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Best Triathlon Watch (2020) Buyer’s Guide

The most terrifying situation that a triathlon athlete can face is guessing the number of laps in your run. No player really wants to lose the count.

To get the perfect idea of your actual accuracy level is through the use of a multisport watch suitable for triathlon. A reliable and high-quality watch will really help to accurately measure the running, swimming, and biking metrics. These triathlon watches offer and a lot more data and you need to consider different types of watches to choose the best one for your needs.

Top 10 Triathlon Watches (2020)

Garmin Forerunner 935 – An ironman’s Perfect triathlon Watch


  • It is compact and lightweight multisport watch that makes it very easy to handle and super-comfortable.
  • It comes with high precision GPS.
  • It offers a very sleek and stylish design.
  • It is loaded with many training functions.


  • none

This is considered as the best triathlon watch which has been ever released by Garmin. It is packed with many additional and unique features that you will not find in any other watch. Its construction is quite thin that makes it a very lightweight watch. Plus, it also contains a very good battery with long life. It can easily run for a maximum of 244 hours while using GPS. This makes the athlete do his exercise without losing track of time. It’s all features are perfect to push you towards race and help to make the analysis of activities.

It also helps to keep right track of the speed, distance, and strokes during swimming. This watch is also very helpful in other sports as well such as skiing, paddling, and cycling. You can also track your heart rate as it contains chest-trap HRM.

It is a compatible watch that can work well with many different types of accessories. It can easily slip out of the wetsuit and it is better to buy a quick-release kit for handling it. It additional features that make this watch stand out are navigational features and capability to track every step.

Plus, you can also download data and can easily connect with the third party. It is a kind of watch that is capable of easily switching between run, swim, and bike.

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  Garmin Fenix 5 – Best Garmin Watch for Cycling and Swimming


  • It is made with the amazing build quality.
  • Its navigation feature is very easy to read.
  • It is rugged for different kinds of activities.


  • Its design is quite bulky.
  • It is a little bit expensive watch.

It is another high-quality multisport watch which come in many different types of finishes and colors along with accessory bands. You can also choose a silicone or leather band. It contains many useful features such as routable cycling maps, sapphire lens, navigation features, and Wi-Fi connection.

It is also a water-resistant watch which offers ultimate performance for the swimmers.

It can also track your steps, ratio and oscillation, strides length, stress test, threshold, and many more.

It also comes with built-in navigation sensors that include both GPS and GLONASS. It is very suitable for tracking purpose in rough and challenging environments.

You can also see your emails, texts, and calls on the display of this watch. Plus, you can also add more additional widgets and data. It also shows how much calories you are burning while analyzing the intensity of your workout.

You can automatically upload your any activity in it as it comes with Wi-Fi functionality. It is also good for golf, paddling, climbing, skiing, hiking, and other similar sports.

If you want the bigger version of this watch, then consider Fenix F5x. but it does not have music control settings.

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Garmin Fenix 5 Plus – A Great Triathlon Watch with GPS and Music System


  • It contains a smart notification system when paired with a compatible device.
  • Its battery life is good with up to 8 hours in GPS/ Music mode and 10 days in smart watch mode.
  • It is a very versatile watch


  • It is quite expensive.

If you are really serious about your practice and performance in this sport but troubled with the bulky sports watch, then this watch is perfect for you.

It is made with a very sleek and professional design that makes it easy to carry during your training process. It contains three options which are style, face, type along with the addition of color.

It is a smart multisport watch that can easily track heart rate and play any number of songs with the offline music support system. It also shows topographic maps of frequent exercise trails. The more improvement is done to this watch with the addition of Bluetooth headsets.

Plus, you can easily find popular courses and trails with the help of routing. You can enjoy your journey freely with its effective navigation and location tracking features.

If you find yourself at such a place where GPS is not working properly, then this watch can provide backup support. It also contains a sensor called Pulse Ox that tells the oxygen saturation level in the body.

It can determine your climbs that help to accurately tell when to push the pace or lower your workout intensity.

We consider this Best Triathlon Watch for Music, if you don’t want to carry another device to listen to music on your run or bike.

Polar Vantage V- Best Polar Triathlon Watch


  • It is made of Gorilla glass with color touch display.
  • It comes with running power meter without any third-party sensor,
  • It contains H10 Bluetooth heart rate monitor.


  • Its screen is low in contrast and looks dim.
  • No ANT+ sensors have supported
  • No feature of smartphone notification.

It is the most advanced multi-sports watch and it contains the running power feature. It has a very professional and business-like item look. Its shape and style are like Vantage M but it is quite heavier than other watches. It is specially made for athletes who want a higher level of professionalism and performance.

Look and Shape

It is designed in the shape of polar Vantage V that makes it look like quite a traditional kind of watch. You can wear it outside the sports world as well and it will look perfectly normal to non-players as well.


Its battery life is quite long as it can run for 40 hours without stopping. For GPS tracking, it contains GPS system and also contains good barometric measurement. It has a touchscreen color display and to scroll the functions, it contains five buttons on its sides. It also has an optical heart rate sensor and recovery pro feature as well. It will also give you feedback and advice on your recovery between training sessions.

Running Power Meter

The main feature of this watch is running power. It is the first watch that comes with running power meter. Thus there is no need to use an extra device for recording our run power. It records different kinds of metrics while running. Its power changes easily between slow running, fast running, and on the bike speed as well.

Polar Vantage M – Best Triathlon Watch under Budget


  • Its price is good.
  • It contains H10 Bluetooth heart rate monitor.


  • No smartphone notification and no ANT+ sensors
  • The running power works with third party sensor.


It is a mid-range watch that is basically made for multisport. Thus you can easily wear it for swim, record, run, and bike. Plus, it can record up to 130 different sports. It is very helpful for players with higher aims. It is not a very fancy looking multisport watch but it has a good battery life of up to 30 hours. Its buttons have good texture but the action is quite stiff.


This is the best triathlon watch that comes in two different sizes. The small watch contains black or white straps. It offers a nice touch and plus you can easily replace its straps by just pulling the pins.

The optical heart rate sensor

This is not any new feature but it is the main features that its precious version does not have. It still has LED sensors in the middle that is very helpful in checking the heart rate by detecting the blood pressure. It has four contact points that help in improving its accuracy level.

Polar Flow

This watch can easily connect to online training platform known as Polar Flow. You can easily and quickly upload your all sports activities by completing your swim, run, and bike. You can also easily see your activities and some exciting updates as well/. It will track your every data and will start to learn about your training progress and many more things about you.

It also includes Polar Flow for coaches that help coaches to make programs for athletes and then upload on it anytime. This will make all players see all the training videos every morning and then practice their session in a better way.

Polar Sleep Plus

It has many great and useful features which are good for both running and swimming. But the main feature of this watch is Polar Sleep Plus. It is the best feature that looks at the timings and sleep quality of athletes. By judging your sleep pattern, it will also give the proper recommendation about sleep quality.

If you are looking for a budget Triathlon Watch, then we consider it Best Triathlon Watch under $300

Suunto 9 – Best Watch for Triathlon


  • It has a beautiful and elegant design.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.
  • The battery life of this watch is very long.


  • It is expensive.

This multisport watch is mainly designed for long-distance endurance athletes such as ultra-triathletes, ultra runners, and exterior athletes. It is for those players who participate in multi-day events with 80 sports profiles.

The latest Suunto 9 comes with GPS navigation and intelligent battery mode that really helps in managing the life of the battery.

This triathlon watch is also water resistant down to 100 meters. It contains the latest heart-rate sensor for wristband heart rate. Plus, it is enriched with inviting sapphire glass screen.


It is made with Suunto’s Fusion Track technology that offers a high level of accuracy for tracks and distance. Plus, it also contains outdoor specific functions with the use of barometer which also helps in elevation. The main feature of this watch is its battery life which is from 25 to 120 hours with GPS tracking. It also provides two other modes to balance the GPS accuracy and battery life depending upon the needs of athletes.

It also has smart charging reminders that are very helpful in making sure that you do not run out of battery life before the completion of your event.


It comes with a very unique and impressive design that can attract anyone attention. Its white version is enriched with stainless steel bezel, and a sapphire glass screen.

Its buttons are made of stainless steel which has a very fine finish and very nice feel with a positive spring. Plus, they also have many throws that help in preventing accidental presses. It also has a 320 x 320-pixel touch and it also locks the screen during physical activities but you can always change its settings.

The back of the watch contains a balanced L heart rate sensor, sync contact points, and the magnetic charge.

Removable Strap

Its 24 mn straps can be easily removed but the pints are recessed. So it will be quite difficult to remove the straps. However, the straps are flexible, super comfortable, and feel very soft to touch.

Colors and Size

This watch comes in both black and white color but white is most preferred by the players. It is not a small watch rather it seems absolutely gigantic. But after doing a comparison with Fenix 5X, you will see that they both have the same size. Simply, its white color makes it appear large and thus black watch will seem little smaller to you.

The construction of this watch is solid and it looks really nice. It is not a lightweight watch but it offers a high level of durability.

All in all it is a strong contender for the Best Triathlon Watch title.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR – Excellent Budget Suunto Watch


  • It is a very elegant and beautiful design.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.


  • The battery life is very short.
  • Updating your workout takes a quite long time.

It is the best triathlon watch for people who spends most of the time in outdoor activities that involves distance, speed, and need to measure heart rate. Its battery can easily last for 8 hours and it can be used for most of the activities. There is no need for any chest strap for heart rate monitor. It can also be paired with a Bluetooth heart rate sensor for better result.

It comes with durable construction of steel bezel, mineral crystal glass, and water resistance for 100 meters. Thus, you can easily wear it during swimming time while using all the necessary tracks. Its training insight properly gives feedback planning, recovery, progression, and training load.

It comes with the GPS system with all essential settings and you can easily configure it according to your needs. To set the data for screen and field, you have to do this by visiting the Sunnto’s website. Like all other Spartan watches, it also comes with 80 pre-set sports modes.

The main feature that makes this triathlon watch stand out is its capability to customize the training metric according to personal preferences. You can easily switch the mode from bike to swim to run with just a quick press of a button. The screen is amazing with a high color display which is perfect for direct sunlight.

Garmin Forerunner 735xt – Best Triathlon Watch for Beginners


  • It is a very versatile watch with highly sophisticated features which are multi-sport and wrist-based HRRM.
  • It is very thin and lightweight with a beautiful color display.


  • It is not the best watch for counting pool laps.
  • Some users have complained about its battery life.

This watch is a hardcore type of triathlon watch that comes with all the essential features which all sports lovers need. You can buy either a standalone or a tri-bundle that comes with Tri chest straps and HRM swim.

The HRM swim of this triathlon watch is completely chemical resistant and can be easily used with pool swimming. It also contains suction power to help in ensuring that stays in place throughout the activity. Its Tri bundle makes this watch the most desirable unit that every athlete would love to carry.

The only trouble with this multisport watch is that unless you use them all, you have an overkill unit. It comes with an ATM rating that makes it perfect for swimming up to a depth of 50 meters. The battery life is good and GPS feature is very fast and responsive than other models.

This watch is perfect for those athletes who actively participate in cycling, running, and swimming. Its running mode offers easy access guide and proper insight on your wrist. For cycling, it is perfectly compatible with Vector that helps in easy measurement and tracking. It also incorporates the multi-sport that really helps in making quick switch between data screen and metrics. You can do this with a single push of a button.

It is a very lightweight, thin, and small watch that makes it very easy to remove from a wetsuit. It is a good value for money considering its a specialised triathlon watch.

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Polar V800 – Best Watch for Triathlon Training with GPS Sports


  • It is a very versatile watch with highly sophisticated features which are multi-sport and wrist-based HRRM.
  • It is very thin and lightweight with a beautiful color display.


  • It is not the best watch for counting pool laps.
  • Some users have complained about its battery life.

It is packed with amazing functions and design that makes it the best watch in the market today. It is properly optimized for multi-sport and it comes with a high-contrast screen that offers good visibility. It also has a GPS navigation system for your biking and hiking needs.

It is equipped with a barometer altimeter which is very useful in trekking downhill and uphill when cycling. It can perfectly track your speed and performance while cycling and running. It will accurately count steps, distance, and map your route.

The best-selling point of this triathlon watch is its customizable user profile and you can easily shift from one sport to the next as it quickly records all the performance details. This makes it a perfect watch for both seasoned and beginner athletes.

This Polar V800 also has the smart Bluetooth H7 heart sensor rate which delivery accuracy for BPM checking while swimming and training. It can accurately monitor wide range pool activities as it is waterproof for a depth of 30 meters.

Considering its overall functions we consider this best triathlon watch for training.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose Best Triathlon Watch

There are many different kinds of watches are available for the triathlon. The main thing that you should consider that a watch should withstand the tough challenges during sport such as water, dirt, and sweat. It should meet all other necessary requirements of an athlete. This guide will help you choose the best guide and investing your money in the right thing. Although you do not need all the abundant features in a watch it should contain the best features.

What is Triathlon? What is a Triathlon Watch?

Triathlon is a competition that involves multiple stages that cover three continuous and progressive endurance activities. The sport mostly includes running, swimming, and cycling. The participants of this sport compete with each other for the fastest course time.

A tri watch is a specially designed watch for this sport that helps to keep good track of changes and do a proper analysis of the psychological processes of the player. It effectively monitors the steps, calories, heart rate, and a number of laps. The watch also helps in navigation when doing hiking, cycling, and skiing.

Main Factors to Consider When Buying Triathlon Watch


The main feature that a watch should contain is its multi-sport functionality. This type of watch makes the transition very easy for athletes. You can easily switch mode by pushing a single button. During the transition phase, the display of the watch also shows the current mode.

Those watches do not come with this feature are not good as you need to do manual stopping of the activity. Thus, such a watch will waste your lot of time and ultimately affect your skill level.

Quick Release

The quick release of the watch is important especially when you are wearing a wetsuit. Not all watches available in the market come with this feature but it all depends upon your needs. But it is a must-have feature if you participate in cycling and swimming more.

It will help you to quickly move the watch from the wrist to bike so that you can get the quick glance of the activity.

Water Resistant

This is the most essential feature for every triathlon GPS watch. This is because the watch is entirely useful it is not water-resistant. It should properly track the distance while showing all stroke counts and swimming metrics.

However, if your watch does not contain this feature then you can keep it under your swim cap. This will help to ensure that the GPS signal will not be lost.

Battery Life

Battery life is without any doubt is the main factor of any watch. Nothing can be worse than a watch dies in the middle of the workout. Thus, it is important to buy a watch with a long battery life that can help you in your daily exercise routine.

The importance of long battery life is very high when you are participating in the competition with many sports.

Connectivity with Workout Accessories

A watch should be compatible with other essential accessories. Some watches come with multi-sport features but not really compatible with speed sensors and heart rate monitors. However, some watches come with Bluetooth sensor heart rate monitors that are compatible with phones and tablets.

Data Transfer

It is very important to transfer and store your data online to keep good track of your workout changes, calories, and many more things. With Wi-Fi access, you can upload your data on online accounts and evaluate and share your performance growth with others. You can also share the data with your friends and family on social media platforms.


Do tri watches come with specific water resistance power?

Most of the GPS watches come with water-resistant capability. But that does not make them perfect for all water activities. For example, some watches are good for both pool and open water. On the other hands, others are only suitable for pool water.

How long should the battery life of watch last?

This feature depends on the use of your watch and other features of the watch. If the multiple functions are going on than the battery will run out quickly. But all the watches should come with long battery life.

Which kind of watch is best for measuring speed/pace/cadence?

Many types of watches come with this feature. They can do multiple functions such as monitoring heart rate, pace, strokes, and speed. They can also easily connect with fitness applications.


There are countless options of triathlon watch but all are different in some way. You can easily compare all the features of above mentioned watches. In our opinion Garmin Forerunner 935 is the best watch for many activities.

Hope you find this guide useful but you should do more detailed research to get the best idea of different watches.

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