rapid reboot and normatec pulse 2.0 compared

Rapid Reboot Vs. Normatec Pulse 2.0 – The Best Triathlete Compression Boots Of 2020


This review is a comparison of Rapid Reboot vs Normatec recovery compression boots which use the pneumatic compression system and are highly effective in reducing body pain to a considerable extent faced by triathletes.

Although, there are other popular brands available in this category but a comprehensive review on Rapid Reboot vs. Normatec will help you to choose the best one.

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Comparison Between Rapid Reboot And Normatec

Rapid Reboot company is situated in London, Utah and is an effective product for managing pains. This is a huge hit among the athletes and sportspersons.                                                                                                                                  

NormaTec started as a medical company and was initially founded by Laura F Jacobs M.D, PhD, in 1998. NormaTec has seen over 20 years of existence, out of which 11 has been principally geared toward athletic recovery.  

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Here is a detailed comparison of the differences between Rapid Reboot vs. Norma Tec. 


Rapid Reboot

Rapid reboot works on the dynamic compression technology and is commonly preferred by the triathletes to help them recover faster. The physiological benefits are enhanced by the sequential compression


It is highly effective to increase circulation, reduce soreness and help athletes to perform their best every day. It is useful in accelerating and enhancing recovery by reducing muscle tenderness from pressure stimuli. It enhances acute range of motion with less discomfort


Rapid Reboot

The rapid reboot version 2 is of identical quality to the NormaTec. The version 2 set is of equal quality. 


The boots are durable and thick, the control unit is well organized and sleek and is quiet.



It can apply pressure up to 100mmHg with the help of 7 pressure levels and 1 mode of squeezing that Norma Tec calls “Pulse.” 

The pressure of one zone can be boosted with the help of the Zone boost option by 10mmHg over the rest. Max for that Zone boost zone is 110mmHg.

Rapid Reboot

The rapid reboot has more than 2x the compression pressure than NormaTec


Rapid Reboot


Other Accessories And Optional Attachments

The Rapid Reboot product has an optional travel carrying case and comes with unique storage for other recovery tools. It has optional attachments for hips and arms. The battery option is better in Normatec as compared to Rapid Reboot. The product comes with an AC adapter to charge the controller’s battery. The battery lasts at least three hours per charge


There used to be around $300 price gap between NormaTec and Rapid Reboot, but nowadays the difference has narrowed to around $100-150. Which makes NormaTec a Good Buy.

Company Promise:

Both offer a warranty period of one year


Rapid Reboot

Conclusion Rapid Review Vs. Normatec

This comparison between Rapid Reboot vs. Norma Tec has given you a comparative analysis of both the products and has helped you to understand the need of purchasing the product as a triathlon runner.

Rapid Reboot is a must-buy for the athletes who want to be at the peak of their performance and have an edge over others always. It is the best recovery tool in the market. It is a popular alternative to Norma Tec owing to its cost-effectiveness. Now the difference between Normatec and Rapid Reboot has reduced to around 100-150 which makes Normatec a better buy

On the other hand, NormaTec helps in the fast recovery of the athletes and patients post-surgery. Norma Tec can be used by anyone who is a fitness freak. Also if you had undergone a surgery NormaTec can aid you to recover faster.  

Hence, Air Relax Vs. NormaTec review shows that the Rapid Reboot gives you value for money (is cheaper) while NormaTec is packed with features. So, it is up to your discretion to purchase the right product per your requirement.

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