An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Triathlon Shorts in 2020

Best Triathlon Shorts

When participating in a triathlon race, then careful selection of sportswear is essential. To put your entire focus and energy into the competition, you need to wear the best and comfortable outfit that can improve your ability and do not create any hindrance in your ability to compete. 

It is not a deep subject that you need to spend a lot of time. When it comes to triathlon gear, many people think about getting the best wetsuit.  Choosing the right suit is essential because a wetsuit is entirely different than other types of clothing. 

Your selection of shorts plays a considerable role in your race, so it is essential to choose them with great care. Only a good-quality short can bring your advantage in your race.

Best Men’s Triathlon Shorts

De Soto Forza Tri Shorts

De Soto Forza 4-Pocket Tri Short - (Black, Small)
  • 1" (2.54cm) lower in the rise than previous models making it more of a regular rise than a high rise. This piece sits just below the hip bones.
  • 4mm Clasico Integrated Pad is softer with more stretch. The pad is sewn onto the surrounding panels instead of inside the garment, so there are no seams on any part of where you sit. We have...
  • Seamless inner thigh eliminates friction and increases durability.
  • Made of Forza Compressor fabric
  • 3-inch 2-piece Mobius Comfort Compression leg-bands that offer compression without tight constriction

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This type of shorts comes with four pockets and also has the patented Mobius Comfort Compression leg bands. These leg bands make the De Soto Forza Tri shorts one of the best shorts available in the market. 

It is perfectly ideal for Ironman distance triathletes. They are also suitable for a short distance race. You can store more thing or extra pieces of nutrition in its four pockets that will be helpful during the last miles on the course. Also, the comfort compression leg bands will push your more to finish the line even when you are low on energy


Other best features of this triathlon shorts are:

1″ lower rise as compared to other models of De Soto and thus it will sit ideally below your hip bones. 

4mm Clasico integrated pad gives high-level of comfort during riding a bike and make the biker feel like there is nothing there on the run. 

For increased durability and to reduce chafing, these shorts are made with seamless inner thigh design. 

Forza Compressor material is beneficial in reducing soreness and supporting muscles. 

3″ Mobius Comfort Compression leg bands help in providing the optimal level of movement by keeping your shorts from moving. 

Four pockets are handy to store extra nutrition for the race. These pockets will not create drag when they are empty. 

For tiny waists, these shorts also come with elastic waistband and drawstring.

Performance and Fit

The shorts should not be very restrictive and should fit like a glove. The material should be quick drying and breathable. When you get out of the water, the shorts will be fast drying and should be durable enough to last for seasons to come. 

The length of shorts is always the personal choice of athletes. 

If you fit in excel, then these shorts have a 10″ seam, and for smaller sizes, it is 8″ seam. Consider a different brand or model for a shorter seam. 

But longer seams always provide better protection from sun and road burns. 

These shorts get all the positive reviews with minimal negative remarks. 

These shorts are highly suitable if you want extra storage space, primarily competing in Olympic distance triathlon. Plus, if you are going for long-distance riding then also consider these shorts.


  • There is no issue of chafing.
  • The compression of the fabric avoids unnecessary movement of the shorts.
  • The pad is very compact and will not be noticeable on your run.
  • Tri shorts’ pad does not hold moisture, thus provide a right level of comfort on the bike.


  • The back side of the shorts runs on the short side.
  • Its size is limited for the larger triathletes.

Castelli Free Tri Short

[lasso ref=”castelli-free-tri-short-mens-black-m” id=”4859″ link_id=”4672″]

These shorts are beneficial in excelling every discipline in training or race day. 

These shorts are designed with Castelli’s hydrophobic Instadry Speed fabric that helps the athlete to glide through the water with lesser absorption of water. 

Its skin-tight fit design provides a high-level of support for hard-working muscles. It is also to be more aerodynamic that helps the athletes to reach their personal records. 

It also contains the distinct Kiss Tri Chamois of Castelli with multi-density foam. This material has dual functions which are handling of all cushioning duties and providing the best aerodynamic position on the bike. 

The Chamois pad was specifically designed in a unique way to avoid any disturbance during the swim

The panels of shorts sewn with flatlock stitching that helps in preventing chafing. As its made with Giro Air technology, it helps to hold the shorts in the right place while providing optimal support to your muscles.

Performance and Fit 

The shorts should fit like a glove and should not restrict the movement of your legs. 

No matter what part of the ace you are running for, your shorts should always move comfortably with your body. You should not feel like your shorts are creating a “diaper butt” for the rest of the race. 

Most of the athletes who have worn these shorts say all good things about their quality. The only drawback of these shorts is that there is a lack of drawstring that makes the players feels uneasy. 

These are perfect for any level and distance triathlete. But the sizing of shorts run small by at least one size. If you are a petite triathlete, then this brand would work great for you.


  • It’s a perfect all-around short that works perfectly for competition and training.
  • These shorts perfectly support the midsection and thigh with its good elasticity.
  • Its chamois pad dries quickly, stays unnoticeable on the run, and entirely supportive on the bike.


  • These shorts run quite small in size; thus, it is essential to read the sizing chart carefully.
  • It does not contain any drawstrings.
  • It has pockets on the front part instead of the back.

ROKA Generation II Elite Aero Triathlon Shorts

ROKA Men's Gen II Elite Aero Triathlon Sport Shorts - Black 7.5" - X-Large
  • IMPROVED FIT: ROKA's Premium Schoeller Eschler carbon knit front panel provides thermoregulation aid and core support.
  • NEW LASER CUT LEG: Premium double knit fabric featuring clean compression with a laser cut finish and strategic silicone print to eliminate “sausage-leg”, and aerodynamic upgrade.
  • UPDATED LEG CONSTRUCTION: New fabric taken from ROKA's learnings through cycling and aerodynamics with fewer seam lines for a more comfortable fit.
  • LOW PROFILE CHAMOIS: Elastic interface, single-density, low profile foam chamois moves with the body and doesn’t sacrifice long distance comfort—it conforms, protects and moves with you on the...
  • OPTIMAL BALANCE: Aerodynamics, race day function, and premium comfort for triathlons of any duration, from sprint to full iron distance.

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These are the second generation of Elite Aero Triathlon shorts by ROKA which have been upgraded based on feedbacks of its first generation shorts.

These shorts are breathable and more comfortable than the last ones. 

These shorts are designed to create the perfect balance between comfort, aerodynamics, and function. 

These shorts offer compressive fit for races with excellent shape retention capability that will work well for years to come. 

ROKA tested these shorts in open water, on the road, and in a wind tunnel. 

The material or fabric of these shorts is thin and comfortable enough to wear under the wetsuit. 

As these made with Full Coldback technology thus helps in perfect regulation of body and core temperature throughout the training and race. 

They have no-sew premium knit fabric and still has the best compression.


They provide optimal thermoregulation and abdominal support due to premium Schoeller Eschler carbon. The fabric of these shorts has fewer seam lines that make them perfectly fit and comfortable for performance. 

Its supportive and discreet Chamois quickly moves with your body movement without creating any compromising comfort.

Fit and Performance 

The shorts should fit right while compressing your muscles without creating any restriction in the movement. The shorts should provide the optimal level of comfort as you put on and off a wetsuit with them. 

Many athletes also wear them like the thermoregulation feature that helps in keeping the body cool. It also helps them in their endurance for training sessions and longer races. 

Finally, these shorts are best for those athletes who want to step up their game. Or for anyone who is looking for a high-quality brand and becoming more serious about the competition.


  • These shorts are very effective in decreasing the “sausage leg” effect while providing the optimal compression level.
  • The thermoregulation feature helps in keeping your muscles going down to the last minutes of the race.
  • ROKA accurately tested these by keeping in mind all the feedbacks of customers.
  • These are very comfortable to wear under swim skin and wetsuit.


  • It is a costly brand.

Sugoi RPM Triathlon Shorts

SUGOi, Men's RPM Tri Short, Black, Large
  • TriFlex fabric for moisture wicking and supportive stretch
  • Waistband with integrated pockets and inner drawcord for secure fit
  • TriLite 3 chamois for lightweight comfort and support
  • Self fabric folded leg band without silicone gripper

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These shorts designed and created with TriLite 3 Chamois, Flat seams, and TriFlex fabric. 

The most practical features of these shorts are drawstring, elastic waistband, and easily accessible rear pockets. 

These shorts made with the excellent combination of TriFlex nylon and spandex fabric that effectively wicks away excess moisture during the swim for making your ride more comfortable. 

Its waistband has integrated pockets at the rear side that offers easy access to nutrition during a run or on a bike. The easy access to nutrition helps in getting a quick slug of energy during long bike rides. 

The perfect flat seams help in reducing rubbing and chafing. 

Its flexible and light Chamois does not retain much water and thus makes the athletes perform efficiently. 

These shorts are made explicitly by keeping the effect of high summer heat in mind. Plus, these shorts also have a UPF 5- rating that makes the perfectly suitable to wear during blistering summer days. Just remember to apply the sunscreen.

Performance and Fit 

These shorts should comfortably support your whole ride by perfectly fitting like your cycling shorts. You should be able to play all three sports with an optimal level of comfort and should feel supported during your entire race. 

Many athletes have said that with these shorts, they experienced fewer sunburns during their race day. 

These shorts are suitable for those athletes who are going to buy triathlon shorts for the first time. These are a basic level of shorts, but they are fit enough to support your all triathlon needs. After getting some experience and understanding of what group of muscles in your body need more support, you can then try different brands. 


  • The back pockets of these shorts hold gels during the swim as well.
  • You will not feel any chafing during the swim or run.
  • As soon as you come out of the swim and sit on your bike, the padding dries in no time.


  • These shorts are less durable than other brands.

Pearl Izumi Elite Pursuit Triathlon Shorts

PEARL IZUMI Men's Elite Pursuit Tri Shorts, Black, X-Small
  • ELITE transfer In-R-Cool fabric powered by cold Black provides superior cooling and reflective sun protection
  • ELITE transfer In-R-Cool fabric features lycra sport that helps garments maintain original compression levels
  • One easy-access envelope back pocket
  • Tri quick-dry Chamois
  • 8 inch inseam (size medium)

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Whether you are looking forward to buying your first shorts for a triathlon or want to add a new pair to your wardrobe, these triathlon shorts are perfect for both situations. 

These shorts are made with high-quality and improved fabric that helps in increasing compression and aerodynamics.


Its weight is 2 lbs, and dimensions are 30 x 15 x 15. In the interior of the back, it contains three mesh dividers to keep your running, biking, and swimming gear in different spaces. You can easily remove the sizable wetsuit. The best features of this bag are its outside pocket for holding a water bottle. Plus, it also contains zipper pouches for keeping food items or snacks. It provides total space of 75 litres including all compartments and pouches. 

The fabric of these shorts powered by Coldback, which offers the best reflective sun protection.

These shorts also come with LYCRA Sports compression feature that helps to retain perfect compression level. 

To make the shorts comfortable on your skin, these are made with merrow stitch design and construction. 

 These shorts contain elastic silicone leg gripper to keep shorts in the right position.  

For providing optimal fit and comfort, they also include a stretch drawstring. 

 These shorts also envelop back pocket to fulfill your quick nutrition needs,

The quick dry Chamois of shorts provide an optimal level of comfort on the bike. 

These shorts are made from Polyester, Nylon, and Lycra. 

Fit and Performance

The fit of these shorts should be form-fitting or compressive on your body before you begin your training. 

These shorts should quickly move with your body while offering complete comfort during race. 

Athletes should be able to quickly and comfortably wear these shorts over wetsuits, and they should not come off with the wetsuit. 

These shorts are recommended for anyone who wants to try new shorts for training or race. These shorts come with fewer drawbacks and excellent support, compression, and fit to the body.


  • These shorts provide optimal support in all the right places.
  • Their chamois padding comes with the perfect amount of padding.
  • These shorts fit perfectly according to the sizing chart.
  • The legs grips are perfectly designed to prevent ride up.


  • These shorts have only one pocket on the back side.

Zoot Men’s Performance Tri Shorts

Zoot Sports Men's Performance Tri 9" Shorts, Blue Jetty, Small
  • Performance Endura+ fabric to help you stay dry and comfortable
  • TekSheen BIOwrap gripper-free hem
  • Integra SBR 2D pad construction
  • UPF 50+ Sun protection

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Zoot is a well-recognized brand in the market that has been running longer than many other companies. Zoot completely understands the all necessary things and features that should be included in a great pair of triathlon shorts. 

Zoot has also won the Editor’s Best Performing triathlon shorts for men.


Zoot uses the same stuff that all other brands use but in a slightly different way that plays a massive role in enhancing performance. For examples, their shorts are made of lycra and nylon like other shorts, but the blend is a little bit heavier on the lycra. Moreover, for adding more improvement, this blend is then reinforced with nylon and Endura polyester blend. All these enhancements make these pairs of shorts perfectly moisture-wicking and durable. 


Apart from the material of the shorts, the pad is also the essential part of shorts. These Zoot shorts use Integra SBR 2D pad, which is the most higher performing pads in the market. 


  • These shorts are made from nylon and lycra, and available in 4 different sizes.
  • They offer more compression than shorts of different brands.
  • Zoot shorts have Teksheen Hems and Endura fabric.
  • These also have SBR 2D pad and 7″ inseam.
  • They provide best UPF 50+ protection and come with two pockets.


  • These are the most expensive shorts.
  • Size runs small.

SLS3 Triathlon Men’s Tri Shorts

SLS3 Triathlon Shorts Men - Tri Short Mens - Men's Triathlon Shorts - 2 Pockets (Black, Small)
  • SUPPORT AND COMFORT WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST: The fabric mix of these mens tri shorts delivers unparalleled comfort and support. Designed for a medium level of compression that supports your muscles...
  • POCKETS PERFECTED: The essential carry system of these tri shorts mens gear keeps your stuff locked down. Two open hip pockets provide easy access to your energy gels, bars or chews when needed.
  • PERFECT PADDING FOR CYCLING & RUNNING: These mens triathlon shorts come with a foam-cushioned pad that provides you a chafe-free support throughout your entire bike ride. Plus, it's so light & slim it...
  • NO RIDING UP: The tri shorts are made to stay put no matter the race situation. We added a softleg finish at the hem to make sure the legs would not ride up, so you don’t have to stop your race...
  • PREMIUM EVERYTHING: Unlike the big brands that overdesign and overcharge, we make high-quality tri shorts that are made by athletes for athletes. We’ve built SLS3 to reflect our passions and values:...

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SLS3 is a very prestigious brand and most preferred over other brands in the market. However, this is a very young company which was founded by 2 German triathletes. This brand understands all the essential qualities of shorts that are essential for triathletes. These shorts provide a perfect balance between performance and price. 


Pad is the most critical part of triathlon shorts because for legs it is meaningful. However, for every other leg of rave, the pad is at worst can become a legitimate impediment to your race. 

The channel tri pad correctly ensures that the bike leg does not create any discomfort. The channel tri pad can perform at its peak functioning for three legs. However, the tri-pad does not readily absorb water for the swim leg. This pad is very light and will surely not chafe your thighs. 


There is nothing much to complain about the quality and performance of these shorts. The high-quality material and construction play a vital role in its best performance. For better durability, the panels are sewn with flatlock seams. These are the best shorts for triathlon competition that you should use for tough competitions. 


  • These shorts are made of nylon and lycra.
  • Have 7″ inseam and two pockets.
  • Offers the right level of compression and have a soft leg finish.


  • These are not suitable for slim legs.
  • Not most durable shorts.

Synergy Men’s Tri Shorts 

Synergy Men's Tri Shorts (Medium, Black)
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY EQUALS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Advanced NeoGel pad with soft fleece keeps you comfortable while giving you the right support for your ride.
  • TRIMS - Flatlock stitching throughout. Flat and long drawstring for a custom fit.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY - Soft and effective leg grippers keep your shorts in place. Modesty panel for comfort and support.
  • SUPERIOR FABRIC - Made from advanced semi-compression materials to help you perform at your peak.
  • DESIGN - Reflective logos are both stylish and improves visibility.

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This brand was founded in the early 1990s, and that was the time when serious manufacturing of triathlon shorts was just started. Synergy was more focused towards creating specialized triathlon equipment and gear for best performance in competitions. 


The triathlon chamois is the most crucial factor of any triathlon shorts. Thus, some companies make their best efforts to provide better quality chamois available. Synergy makes the best effort in this matter by using NeoGel pad, which performs much better than other pads used in the shorts. 


The materials of these Synergy shorts are not at all unexpected as these are also made of lycra and nylon blend for offering excellent mobility and compression. However, other shorts are not made with the use of any new processes to improve their quality. In this regard, these shorts are undoubtedly ahead of the competition. This is because these are the only shorts that feature an antimicrobial fleece weave. However, these shorts cannot handle water well, and neither does the NeoGel pad. These shorts are best suitable if you either change them during the race or swimming.


  • These are very inexpensive shorts for men.
  • These have softgel finish and made from antimicrobial fleece.
  • These have a Neogel pad and offers decent compression.
  • These shorts also have protective reflective logos.
  • Have flatlock seams and a modesty panel.
  • These are made from lycra and nylon.


  • These shorts are not ideal for swimming.
  • Size runs small.

Blueseventy Core Shorts

blueseventy Core Short - Neoprene Wetsuit Simulation Triathlon Training Shorts (Medium)
  • EXCELLENT FRONTAL BUOYANCY - the CORE SHORT provides excellent frontal buoyancy due to thick Aerodome rubber.
  • IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK - Bright orange graphics on the front and back provide immediate feedback of hip rotation to a coach on deck.
  • IMPROVED SWIMMING - It provides improved swimming in all four strokes while allowing natural kick, hip rotation and turning
  • UNISEX FIT - Features drawstring waist closure for a secure fit for both men and women
  • SIZING - Sizing is based on Waist Size: XS = 28” , S = 30” , M = 32”, L = 34” , XL = 36"

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Blueseventy has an excellent reputation for providing high-end triathlon gear. This is the first brand which is providing distinct quality triathlon gear and equipment from more than two decades. Blueseventy have been rated as the best brand of swimming men’s triathlon shorts. 


The central fact about these shorts is that they are specifically designed for the swimming leg of the triathlon. These are geared towards offering the best benefits for the leg of the race. These are the only shorts which are coated in SCS that helps in repelling water and other moisture. Plus, these are the only shorts that feature unique panels that help in maintaining proper swimming posture. 


The best thing about these Blueseventy shorts is that these are more durable than other shorts of different brands. These shorts feature a 5/3 construction ration that implies the legs are 3 mm thick whereas other sections are 5 mm thick. Also, this is the only product in this list that is made of neoprene that is technically a type of rubber. The neoprene is the best material for swimming and much more durable than other types of materials used for manufacturing sports. However, it has some ventilation and breathability issues.


  • These shorts are made from neoprene and have jersey liner.
  • These shorts offer better compression than other shorts of different brands.
  • These can be used as pull-buoy and also features a drawstring closure.
  • Has SCS coating and provide a life for hips and legs.
  • They also use a 5/3 construction ratio.


  • These are a costly pair of shorts.
  • Do not have padding.

Best Triathlon Shorts for Women

Louis Garneau Pro 6 Carbon Triathlon Shorts

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These shorts are considered as one of the best shorts of this year that you must buy. The prime quality of these triathlon shorts is that they offer a high level of comfort. The manufactures designed these shorts to provide the maximum level of support in the water, on the bike, and to the final step of the finish line.

These shorts are manufactured with a very light Power, Pro + Lyrcs, and Carbon-X Mesh fabric. The combination of all these fabrics provides excellent support to your hard-working muscles while maintaining the optimal level of blood flow to fight exhaustion.

All these three fabrics can quickly dry sweat and water that helps in maintaining the right level of temperature during competition.

The Chamois of these shorts can quickly absorb vibration while allowing the athlete to comfortably enjoy full and natural movement during swimming and running competition.

Its Tri Air Chamois conforms to every curve as it is made of four-way stretch material. Its high-grade Chamois also helps in quickly evaporating water to keep your body dry.

These shorts also have pockets that are perfect for keeping your nutrition need during the run. Also, it contains an elastic band for providing the best fit possible.

Fit and Performance

These shorts always feel comfortable in every phase of the competition. These are perfectly suitable for small waist also as these shorts come with adjustable drawstring that won’t allow them to slip under any condition.

Most of the athletes who have used these shorts say that these always stay in the right position and do not cause any chafing.

Many women athletes have reported that these are perfectly designed for the women body.

These shorts are recommended to be used as a back-up pair that you can use on serious competitions.


  • Perfectly accurate according to the sizing chart.
  • They offer a right level of compression and cushioning with their good Chamois.
  • They do not cause chafing or slip off during run and swim.


  • For smaller legs, the leg grippers could be tighter.

Zone3 Lava Triathlon Shorts

ZONE3 Women's Aquaflo Plus Tri Short (Black/Mint, X-Large)
  • Aquaflois a fast and comfortable fabric. It is designed to give low levels of drag thanks to its water repellent Teflon coating. You will notice that when the fabric has water splashed on to it, it...
  • Balanced Compression is provided through the legs thanks to a carefully designed panel shape and the high denier rating of the Aquaflo fabric. This improves muscle support and helps to increase the...
  • Airflo is designed for optimum temperature control by allowing moisture to easily evaporate from the skin and help keep the body cool or warm depending on the conditions. The soft-touch feels...
  • Super snug waistband - A 3.5cm elastic waistband has been added on to the shorts for an extremely comfortable and supportive fit. The shorts are designed to ensure nothing will be exposed whilst on...
  • Tri-lite pad: A female specific made to measure triathlon pad. Small and neatly positioned, the pad also features different thickness levels to ensure comfort and minimize any saddle pain. It is...

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These shorts are designed to offer endurance to the long-distance triathletes.

Zone3 has manufactured these shorts by doing detailed research and tests for delivering maximum comfort and performance.

Their latest shorts are made of new fabric that makes them very comfortable, breathable, and lightweight.

These shorts are designed to offer the best level of comfort and compression for Ironman.

Fit and Performance

These shorts should provide a high-level of comfort and support during long rides of 112 miles and beyond.

These shorts should fit on your body correctly and move quickly with the body as they have advanced chamois padding. They should offer complete support during long rises and should not cause “diaper butt.”

These shorts are recommended for the test run and one-time use. Buyers have given the mix reviews on their padding. I would recommend these shorts for practice and training before the actual competition.


  • These are made explicitly for Ironman distances.
  • These shorts offer complete support to the body and high-level of comfort as well.
  • These are available in different colors.


  • The chamois pad provides excessive padding.

MooMotion Womens Pivot Tri Short

MooMotion Womens Triathlon Shorts - Soft Padded Quick Dry Chamois - Side Pockets - Swim/Bike/Run - Made in The USA
  • Breathable and streamlined multi-density padding with 4 way stretch; perfect for multisport and cycling activities; contoured support without unnecessary bulk
  • Figure flattering waistband and hip holster pockets; 6.5 Inch inseam with comfortable gripper-free leg bands
  • Fits true to size
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection; 79% Lycra / 21% Spandex; Machine wash cold, tumble dry low / hang dry
  • Made in the USA

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MooMotion is a well-recognized brand that specializes in gear and equipment of triathlon. They specifically focus on providing best-quality gear and equipment for women.


The material of MooMotion shorts is quite different from the other shorts of different brands mentioned on our list. This pair of shorts does not have any base fiber in the material blend. Instead, these shorts are made with the mix of lycra with their Lycra SPORTS fabric that offers the best compression level. This excellent blend of these materials makes them fit better than other shorts of different brands. However, during first wear, these shorts might seem quite tight-fitting. The main benefit of having these shorts is that they offer the highest level of motion and flexibility to the athletes.


Here, we are not covering the pad detail of these shorts as they do not offer anything exceptional to the mix. We are going to discuss the construction of these shorts as it is far better than other shorts mentioned in this guide. Moreover, this is the only short on our list that comes with multiple pockets. Also, these shorts also provide the best level of protection from the sun as they come with UPF 50+. The flatlock seams of these shorts make them highly durable.


  • These shorts have two pockets and 6 ½” inseam.
  • Offer proper protection from Sun with UPF 50+ protection.
  • They are made of spandex and lycra material.
  • They offer the right level of compression.
  • These shorts also have flatlock seams and soft leg finish.
  • They provide a good range of motion and have multisport Chamois.


  • These pair of shorts is costly.

TYR Women’s Sport Competitor Tri Compression Shorts

TYR RSCOF6A9L F 6In Comp Tri Short Black/Lime L
  • Performance driven
  • Industry's most durable swim gear
  • Accommodate athletes and water enthusiasts at every level

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TYR is a very different brand than other companies mentioned in our list. This company gained its good hold in the market during the initial stage due to the need for triathlon gear and equipment in the market. But now, it has established its good grip in the market. However, TYR is not specialized in manufacturing gear and equipment for the triathlon. This company was founded by an Olympic swimming medalist who works towards providing the best swimwear.


TYR is a swimwear company rather than gear and equipment brand. These TYR shorts are made with polyester instead of nylon. However, it is not a very big change, but polyester has much better properties than nylon that makes this material suitable for triathlon shorts. However, polyester is quite less durable than nylon, but it wicks moisture in a better way and far more resistant to water.


These TYR shorts has patented TYR competitor AMP Pad that is specially engineered to offers high-grade performance in the race. This pad is designed with advanced triple-density foam for the biking leg that helps in preventing fatigue and soreness. This pad also helps in absorbing water and moisture to prevent chafing.


  • This pair of shorts is made of lycra and polyester with the insertion of nylon.
  • These have a 6″ inseam and a back pocket also.
  • They offer a high-level of compression than others.
  • These shorts also have a woven drawcord closure and competitor AMP Pad.
  • They also conation silicone leg gripper and offer complete UPF 50+ protection.


  • These shorts are not ideal for swimming.
  • The webbing of these shorts is not durable.

Canari Women’s’ Triathlon Shorts

Canari Womens Triathlon Shorts, Medium, Black
  • Swim, ride & run in comfort in this 6 panel design tri short
  • 6" inseam for speed & leg coverage
  • Micro FLEECE seamless pad
  • Softouch leg grippers
  • 1" elastic waistband with flat drawcord

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Canari is another company that does not specialize in manufacturing triathlon gear and equipment. Instead, this is the company which is recognized for offering high-end biking gear. However, not many people are aware of the fact that in the beginning, mostly biking shorts were used by athletes for triathlon competitions. Canari is a well-recognized brand with a strong reputation in the market from almost four decades.


Most of the brands that make women’s triathlon shorts mostly put their primary focus on offering seamless design. Many high-end triathlon products provide a more anatomical range of motion by paneling sections of sportswear with the body’s muscularity. Thus, many manufacturers tailor different panels for various reasons. But this is not the same case with Canari shorts for women. These shorts offer a better range of motion and a better fit than other brands.


In most of the cases, shorts which are manufactured by professional triathletes provide a higher level of comfort. However, other corporations and scientists that specifically focus on triathlete wear focus on achieving some quantifiable achievement. These shorts offer a high level of support to triathlete than shorts of other brands.


  • These shorts are very inexpensive.
  • These are made of nylon and lycra.
  • These have 6-panel design and a silicone leg gripper.
  • These shorts have 1″ waistband and offer a right level of compression.
  • These are perfect shorts for the swim leg.


  • The grippers of these shorts can be tight.

Betty Designs Pink Signature Triathlon Short

Betty Design Pink Signature Triathlon Short

If you are looking for a different kind of shorts that can add a bit of style to your look, then these shorts are perfect for your choice.


These shorts are made with the mix of Betty Designs Signature and Picciesque design.

Made of BettyStyle Raceflow luxe fabric and quick dry technology that helps them to shimmer.

These shorts offer excellent sun protection up to SPF 50.

To make these shorts suitable for all sizes of triathletes, these shorts come with a yoga waistband.

To offer an optimal level of breathing and support your muscles, these shorts are made of compressive material.

These shorts can quickly wick away moisture from your body after a swim or run.

The ergonomic pattern of these shorts perfectly accentuates your curves and reduces drag.

The Tri Chamois makes these shorts lightweight and antimicrobial.

Performance and Fit

The fit of these shorts should be similar to other good-quality shorts listed in this buyers review guide.

However, the performance and quality level of these shorts are not as good as many other brands.

The waistband of these shorts cannot work for all types of triathletes body.

This product is recommended only for fashion and style purpose. But these shorts do not offer the optimal level of functionality. The brand is mainly focused on providing style to the triathletes.


  • These shorts look stylish.


  • The elastic waistband is not right.
  • The shimmer element cannot work for all types of race and competition.
  • The elastic waistband is not right.
  • It’s hard to keep shorts in place because of its non-silicone leg grippers.


Finally, we can observe that no single pair of shorts is perfect for all athletes. Plus, both the genders need different types of shorts according to their body structure. But, after analyzing different shorts, you can get a good idea of the right kind of shorts.

For men’s, Zoot shorts are the best Zoot has made a lot of improvements in these shorts. Zoot shorts are made of specialized materials and design. Also, they offer all-around performance in the competition.

For women, MooMotion is the best brand that they can choose to get the best pair of shorts. There are no other types of women’s shorts that offer the best functionality and performance for biking leg. This brand has managed to effectively balance the optimal level of compression for providing flexibility and preventing muscle fatigue.

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