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Blueseventy Thermal Neoprene Skull Cap

blueseventy Thermal Neoprene Skull Cap - for Triathlon Training and Cold Open Water Swimming (Small)
  • INSULATED - 3mm Yamamoto SCS coated Neoprene with full zirconium lining for insulation
  • COMFORT FIT - Flexible central panel enhances fit. Strap provides secure fit maximizing warmth around the ears and chin
  • PERFECT FOR - open water swimming and triathlon training
  • GREAT MATERIALS - that are durable, comfortable, and keep you warm in chilly waters. Can use bright colored swim cap over the top for enhanced visibility
  • LONGER SWIM SEASON - the blueseventy Thermal Skull Cap will allow you to get into the water sooner and swim later into the season

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Blueseventy Thermal Neoprene Skull Cap is a high-quality cap offered by Blueseventy, which is a very well-recognized brand that makes triathlon gear and equipment. This cap made with Yamamoto SCS-coated neoprene lining made of full-zirconium wool jersey. Thus, it offers a high degree of heat retention, and it also contains finely seamed two-panel neoprene. The one panel is very stretchy and covers the front and rear of the head. The second panel adequately covers the chin and ears. This cap is available in 3 different sizes, and all of them offer a perfect fit. 

The only drawback of this cap is that it does not keep the head dry. However, it is beneficial to marinating the optimal level of body temperature. 

It is highly durable and well-fitted neoprene cap. It helps to improve the visibility in the water and also helps in keeping the head warm. Moreover, it is the top-selling cap, which is preferred by most of the triathletes.


  • This cap made with 3 mm SCS-coated shell.
  • It comes with complete zirconium wool jersey liner.
  • This cap comes in three different sizes.
  • It retains a high level of heat.


  • Its chin strap is not easily adjustable.
  • It is available in only one colour.

ROKA Thermal Neoprene Swim Hood

ROKA Unisex Strapless Thermal Neoprene Swimming Hood
  • 3-Panel design for optimal fit.
  • 3mm Yamamoto premium neoprene with ultrastretch liner.
  • Strapless design to eliminate choking while swimming
  • Cutout back panel for zero resistance sighting.
  • Includes latex ROKA cap

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This cap offers the most secure fit and made with 3 mm SCS-coated neoprene of Yamamoto. It provides a high level of durability as it is blind stitched and glued correctly. Its heat tape reinforced seams make it more durable 

This cap smoothly contours on the head as it has an ultra-stretchy liner. It also contains a chin strap that helps in keeping it stable on your head. This cap is available in many different sizes, from small to extra-large. It is available in a solid black colour. 

This cap works excellent for triathletes during intense competitions, but it does not offer the right level of visibility. The best feature of this cap is its chin strap that protects it adequately on swimmers head. Moreover, athletes of different head sizes can buy it.


  • It has 3 mm thick neoprene which is SCS-coated.
  • It contains a highly stretchy liner.
  • Its three-panel design comes with a built-in chin strap.
  • It is very durable as it is appropriately blind stitched, glued, and reinforced with heat tape.
  • It is available in three different sizes.


  • It offers a very tight fit.
  • It is available only in black colour.

Zone3 Neoprene Swim Cap

ZONE3 Neoprene Swim Cap (Black/Red, Large)
  • Velcro strap under chin to accommodate different head sizes compared to one-piece alternatives.
  • Allows more comfort to be achieved under chin.
  • High quality 4mm Yamamoto Smoothskin material for warmth and hydrodynamics
  • High-Vis Option Available

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Zone3 Neoprene Swim Cap is a very decent-fitted skull cap that comes with an adjustable Velcro strap. It is beneficial in retaining heat as it has 3 mm SmoothSkin neoprene panel. This cap comes in various head sizes. This cap is also very effective in preventing the chin strap from choking. 


This cap helps in improving the swimming speed of triathletes as it has a hydrodynamic design. This cap designed with an adjustable panel that helps in protecting ears and head while creating a muted sound barrier. 

It also has a red chin strap and accents. This cap is straightforward to use and most suitable for swimming in cold water.


  • It comes with an adjustable Velcro strap that makes it very easy to adjust.
  • It is available in three different, which are black, orange, and red.
  • It has 4 mm SmoothSkin neoprene.


  • It has noticeable seams.

Orca High-Visibility Neoprene Swim Cap

ORCA HI VIS Orange Neoprene Swim Cap X/M
  • High-Vis Orange for great visibility in open water
  • Size S/M

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This cap is made of premium quality neoprene and offers a right level of visibility in cold water. It is beneficial in keeping your head warm in cold water. It is designed with a vibrant orange colour that makes it very easily visible. This cap is available in many different sizes. 

However, these caps run large that makes it quite complicated for athletes to find the right fit. But it’s Smoothskin neoprene construction and streamline fit makes it highly suitable for athletes during long races.

This is the best cap for navigating dangerous waters as it is enriched with the bright neon colourway. This will surely help to increase your body temperature.


  • This cap has orange and black colourway.
  • This cap is available in two different sizes.
  • It has a very streamlined fit.
  • It offers a high level of thermal protection.
  • It contains 2 mm neoprene.


  • It does not help in keeping your hair dry.

Xterra Wetsuits Neoprene Swim Cap

Xterra Wetsuits - Neoprene Swim Cap - Performance Swimming Cap for Men, Women, & Kids (Black, Small/Medium)
  • WATERTIGHT NEOPRENE FABRIC - The comfortable neoprene fabric creates a watertight seal that keeps your ears and head dry and warm.
  • INCREASES COLD WATER ENDURANCE - Unlike some other caps, this swim cap keeps your head dry increasing your cold water endurance to help you train longer and harder.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - This swim hat comfortably fits most head sizes, even if you have long hair.
  • COMFORT CHIN STRAP - The cap's comfortable chin strap fits snugly around the chin for a comfortable fit and enjoyable swim.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY & 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No Risk Money Back Guarantee within 30 Days + 1 Year Warranty.

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This cap is handy in keeping the ears and head warm during cold water swim. It is made of 3 mm neoprene that makes your head dry and warm by keeping water out. This is available in black colour and designed with white logo. It offers an excellent and smooth fit on the head. 

It is made with a flexible chin strap that provides an optimal level of comfort to the athletes during swimming in cold water. It is available in many different sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. 

Moreover, this cap also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

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  • It is made with waterproof neoprene, which helps in keeping your ears and hair dry.
  • It fits properly.
  • It comes with an adjustable chain strap.
  • It offers a warranty of 1 year.
  • It also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • It is available in black colour only.

TYR High-Visibility Neoprene Swim Cap

TYR 1THEL6AL Neoprene Swim Cap, Black, Large
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested to give you the edge in all your activities
  • Used by both professional and recreational users
  • Country of origin: China

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This cap is beneficial in providing the optimal level of safety to the swimmer in open water. It is made of 3 mm neoprene and designed with orange and yellow stripes. These bright colours improve the visibility of swimmers in the water. This cap also provides a right level of protection to ears and hair with its skin-tight fit. It offers a perfect fit and also helps in reducing drag. 

It acts as an excellent insulator in 60-degree water and also offers a firm grip. The only drawback of this cap is that its chin strap is not easily adjustable.


  • It is made with 4 mm neoprene.
  • It is beneficial in retaining heat in frigid water.
  • It offers a very flexible fit.
  • It offers better in-water visibility.
  • It comes in solid black, yellow, and black stripes.


  • It contains very tight chin strap.
Buyer’s Guide To Choose Best Neoprene Swim Caps 

Buyer’s Guide To Choose Best Neoprene Swim Caps 

3 Main Reasons That Makes Neoprene Swim Caps Essential For Triathletes

 It helps in extending your training schedule

A good-quality neoprene cap is handy in improving your training time in cold water. This is because it helps in keeping your head and ears warm that allows you to spend more time in the water. 

It helps in improving your visibility in the water

Excellent level of clarity is, especially when swimming in open water. This is because open water is more dangerous, that can bring unexpected hazards anytime. Bright coloured neoprene cap helps in improving visibility in open water. Thus, it is essential to buy a neoprene cap that offers a high level of visibility. 

It helps in boosting your performance

Neoprene caps helps in improving performance in cold water by keeping the head and ears warm. Cold waters quickly can increase heart rate and blood pressure, and it is vital to wear a cap and wetsuit.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Neoprene Swim Cap 

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Neoprene Swim Cap 

You can also use standard latex swim cap during swimming, but it will not help to keep your head warm in cold water. On the other hand, the neoprene caps are made to keeping your head and ears warm in cold water. There are many neoprene caps available in the market of many different brands. To choose the best one for your needs, you have to consider some crucial factors before purchasing a neoprene cap. 

Heat Retention

When swimming in cold water, swimmers have to face intense effects on their head. This prolonged exposure to cold water can lead to hypothermia in swimmers. The human body loses a significant amount of heat from the head, and thus, it is essential to cover it with good warm material. In that situation, nothing can be better than neoprene caps. 

Hold on to Your Goggles 

The neoprene cap is also handy in holding your goggles at the proper position. This is because caps are made of the under-the-chin strap that helps in preventing slipping-off goggles when positioned over the straps of goggles. 

Reduce Distractions

 A well-fitted neoprene cap also helps in reducing the distraction level during swimming. This is because it holds your hair properly inside so that you do not feel any discomfort during swimming in cold water. You can also try the best shampoo for swimmers.

Acclimate Yourself 

It is essential for triathletes to optimize their body adaptation to different water temperatures. This is because the sudden and quick change in temperature can cause some physical problems. Thus to avoid any problem for the body in cold water, it is essential to wear a neoprene cap. This will help to reduce the ‘body’s shock and allow the triathletes to push their limits. 

Tips to Properly Take Care of Your Swim Cap 

Tips to Properly Take Care of Your Swim Cap

1.    Rinse Properly 

When swimming in the water, your cap gets exposed to many chemical and minerals. This can deteriorate the quality of your cap very quickly. Thus, to keep your neoprene cap like new for years to come, it is essential that you wash it with fresh cold water. This will help in retaining the tight fit of cap and quickly eliminate all chemicals form cap. 

2.    Dry 

You also always dry your cap correctly before putting it in the bag. When in a rush, you can use a towel to dry it quickly by properly absorbing water. When putting it in the bag, make sure to warp it properly in a towel. Also, also make sure not to place your cap in the dryer as it will reduce its strength and elasticity. 

3.    Store Properly

Never hang your cap under the direct sunlight as it can quickly decrease its quality. Instead, store it properly in a compartment or your gear bag. 

4.    Clean Deeply

For deep cleaning your cap, you should soak it for a few minutes in a mix of mild detergent and water. Then for cleaning it, use a soft brush and rub it smoothly on the cap to remove all dust and chemicals. Then rinse with clean, fresh water.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Does neoprene swim caps help in keeping hair dry?

It does not help to keep your hair dry as it is a rubber-like material. This material holds a little amount of water under its skin-tight barrier. This water is then get heated by the body temperature that helps in keeping the body warm. 

Is neoprene available in varying thicknesses?

Yes, most of the neoprene caps are available in different sizes and varying thicknesses. Most of the neoprene caps come in the thickness level of 2 to 4 mm. some of the best neoprene caps. The width of a neoprene cap measured in millimetres. The thick caps help to keep your head warm in cold water for a long time. Moreover, it also offers the right level of flexibility. 

Should the water temperature need to be considered when purchasing a swim cap?

Yes, it is essential to consider the temperature of the water when choosing a neoprene cap. This is because, in the cold water, the thick cap will help to keep your head warm. When the temperature is below 63 degrees, then you should choose neoprene with a thickness of 3 to 4 mm. However, when the water temperature is 72 degrees than neoprene caps will not be suitable to keep your head warm. 

How to buy the right size swim cap?

To choose the right size of the swim cap, you should make sure that it perfectly fits your head, ears, and chin. There are many different types of caps that are designed for varying head circumferences. Make sure that cap you choose to come with an adjustable strap. 

Why neoprene caps come with internal liners?

The internal lines are used for reducing the absorption of water and for adding extra insulation. Liners are very useful in retaining heat and wool fleece is a trendy liner choice. 

Why some neoprene caps come with coated materials?

The exterior coating of the caps is done to make the cap water-resistant. This cap helps in decreasing the surface resistance when it comes with water. 


It is essential to buy a good-quality neoprene cap for your triathlon competition. This is because it makes your cold water open swim more protective and enjoyable. Hope you find this guide useful, and you will surely choose the best neoprene cap for your next competition. 

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