Best Triathlon And Road Bikes

Buyer’s Guide To Buy The Best Triathlon And Road Bikes (Updated 2020)

Best Triathlon And Road Bikes

No Matter for what reason you have started triathlons, it is always a very challenging sport. Notably, the bike leg of this sport is the longest one. It tests your both mental and physical strength callously. Thus, to give your best on the bike leg, you have to choose the best triathlon bike. There are many different types of triathlon bikes available in the market manufactured by top brands. Most of the bikes designed with a best and robust framework, geometry, aerodynamics, and many other great features.

Here in this guide, we have reviews some of the best and top-rated triathlon bikes and road bikes to make your buying task easier. Also check out our guide on the best entry level triathlon bikes.

Best Triathlon Bikes of 2019

Cervelo P2 Triathlon Bike – Perfect Entry Level Triathlon Bike

[lasso box=”B00D3GNJTC” image_size=”large” link_id=”2637″ id=”4878″ ref=”cervelo-p2-road-ultegra-black-2013-frame-size-56-cm-triathlon-road-bike”]

This bike is a high-quality bike made with the best aerodynamics that offers better usability to the bikers. This bike is perfect for time trials.

This bike can run for a very long time without showing any sign of error. You can easily fit as many systems as you want in this bike. This is because most of the components are perfectly compatible with this bike.

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This bike will make you comfortably ride during long races.  This bike specifically made with static and dynamic comforts. This bike also made with the perfect balance of weight and stiffness.

This balance makes the bikers to ride fast while putting less power and comfortable handling the bike. For better and improved aerodynamics, the edge of the rear made with the design shields.

For making it stand against the strong winds during the race, this bike comes with deep-rimmed wheels. Another main feature of this bike is the saddle that helps in keeping the bike more stable during the race. This protects the rider from slipping even when it paddle hard.

This triathlon bike recommended for the beginners who are going to participate in their first race. All the components and parts are easily upgraded, and this will save you lots of money as you do not have to buy the new one for some specific features. This bike is beneficial in boosting the confidence of bike riders. You would also need to consider getting the best triathlon helmets in the market.

Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0 SL – Best Performance Triathlon Bike

This bike comes with DT Swiss Arc Dicut 1400 Wheels that makes it a perfect triathlon bike. This bike offers the best performance at the most optimal price. Plus, its components are perfectly suitable for a mid-level bike.

The main factors contributing to the performance of this bike are FIzik saddle and Profile aero bars. Also, to make its look more impressive, this bike comes with the base bar and carbon seat post.

Moreover, you can also store your essential items in this bike like nutrition and repair kit as it comes with the Canyon’s Energy Box. You can also install an integrated hydration system, hidden brakes, and aero bars.

This bike will allow you to ride and stop with more confidence as its braking system is very reliable. The only negative point of this triathlon bike is its long crank arms.

However, this bike is not inexpensive, but its sure worth spending money. You do not have to put much attention on this bike to enjoy a smooth ride.

Diamondback Andean 1

[lasso box=”B076ZS9LZ9″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2638″ id=”4975″ ref=”diamondback-2018-andean-1-triathlon-bike-red-54cm”]

This bike is specially made to help triathletes to outperform in their every race. This bike not only offers the best functionality, but it also designed with an awe-inspiring look.

This bike designed with and enclosed mainframe that has an excellent surface area. Thus, you can easily store your bike tools, energy gels, food, and electrolyte replacement.

Moreover, you can easily fit the shifting system into the aero bar extensions. The best about this bike is that it also has HED Jet 6 Plus and Jet 9 Plus wheels. These wheels offer the best aerodynamics as these are perfectly deep-rimmed.

This bike is costly, but it also offers the most amazing features made by the latest technology of the Diamondback.

This bike recommended for those triathletes who have a reasonable budget.

BMC Time Machine O2

[lasso box=”B01HQFCRU2″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2639″ id=”4788″ ref=”bmc-timemachine-tm02-105-bike-large”]

This triathlon bike made with a well-reputed Switzerland based company. The main features of this bike are Shimano 105 11-Speed drive train, BMC Aero Post, Shimano RSO10 wheelset, and Profile TT Handlebar.

You can easily optimize your aerodynamics as this bike features a Position-to-Perform (P2P) system. The manufacturers have experimented with the shape of its tube to make it more aerodynamic.

To make this bike run with better stability in strong winds, it also features a very lean front part and truncated profiles. This bike is also perfectly suitable for long rides because its made with V-Cockpit and Flat Cockpit technology.

Both of these technologies help in providing better aerodynamics. This bike also has an integrated brake system that means you can store more essentials in it. This bike also has a dual downtube bottle cage and tube top fuel compartment. e

This triathlon bike highly recommended for those triathletes who are looking for their first bike. It contains all the essential components and features that you can expect from a high-end road bike.

Quintana Roo (QR) PR 3

This is a very fantastic triathlon bike that offers all high-grade features and also allows easy upgrade of parts and other components. This bike also comes with QBox Storage system, Boat Tail Airfoil, and designed with SHIFT + Technology. This bike is designed with an asymmetrical downtube for enhancing its aerodynamics capability. It helps a lot in saving your energy so that you can ride with more speed.

This bike is made with Boat Trial airfoil shapes that help in increasing its stability level. This shape is very effective in reducing the drag while boosting the dynamics of the triathlon bike.

You can buy either deep-rimmed Reynold Strike wheels or Shimano RS100 according to your budget. You will get a stable and responsive experience when riding in long races.

This bike recommended for the triathletes are looking for their first bike. This bike gives all the excellent features of an expensive bike.

Felt IA16

The Felt IA16 is a reliable bike that looks like a very stylish and sturdy triathlon bike. The performance of this bike is also excellent, like its appearance. This bike is designed with the latest technology and best-designed frame. The manufacturers of this bike have used TeXtreme carbon fibre, and MMC to make this bike more stiff and aerodynamic.

The design construction and features of Felt IA16 include BB30 on the bottom bracket. Moreover, you can easily adjust the rear dropout. Plus, the brake cable of this bike is internal and perfectly hidden. The aero bars of this bike offers the perfect fit as they are made of carbon fibre.

The only drawback of this bike model is that it is available in only five sizes. Moreover, this bike does not comply with the standards of UCI.

We do not recommend this bike because it does not comply with UCI standard.

Best Road Bikes of 2019

Cervelo S5 Disc Ultegra Road Bike – High-Performance Road Bike

The S5 Disc Ultegra road bike by Cervelo is the perfect combination of comfort, stiffness, and handling. This bike is made with the best technology to provide better control over the bike. The bike handling is same in all the different sizes of this bike as it is designed with four different fork sets. Moreover, the cockpit of this bike is combined with the time trial.

The other best features of this bike are new seat post design, disc brakes, internal cable routing, and external steerer fork. This bike delivers high-performance and responds appropriately in harsh weather conditions.

This road bike recommended for those who want to upgrade their bike. Plus, it will be the best investment for the elite and professional athletes.

Felt AR5

[lasso box=”B015V72OF0″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2640″ id=”5117″ ref=”felt-ar5-105-carbon-aero-road-bike-black-51cm”]

The Felt AR5 road bike is manufactured by using the best technologies of the triathlon bike industry. This bike designed with the seat post design that is very effective in preventing the vibration. The chainset of this bike is made with the top-notch design and drive train comes with Shimano 105 group. Plus, this road bike also offers a very smooth and easy shifting to the bikers as it includes right chainrings.

The brake system of this Felt AR5 road bike is made with the combination of 105 unit and under-BB unit. The front brake of this bike is much better than the rear one. You can comfortably ride this road bike with its over-shaped handlebars and semi-conduct drop.

This bike is very responsive on the road and makes the shifting very easy. This road bike is highly recommended as an upgrade as it will make you more competitive at a rapid pace.

Bianchi Aria 105 – Perfect Entry Level Road Bike

This Bianchi Aria 105 road bike designed with the classic look of Italian and European bicycles. The manufacturers of this bike have changes the tube and structural combination of this bike to offer better aerodynamics and wind resistance. This road bike is also very effective in reducing air flow. This bike also comes with separate cables and brakes properly inserted behind the head tube. This bike helps in achieving smooth speed during long races.

This bike recommended for people who want high speed and aerodynamics. Moreover, this is the most reliable and trusted bike, as it has gained the highest stability ratings.

Argon 18 Gallium CS

The Argon 18 Gallium CS road bike offers more stiffness by adding more refined parts, including chain strays, fork, tube, and bottom bracket. Due to all these improved features, the Argon 18 Gallium CS bike has become a very lightweight bike. The manufacturers have used some of the best technologies to make this bike, which includes 3D System, Horizontal Dual System, and Argon’s Fit System.

The traditional headset spacers are replaced with the thread-in head tube extensions. This is done with the help of 3D Head Tube System, which adjusts the upper headset position.

Moreover, the manufacturers of this road bike have split the frame by using Horizontal Dual System. This is done by making a diagonal line between head tubes and rear dropouts. The bike riders can easily adjust the line to get required comfort and speed according to the carbon fibre type and tube shapes.

This bike is recommended to be used as a trainer bike because it is quite heavier than other bikes. Plus, this is not even the most competitive bike in the market, and thus, it is suitable to use it for the first couple of seasons.

Orca M3O 19 by Orbea – Perfect Entry Level Road Bike

This is a very aggressive road bike, which is both stiff and lightweight. This bike offers excellent compaction and a rigid frame as it is made with EPS foam mould and laser cut carbon. Orca has tried to keep the top tube perfectly clean by using a wedge system. This bike is also very user-friendly with the bolt.

The bike riders will surely enjoy a reliable and consistent ride with this effective disc brakes. This road bike also provides consistent quality even if the weight of the bike rider goes up as it is made for larger frames.

You can easily climb hills at high speed as it offers better stiffness. The only drawback of this road bike is that it does not provide excellent ride experience over rough terrains.

This road bike is recommended for serious bike riders as it offers all the excellent components and features of a triathlon bike.

Buyer’s Guide to Buy Best Road and Triathlon Bikes

Buyer’s Guide to Buy Best Road and Triathlon Bikes

Distances and Formats

There are many different distances and formats for the triathlon competition that vary from an hour to 15 hours. Bike riders have to ride the bike for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 6 hours.

There are two main formats in the triathlon race, which are draft-legal and non-drafting.

The draft legal races include World Champions, Olympics, International Triathlon Union that allows riding the wheel in front of them.

On the other hand, for non-drafting bikes, most of the bikers use triathlon bikes to get better aerodynamics.

Road Bike vs. Time Trail Bike vs Tri Bike

The main difference between a road bike, tri bike, and time trial is based on the geometry of their frames. The seat tube of the bikes matters a lot in their performances. Most of the traditional bikes come with the seat tube angle of 72-degree whereas triathlon bikes have a seat tube angle of 76-78 degree. The steeper angle of the seat tube helps the bike riders to achieve a better aerodynamic position.

Muscles Used

The seat tube angle makes the bike riders to use their hamstrings and quads more effectively. This is entirely perfect for cycling or during long bike rides.

This means you have to put more pressure with your muscles and quad when riding with the better aerodynamic position.

Triathlon and Road Bike Best for your Requirements

Triathlon and Road Bike Best for your Requirements

The choice of right bike for every bike riders depends upon several different factors. However, the essential factor that should be considered is the type of race you are participating in. Triathletes who ride in the mountains, they need a bike that allows you to use your legs more effectively. For mountain and hilly regions, a road bike is best.

Another most important factor is that for which race you are using a bike. Triathlon bikes are suitable for only triathlon competition, but road bikes are perfect for both road race and triathlon competition.

Time Trial Bikes

Time trial bikes are highly specialized bikes which are the sub-genre of triathlon bikes. All the time trial bikes are made according to the rules of International Cycling Union. According to the regulations if UCI, the time trial bikes should have their saddle tip above 5cm from the bottom bracket.

Plus, time trial bikes are usually used for cycling competitions and thus they are better for short races only.

Triathlon Bike Specifics


The comfort of the bike riders during a race depends a lot on the geometry of the bike. Your bike should always provide the right level of, especially during long runs. Most of the triathlon bike manufacturers to provide excellent level of comfort made their bikes with the seat tube angle of 70 to 80 degree. Manufacturers keep the crank length shorter in the triathlon bikes than road bikes for providing more mobility and flexibility to the riders. Plus, triathlon bikes are designed with a longer tube top that helps in keeping the bike riders in a more horizontal position.


Another most critical factor in triathlon bikes is aerodynamics. Most of the triathlon bikes are designed with oversized tube profiles that help in preventing drag. These tube profiles are placed on the seat tube, downtube, and front forks of the bike.

Most of the triathlon bikes come with best features such as storage, cables, and brakes.

Integration and Storage

The integration of the storage unit on the triathlon bikes is essential for providing better ease of access to the necessary nutrition during the race. Storage options come in many different forms for all different bikes.

Some bikes come with integrated toolbox whereas others include front hydration system.


In most of the triathlon bikes, two types of gearing systems are used, which are electronic gearing and mechanical gearing. Electronic gearing is best for streamlining the shifting process and allows a better shift from brake bars and time trial bars.


Saddles are used in triathlon bikes to provide better aerodynamic position to the riders. The saddles of triathlon bikes are much shorter than the road bikes.


The extensions are used in triathlon bikes to keep your elbows, wrist, and shoulders at the right position. Extensions give your wrist and elbows better base support. Extensions come in many different shapes such as straight, curved, and upward.

Road Bike Specifics

Road bikes are more versatile than the triathlon bikes and best for participating in fierce competitions. Now, let’s discuss the specifics of road bikes.

Types of Road Bikes

Aero Bikes

Aero bikes designed explicitly for offering more comfort and speed to the riders. These bikes come with everything such as brakes, shifting, cables, and deep-rimmed wheels. Plus, aero bikes are also very useful in increasing stiffness and reducing drag.

Endurance Bikes

Endurance bikes offer better comfort than traditional bikes as these are made with less aggressive geometry and longer wheelbase. Endurance bikes are mostly lightweight as these are made with carbon fibre.

Lightweight Bikes

Lightweight bikes are made for making hill climbing easy for the materials and thus use the lightest material in the manufacturing.

Grave/Off-Road Bikes

These are highly durable bikes among all and allow the riders to ride anywhere. Gravel bikes enable bikers to go through obstacles quickly with the help of their higher bottom brackets.

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are made for providing comfort to the riders during long races. These bikes are made of upright geometry and steel that allows the riders to achieve better stability.

Recreational Bikes

Recreational bikes are perfect for the new riders as they include flat bars, easy gear ratio, and wider tires.

Frame Material

Frame material of bikes also plays a vital role in increasing performance. Most of the triathlon bikes are made of carbon fibre. Now, let’s talk about different types of materials used for making bikes.

Carbon Fiber

The best material for making lightweight road bikes is carbon fibre. This material helps in creating the perfect balance between stiffness and lightness of the bikes. However, this material makes the bikes very fragile and more prone to breakage during rough rides.


Aluminium is also a very lightweight material that is used for making bikes. Bikes made with aluminium offers strong power transfer and stiffness. Plus, there also helps in preventing vibration. Aluminium bikes offer high-, but they wear quickly with time.


Titanium is a more durable material than both materials mentioned above and also light in weight as compared to steel. However, this makes the bikes quite expensive. Titanium offers a high level of durability as it is a solid material.


Steel bikes last longer than other bikes and best material for making touring and gravel bikes.

Group Set/Driven Train

The drive train and brakes of the bikes act as their engine. A drive train includes chain, cassette, cranks, shifters, and chainrings. Excellent level of drive train makes the shifting, but they come at a high price.


Wheels of the bikes include wheel spins around, nipples connecting the rim, and spokes connecting the rim and hub.


When choosing a road bike and a triathlon bike, you need to consider lots of factors. To get the best idea of the different types of bikes, you should visit any local bike store. There you can get the exact idea of the bikes and then choose the one according to your budget and goals.

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