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Best Xterra Wetsuits Reviews

Wetsuits for Triathlon endurance sports are designed to allow people to cut through the water quickly and easily. Below we will be discussing on the Best Xterra Wetsuits Reviews.

The wetsuit keeps you dry and protected from the cold, freezing water temperatures. There are two types of wetsuits- half and full suits.

Xterra’s triathlon wetsuits are the best which offers an effortless swimming experience along with greater durability. 

Here is a list of the best triathlon wetsuits from Xterra and their reviews.

Xterra Volt Wetsuit

For Men

For Women

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07/25/2022 11:30 pm GMT

Xterra is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in the market right now. The Volt fullsuit/sleeveless is an epitome of excellent wetsuit models introduced by the company for various endurance sports.

Volt is an ideal choice for open water swimming for short distance of 1.2 miles and also for long salt water swims.

It has 3 mm thick neoprene cover from neck to ankles (at the front), 2 mm at the back and 1.5 mm GKA neoprene for arms and shoulders, making it extremely flexible.

The 95% limestone based neoprene used in the wetsuit resists water and makes it a great eco-friendly product.

It has anatomically-correct arms and shoulder panels offering a natural swim speed for faster strokes and overall effortless swimming.

Another great feature is the low-profile collar. This collar provides comfort and durability to the product ensuring that it remains in place.

And lastly, the X-MAX seam-seal technology which comprises of a triple-layered glue and double-blind stitching, thus offering long-lasting waterproof swims.

The X-Slice coating lets the water to roll-off quickly on the surface and the X-Flex liner prevents chafing and keeps it intact. 

The wetsuit is also available in sleeveless option. It is designed for beginners and is an ideal choice for ultimate basic training and entry-level wetsuits.

There is a 3 mm thick neoprene cover from neck to ankles. There is also a Low Profile Collar and X-MAX seam-seal technology.

Moreover, there are female counterparts for wetsuits. The Women’s Volt wetsuit is a great example. 

Xterra Vortex Fullsuit

For Men

For Women

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07/27/2022 07:47 am GMT

The latest addition to the wetsuit collection, Xterra’s Vortex fullsuit/sleeveless is a game changer.

It has a very stylish design and can be used in high-level competitions like training, racing, etc. The best feature about this suit is buoyancy.

It is a perfect combination of performance, durability, and flexibility. The upgraded neoprene layer is  5.0 mm thick from neck to ankles, 3 mm thickness at the back and 1.5 mm GKA on arms and shoulders, offering greater greater flexibility and buoyancy.

The inner side of the suit is lined with X-FLEX LINER 2.0 for smoother transitions. The suit is ideal for open water swimming of up to 10 miles. 

Talking about flexibility quotient, it has Anatomically-correct arms and shoulder panels for natural motion during swims with less efforts.

Another feature is a low-profile collar which keeps the suit in place, adding comfort and durability.

The triple layer of X-MAX seam-seal technology (triple layer glue and double blind stitching) allows swimming for longer time.

Moreover, the Vortex suit is made up of eco-friendly material (limestone based neoprene) and comes in various sizes like extra small, small, small long, medium, medium long, medium large, large, extra large, and extra extra large.

Vortex also comes in sleeveless model which also provides a high-level flexibility and buoyancy, thanks to the limestone based neoprene.

You can use it for training and racing, resulting in better output per stroke. The front part has 5 mm thick neoprene from neck to ankles and 3 mm Super GKA neoprene at the back. It also has a low-profile collar, X-MAX seam-seal technology.

Vortex Fullsuit/Sleeveless is also available in different women’s sizes giving the same flexibility, buoyancy, durability and performance to women performers.

Xterra Vivid Wetsuit

If there is any Xterra wetsuit which provides you great speed along with comfort, then the Vivid wetsuit is your go to product.

It is the fastest, most flexible, budget-friendly wetsuit. There is a 3.0 mm thick neoprene from neck to ankles at the front, 2 mm cover at the back and 1.5 mm GKA neoprene on arms and shoulders.

Apart from speed, and comfort, the flexibility quotient is also commendable. The low profile collar keeps the wetsuit intact and the X-MAX seam-seal technology ensures that the suit retains its shape even after thousands of strokes.

It is ideal for open water swimmers as it demands great flexibility in arms and shoulders, and the green color allows maximum visibility in water.

It has a sleeveless version which is a great example of comfort and flexibility. The legs are capri cut making it easy to put on and remove.

Vivid wetsuit is available in various sizes like extra small, small, small long, medium, medium long, medium large, large, extra large, and extra extra large. 

Xterra Vector Pro wetsuit

For Men

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For Women

Xterra’s Vector Pro wetsuit is an epitome of flexibility, comfort, and stability. It has hydrophobic coating keeping the cover waterproof even during longer swims.

The anatomically designed arms and shoulder panels provides a natural range of motion during swims for better, faster, smoother strokes and eventually an effortless swimming experience.

Considering the buoyancy factor, it has a 5.0 mm thick neoprene from neck to ankles at the front which keeps you afloat in water for longer durations.

The back has a 3 mm thick neoprene cover and 1.5 mm GKA neoprene on arms and shoulders. The neoprene cover is eco-friendly. 

To make it more flexible, there is a low-profile collar allowing increased comfort level and durability and ensuring that the suit remains intact.

In addition to that, there is a X-MAX seam-seal technology with triple-layered glue and double-blind stitching, which gives long-lasting results.

Vector suit is also available for women triathletes and hardcore swimmers. 

Xterra Vengeance wetsuit

The most versatile of all Xterra wetsuits, the Vengeance wetsuit is an outstanding addition to the Xterra family.

It is specially designed to put you in a different position from your habitual one, thus keeping you comfortable in all positions. It is popularly known as the ‘Swimmer’s wetsuit’, because even if you are a novice at swimming, it will present you as an expert.

Talking about the buoyancy factor, the Vengeance suit takes it a notch-higher providing ultimate buoyancy in the hips and legs.

The Front consists of a 3 mm thick neoprene cover from neck to waist. The reason for this 3 mm measurement is three-fold.

First, thinner neoprene allows your lungs to expand easily, second, your lungs already have air in it which lifts you and the thickness is perfect for a balanced swimming. And last but not the least, it permits flexibility to other parts like arms and shoulders.

Moreover, there is a 5 mm X-AIR neoprene from waist to calf. This 5 mm cover keeps you afloat in water, all thanks to the captured air (dimples) helping your legs to stay high above the water surface while swimming.

The capri-cut waist-suit reaches mid-calf length. The back has neoprene which is 3 mm in thickness.

Arms and shoulders have 1.5-3 mm covering. This allows the swimmers to be more streamlined in the water, thus a natural range of motion in the stroke making you feel like you are swimming ‘downstream’.

All the features and latest technology is carefully used in the suit to give the best output.

Vengeance Fullsuit has a slickest possible nano-super composite skin maintaining a .02 drag coefficient. It means that the wetsuit offers effortless swimming experience. 

Coming to the flexibility quotient, it has 6 anatomically correct panels on arms and shoulders area permitting unobstructive movements of arms/shoulders.

The energy output is untouched by the arms movements, resisting fatigue and allowing faster swims.

It has a low profile collar like other suits and X-MAX seam-seal technology for long-lasting waterproof seams. Lastly, the material is made of eco-friendly limestone based neoprene making the suits up tp 95% water impermeable and greater mobility.

All the above information is the same for the sleeveless Vengeance wetsuit. The suits come in various sizes and you can also get a women’s counterpart for this suit.


Xterra’s wetsuits have great-quality, durability, flexibility, better performance, and lastly buoyancy.

They keep you warm and afloat in water for long durations. The water-prrof neoprene is eco-friendly and at the same time permits an effortless swimming experience.

You will not waste your energy even after thousands of strokes in water. This allows better performance output and flexibility.

The best one is indeed Vengeance wetsuit with better features and advanced technology. It is ideal for hardcore swimmers and triathletes.

The Vivid wetsuit is an excellent choice at a very reasonable price compared to others. It has all the desired features and it costs very less.

The women wetsuits have the same high-quality features and design making it all the more desirable wetsuit brand for women swimmers and triathletes. 

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  1. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that while the Xterra product is occasionally of quality for a short period of time, they have been known to have the absolute worst customer service. There have been accounts of them refusing to refund or return and even calling customers liars. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

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