Yoeleo carbon clincher wheels reviewed

Yoeleo Wheels Review – Every Triathlete’s Dream Wheels

Yoeleo wheels review will help you choose the best bike wheels for your triathlon races that are available in the market. Yoeleo wheels have come up with straight pull technology and SAT tech to increase the strength of the wheels to 30%.  The wheels further have a clincher that pulls hubs and lightweight Sapim CX ray-spokes which makes the wheels perfect for all-road riding.

Here is a detail of the Yoeleo wheels review to choose the best bike wheels for you today.

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Yoeleo wheels are built with straight pull and SAT technology which ensures that the wheels have rims that are without spoke holes on the tire bed. Additionally this new technology wheels are built without damaging the original carbon weave and thus contribute to the overall increase in the strength of the wheel to around 30%. The key features of the wheels are its good aerodynamic feature, lightweight, and quality braking performance which makes them stand on the top compared to the other triathlon bike wheels in the market.


The Yoeleo wheels range from $700 – $1200 on Amazon with free shipping across the globe.

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Product Description

Yoeleo wheels are best for 700C road bikes and come in black glossy colors which makes them look attractive and stylish. The rims material is made out of carbon fiber T700 with 1K carbon and come in Clincher/Tubeless type. The wheels have a rim width of 23mm and depth of 50mm with U shaped structure. 

The braking track of the wheels are made of high-temperature resin with 1K carbon. While the rim weight of the wheels for 50mm in 23 mm wide is about 495 gm and for 25 mm wide it weighs about 500 gm. On the other hand for 88mm in 23 mm wide the weight is about 665 gm and for 25 mm combination it weighs 680 gm. 

Hubs And Weight

The hubs of the wheels are made by Novatec hubs that come in two variations A291SB-SL and F482SB-SL ABG with a weight of 60g for front and 228 g for the rear hub. 

Spokes of the wheels

The spokes of the wheels are made by black Sapim CX-ray technology and they count 20H for the front wheel and 24H for the rear wheel. 

Other Accessories

  1. Yoeleo ceramic brake pads come in two pairs 
  2. Black quick release skewers in one pair
  3. Extra spokes of 2 pieces
  4. Valve extenders of 2 additional pieces

The wheels can withstand the riders weight limit of 231 lbs maximum or 105 kg with the maximum tire pressure limit holding to about 125 PSI/8.6 bar. 


Additionally these wheels have 3 years of warranty with UCI approval certificate. 

Shipping weight

The weight of the Yoeleo wheels is 10 pounds which is quite less and more suitable for training and racing purposes.


The Yoeleo wheels come in two different variations – black glossy and no decal. These two are attractive and give a stylish appearance overall.

Yoeleo carbon clincher wheels reviewed



Usage Problems Faced By Users

The wheels come with the latest technology and good inflation capacity and has fewer usage problems. The only problems faced by the customers are that the valve extenders do not work sometimes.

Customer Ratings On Amazon

The Yoeleo wheels are rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. Some of them have given 5 out of 5 for the technology in built and over all presentation, style of the wheels.


Can we get wheels with no decals and 25 mm wide?

Yes, this is possible and it can be made customized.

Do these wheels come with tubeless?

Yes, they do come with tubeless and ready with the company for shipping at any time.

Does the wheel come with a 6 bolt pattern for the brake disc?

It has the center lock and you can get it for 6 bolt patterns upon request.

Do these wheels fit 28mm tires?

Yes, of course, it does fit the 28 mm tires and is great for riding on roads.


The Yoeleo wheels review proves to us that they are the best bike wheels suitable for both trainers and professional triathlon racers. The wheels come with ultra-lightweight features, latest SAT and BST technology that makes these wheels best for all riders. Further the wheels provide best braking effect and heat-insulation qualities that makes them reliable. The aerodynamic feature and high-quality material are the key features of the wheels. With all the above features, the Yoeleo wheels are best to buy without any confusion.

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