisture to your hair, you need to use a separate conditioner.


  • This shampoo is very gentle on hair.
  • It helps in removing chlorine and oxidized metal build-up.
  • It effectively removes green streaks from hair.
  • It has all natural ingredients.


  • It makes the hair dry by striping natural oils.
  • You have to use high-quantity of shampoo every time.
  • It does not remove the smell and chlorine as thoroughly.

Zealios Swim and Sport Shampoo

[lasso box=”B01DQ8GQR8″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2623″ id=”6746″ ref=”zealios-swim-sport-shampoo-moisturizing-formula-repairs-hydrates-protects-color-treated-hair-pool-chemicals-chlorine-salt-water-safe-for-daily-replenishment-32-oz”]

This shampoo made of a powerful formula that completely removes slat, heavy mineral, and chlorine from your hair. 

It also helps in preventing the loss of natural oil from hair. This shampoo contains vitamin B that helps in strengthening the follicles of your hair. It is beneficial in repairing split ends and adding more vibrancy to hair to make them look alive. 

This shampoo is also suitable for daily use, and thus, it is perfect for swimmers who swim daily. This shampoo is ideal for triathletes who swim in open water, salty ocean, or out in the sun. 

This also helps to get back the natural colour of your hair with its Vitamin B ingredient. The best thing about this shampoo is that it is entirely vegan-free and made of purified water and borage oil. 

To use this shampoo properly, massage it on the scalp and roots of your hair for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water. This will give you excellent results, possibly after the second wash and most recognizable results after consistent use. 

This product recommended for those triathletes who want only natural ingredients for treating their damaged hair. It is suitable for swimmers who swim in both open water and swimming pool as it effectively eliminated the build-up from your hair. This will protect your hair under any condition. You can also use it for colour treated and dyed hair as it includes all-natural ingredients. It is better to use complementing conditioner with this shampoo.


  • This shampoo has a very mild scent.
  • It is made of vegan and natural ingredients.
  • It works in all types of water conditions.
  • It removes both chlorine and smell.


  • It is harsh on sensitive hair.
  • It has a very thick consistency.
  • It makes hair dry.

Reflect Sports H2O Swim Shampoo

[lasso box=”B00IX8FBQY” image_size=”large” link_id=”2624″ id=”5826″ ref=”reflect-sports-h2o-swim-shampoo-8-ounce”]

This shampoo is very useful in removing chlorine and the build-up of oxidized chemicals. It is very useful in eliminating green streaks from hair. It is also perfectly suitable for dyed and color treated hair as it is complete sulphate-free. This shampoo is very mild on hair does not strip away the natural oil from your hair. This shampoo repairs and protects your hair in a very gentle way both in the swimming pool and open water. You can use it as a body wash it is very smooth and mild. 

This shampoo is recommended for treating colour treated and dyed hair and for removing streaks as well.


  • It effectively removes green streaks from hair.
  • It makes hair moisturized.
  • It is entirely safe for dyed and treated hair.
  • It has a perfect scent.


  • This shampoo is quite expensive than the others.
Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Swimmer Shampoo for Removing Chlorine

Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Swimmer Shampoo for Removing Chlorine

What is swimmer’s hair?

By swimmer’s hair, we mean the type of hair that triathletes get after regularly swimming pool. This is the damage done to the hair which is mostly caused by the chlorine and other oxidized metals found in the swimming pool water. Chlorine is nasty for the strength and health of your hair as it strips away the natural oil of hair. It makes your hair entirely dull and britFtrtle that makes them very easy to break. Most of the people get green streaks on their blond hair after swimming in the swimming pool. The chlorine also damages the cuticles of your hair. Thus, if you want to regularly swim in the pool water while keeping your hair healthy, then you have to use a damage repair shampoo.

Why do Swimmers and Triathletes Need Shampoo for Removing Chlorine form their hair?

It is essential to remove chlorine from your hair to make them strong and healthy once again. Your hair will look shiny and vibrant only if you use a good shampoo for removing chlorine and other oxidized metal from your hair. Plus, a good shampoo will also make your hair healthy and shiny while reversing the damage done by chlorine. Even if you have stooped swimming in the pool water then also your hair contains some amount of chlorine. It will not go away with any other shampoo. Thus, it is necessary for you to use specific swimmer shampoo specially made for removing chlorine from sensitive hair.

Why is it essential to choose the right shampoo?

To remove all the little traces of chlorine from your hair, it is essential that you use a good shampoo. If your shampoo is not good enough to remove even the tiny traces form your hair, then it will surely bring more damage to your hair in the long run. The build-up of chlorine and other oxidized metals in your hair will keep on adding more bad effect on the quality of your hair.

Thus make sure that you choose the right shampoo according to the quality and damage were done to your hair.

What to look for in swimmers shampoos?

When choosing your swimmer shampoo, make sure that you choose a shampoo that helps to add more moisture to your hair. Your shampoo should be competent enough to target the outer layer of your hair ends as it is the place where the chlorine and other oxidized metal do the maximum damage.

Make sure that the shampoo you use contains some of the best natural ingredients such as aloe and vitamins. This will help to remove chlorine build-up from your hair in a very mild way and also avoid in making your hair look entirely dull. If you think that your hair is in profoundly worse condition and the damage done is too high, then it is better to cut them off.

It is not essential that you always go for entirely natural and vegan shampoo. You can also go for other types of shampoos as well, which are scientifically made as they help in reversing the damage in a more affecting way.


Hope you find all the information mentioned above about different swimmer shampoos useful. This will surely help you out to choose the best shampoo available in the market. Make sure that you try out different shampoos as only then you will figure out that which shampoo works best for your hair. Plus, also make sure that you do not regularly wash your hair as it will reduce the natural oil and moisture from your hair.

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