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Superteam Wheels Review – Kickass Bike Wheels To Rev Up Every Triathlete’s Bike

Superteam Wheels review will help triathlon athletes like you to choose the best bike wheels in the industry. These come with carbon clinchers and are budget-friendly. The Superteam Road bike wheels come with a matte finish and have a cassette body for speed adjustment. Superteam wheels also come with basalt braking surface technology which makes the wheels simply stylish for riding on the road.

Here is a detailed review of the Superteam wheels carbon fiber road bike.

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Superteam Wheels have come up with light-weight bike wheels racing technology which makes it so comfortable to ride on the road. The bikes have wheels alloy braking surface system and speed adjustment option which makes the cycle best for riders and racers. It comes with power way technology with bent spokes which makes it idle for riding the bike during triathlon races.


The Superteam wheels cost ranges from $140-$960 on Amazon, excluding the shipping charges.

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Product Description

Rim Details

  •  Rim finish and type: 3k Matte and Clincher
  •  Rim Size, depth, width: 700 C, 50mm, 23mm
  • The brake line and rim holes: 14mm and front 20 holes + rear 24 holes

Hub Details

  • Hub: Powerway R13 black Front 2 rear 4 seal steel bearing
  • Cassette body

Spokes And Nipples

  • CN494 black and nipples with CN alloy external nipply black

Other Accessories

  •    Brake pads, quick release technology, valve extender, rim tape

Shipping Weight

The weight of the Superteam wheels is 8.2 pounds which is less and more suitable for bike riders.


The Superteam Wheels comes in various colours for the riders to choose from and these include 3D Red and White, Blue and white, Fluorescent yellow, glossy black, green and white, red and white decal, silver, transparent decal, white decal, and white lines decal.

super team wheels



Usage Problems Faced By Users

  • The triathletes felt that the wheels blew after riding the bike for about a hundred times, and the sidewall of the rear wheel collapsed which made it difficult to ride further.
  • The wheels were not sustainable.

Customer Ratings On Amazon

The Superteam wheels are rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. Further they have rated 4.8 out of 5 for the wheels to be lightweight, 4.7 for value for money, and finally they rated 4.6 for the overall presentation and style of the wheels.


Do you offer increased spoke counts for larger riders?

Yes, the company can customize the spoke counts, but the delivery will take 5-7 days.

How is the braking performance, any overheating or brake fade?

The braking technology has been good and there are no complaints about overheating or any difficulty in the wet though.

Will, they work on the disc brakes?

Sorry, the wheels don’t work on disc brakes but for v brake systems

Is there a tubular version available?

These wheels are available for clincher version

Are these compatible with SRAM cassettes?

Yes, they can run 9 to 11-speed cassette with no problems on the set of wheels.

Depth50mm Carbon Wheels
Material:Full Carbon Fiber-Toray T700
Suit For Bike:For Shimano Road Bike(If your bike for Campagnolo also have Campagnolo Cassette)
Wheels ERD:544cm
Spokes Tension/Front Wheel&Rear Wheel not-Driver Side:100-130kgf
Spoke Tension/Rear Wheels Driver Side:150-180kgf
Quality Control:All pass EN14781(SGS) Standard Test
Warranty:2 Years
Rider Weight Limit:130kgs


The Superteam Wheels review shows us that they are the best triathlon biker wheels and are suitable for all riders. It is ultra-lightweight, and has a sleek and stylish design. The legit brake pads, bladed spokes that can be customizable make them ideal to buy immediately. Further, the cassette body with adjustable speed limit ranging from 8-11 makes it idle to go on a long ride on hard roads and can confront any hurdles. The wheels have passed SGS and EN quality standards, which makes them more desirable as they have quality and durability.

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One Comment

  1. I purchased a set of Superteam 3K 50mm carbon wheels with R13 hubs from superteambike on eBay in December 2021. These wheels had a 2 year warranty (worthless.) They lasted 2 months when in February 2022 the rear hub would no longer freewheel in reverse, instead locking up. I have an expensive bike so I’m careful and this was no fault of my own. The hub was also noisy from Day 1. The front hub also sounded strange from Day 1. I contacted eBay after Superteambike wouldn’t respond to my several messages to them through eBay. It appears that there was nothing eBay could do for me to remedy my issue. I couldn’t even leave negative feedback since this was past the 30 day threshold. So much for their Buyer Protection Guarantee!? eBay instructed me to contact superteambike to honor their warranty which is what I tried doing many times prior to contacting eBay. After a lengthy chat eBay they stated superteambike would be reported and investigated as a bad vendor. Nothing has been done to remedy issues on my end though. Essentially I purchased a set of wheels for almost $400 that lasted 2 months. Superteam wheels is a bad product… made worse by a shister company who won’t honor their own 2 year warranty… and even made worse by eBay’s current rules & regs. Superteam and their wheels are $h*#! BUYER BEWARE!

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