Best Triathlon And Road Bike Wheels

Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Triathlon and Road Bike Wheels [Updated 2020]

It is important for every mountain bike rider to upgrade the wheels of his bike after consistent use. To become more competitive in the sport, it is very important that you keep your bike in the best functional condition.

 Here is comprehensive buying guide on the best entry level triathlon bikes and how to choose the best triathlon cycling shoes.

When upgrading the wheel of your bike, you need to consider many important factors. 

Thus, to make your task easier, here we bring you the top-quality triathlon and road bike wheels.

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Top-Rated Triathlon and Road Bike Wheels of 2019

ZIPP 404 Firecrest Carbon

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This is a deep-rim aerodynamic wheel and it is a clincher that can be easily used. You can very quickly and easily get on and off this wheel as it comes with a separate inner tube.  This wheel is also very effective in reducing drag. 

Technologies Used 

The main technologies that contribute to the high-performance of these wheels are:

Lighter Weight: These wheels are very light in weight and have a weight of only 75 grams.

New Brakes: These wheels are made with best ShowStopper rim braking system that offers a finely textured surface. 

Balance: To create a perfect balance and good stability, these wheels are made with ABLC Sawtooth technology. 

These wheels are very versatile in nature and you can easily climb rough hills with them. 

These wheels are recommended for the triathletes who want both aerodynamics and better control on their bike. To make better wheel rotation and to make wheel stop effectively on rough terrains, these wheels also have dimples on their surface. 

ZIPP 454 NSW Carbon

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These wheels are specifically made to reduce side force and drag during a tough bike ride. 

These wheels are designed by the manufacturers to win the “Survival of the fittest” on the toughest terrains. 

The best thing about these wheels is that they are made with Sawtooth technology. 

For better airflow, these wheels are made with HexFin ABLC which is a Zipper patented technology. This technology helps to handle the bike in a better way especially on the windy roads. Plus, to make the air flow better and to reduce the drag, these wheels are designed with hexagon shaped dimples. 

These wheels are recommended for those who want a wheelset of 50 mm deep. 

ZIPP 808 Firecrest Carbon 

[lasso box=”B07DXCVW9G” image_size=”large” link_id=”2567″ id=”6756″ ref=”zipp-808-firecrest-carbon-clincher-road-wheel-black-rear-sram-shimano”]

This is another high-quality wheel that is designed to offer high speed to the bike riders. This wheel is made with the Carbon Clincher, ShowStopper and Sawtooth technologies that make it highly efficient. 

It has a width of 27 mm and designed with straight sidewalls. This makes it very easy to handle during strong winds. 

These wheels are recommended for those triathletes who want more stability, especially in strong winds. 

 ZIPP 858 NSW Carbon

[lasso box=”B078Z29XWX” image_size=”large” link_id=”2568″ id=”6757″ ref=”zipp-858-nsw-clincher-front-wheel-rim-brake-impress-graphics-size-700c”]

These wheels are made with high-grade magnetic Cognition hubs and feature 77 to 88 mm depth rims. Other main features of this wheel are ImPress, Hyperfoil, Showstopper, Sawtooth, and HexFin ABCL Dimples. 

These wheels will help you to attain a better speed as the hubs have very less weight. That means you need to paddles less when riding in a strong windy environment. In addition, its Axial Clutch helps to maintain the speed in a very effective manner when you do not need to brake. 

Plus, these wheels also make bikers to handle their bike easy on tight corners. These wheels are recommended for the experienced triathletes and who want to drop time during bike racing. 

HED Jet 6 Plus Carbon Road Wheelset 

Best Triathlon and Road Bike Wheels

These wheels are most for flat courses but in most of the cases, you do not get completely flat courses. Plus, these wheels are specially designed to take the triathletes easily through switchback courses. These wheels are very effective for hill riding as these are quite heavier than other wheels. 

To reduce drag and resistance to wind, these wheels are made with HED C2 rim. 

To minimize the level of wind force on the bike, these wheels are made with Jet created Stability Control Technology. 

Moreover, to improve stiffness and for creating a sturdy bracing, the flanges are placed apart. 

These wheels are recommended for the new and beginner triathletes and for those who want an aero wheelset. 

Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon

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These are very unique wheels which are made by mixing different materials. These wheels are highly stiff and sturdy as these are made of both aluminum and carbon. These wheels are specifically designed to provide a better level of stability. For achieving this, aluminum and carbon are placed opposite to each other. 

To reduce the amount of weight and drag, these hubs of these wheels are made with Ultra Smooth Bearing. The best feature of this wheel is that it is made with Rim Full Carbon Technology that helps in making brakes more dependable. 

These wheels are recommended for who want all bets features combined in the single set of wheels. These wheels offer a smooth ride while reducing drag and resistance during high winds. 

Shimano Dura Ace C40 Wheelset

[lasso box=”B01N4VF6ND” image_size=”large” link_id=”2570″ id=”5972″ ref=”shimano-dura-ace-9100-c40-carbon-road-wheelset-clincher-one-color-one-size”]

This is a very light-weight wheel that is very-effective to ride to properly handle crosswind and road bumps. These wheels have 40 mm rim that helps to provide an optimal level of stability during high speed. 

To provide a good level of speed and control on the bike, these wheels are designed with high-quality carbon-technology. These are highly durable and strong well with very lightweight. You can enjoy a smooth ride under any type of tough weather condition with its effective braking system. To make the wheels durable and light, the cones are made with aluminum body. 

These wheels are recommended for those triathletes who are going to buy the wheels for the first time. These are available at a very affordable price and offer some of the best features. 

Vision Metron 55 SL Clincher/TLR

[lasso box=”B06XBH2RF4″ image_size=”large” link_id=”2571″ id=”6534″ ref=”vision-metron-55-sl-700c-clincher-qr-old-f-100-r-130-brake-rim-pair-9-10-11spd-wheel-29″]

These wheels offer very reliable performance as these are designed to support aerodynamics. To bring an effective change in the braking performance, these wheels feature laser-sketched micro-dot brake surface. These wheels are suitable enough to offer a safe and reliable ride during tough weather conditions.


The main features offered by these wheels are:

  • 2:1 lacing.
  • ABS Brass Nipples. 
  • Direct Pull Bladed Spokes. 
  • Sealed Cartridge Bearings in P.R.A hubs. 

These are highly durable wheels and help a lot to ride fast on flat courses. The only negative thing about these wheels is that they are very heavy in weight that makes it quite difficult to climb steep hills. 

Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon

[lasso box=”B07KTK12FF” image_size=”large” link_id=”2572″ id=”5576″ ref=”mavic-cosmic-pro-carbon-sl-ust-wheel-black-rear-shimano-sram”]

These are very light-weight wheels that offer high speed and best braking performance. These wheels are designed to run efficiently in hot weather conditions. 

These wheels are made with SwissStop Flash Pro Yellow Pads that makes their braking system highly effective. This helps to provide the best performance in the toughest weather conditions. You can easily achieve high speed with the wide rims of these wheels. 

These wheels are recommended for are looking for a low-prices wheel. But even at a low price, these wheels offer great value for money. These are very easy to handle in strong and crosswind conditions. Plus, these wheels also come with inner tubes. 

Flo 90 Carbon

Flo 90 Carbon

The two main best things about these wheels are their aerodynamic features and better price. 

These wheels are lightweight, strong, and highly durable as these are made with Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes. These wheels are made with Vortex 2 Hubs which are made from Japanese stainless-steel bearings. 

The best thing about these wheels is that they feature brake pads, standard clincher rim strips, a cassette, and quick-release skewers as well. All these features help a lot enable wheels to attain a good level of speed. 

To make these wheels handle the bike in crosswinds and to reduce the drag, these wheels are made with the rim of 56 to 65 mm depth.  

These wheels are very easy to handle under tough weather conditions that make them perfectly suitable for practicing hills. 

These wheels are highly recommended for those triathletes who are looking for wheels that can offer top-notch performance.

Enve SES 7.8 Carbon Fiber Wheel Set

These wheels are made with molded-in and textured brake surface. These wheels offer a very good braking system that makes the rider more confident to pull the brakes. 

These wheels are created around the wheel’s rim depth so that there will be no bad effect on the speed. To offer more aerodynamics, these wheels offer a wider range of yaw angles. For best aerodynamic functionality, these wheels are made with a stable and strong rim. 

These wheels are recommended for triathletes with a good budget and for those who want to achieve a high speed quickly. You will get the best durability for the money invested on these wheels. 

ZIPP Super 9 Carbon Disc

[lasso box=”B01M7RHPBR” image_size=”large” link_id=”2573″ id=”6758″ ref=”zipp-super-9-clincher-rear-wheel-sram-shimano-hub-disc-brake-black-decal-size-700c”]

These wheels are designed to provide a high level of durability, stiffness, aerodynamics and power transfer. These are one the fastest wheels mentioned on this list as these are made with a wide profile and non-parallel brake track. 

To avoid the quick spike in heat, a finely finished coating is done on the wheels. 

For offering come power brake and better clearance with integrated brakes, these wheels include Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pads.

You can easily install these brakes with some simple bike tools. Plus, you can also choose a separate front wheel to pair with the rear one as the rear wheel is sold separately by the company. 

These wheels are best suitable for triathletes who are looking for the ultimate-speed system for their bike.

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